Daily Archives: September 2, 2010

Beermaker’s notes from the road….

Howdy folks! I actually meant to try to get this posted up on Monday or Tuesday, but laziness, jet lag, and basically still being in vacation mode were involved. Nothing earth shattering here, just a silly little list of things that crossed my rum addled mind on my recent travels.

Had a cream cheese that said it was “made with renewable energy”. Funny, I always thought they were made with milk. Go figure.

Heard at Detroit metro airport. “If your pants are falling down because you left your belt at the security checkpoint please come get it.” At 6:30am, a little humor like that is fun to hear on the loudspeaker. I’m sure someone probably complained though. Probably the person with the falling down pants.

It may be mean, cruel, discriminatory, etc.  But its true. Some people should just not wear stretchy pants. They just should not, at least not in public. You can’t un-see that type of thing.

Flight delays are far more tolerable in first class. At least you get free drinks while you wait.

I’ve always been a believer in being polite and kind as the best way to ask for help. Vacationing in a country speaking primary language other than  English has only reinforced that. Amazing what being polite, patient, and smiling is able to convey as you fumble to find the words needed.

If it’s the end of your first full day at the resort, and the bartenders aren’t even asking what you’re drinking anymore because they already know? That’s both a good, and bad sign, all rolled into one. It does mean you’ve made friends already though.

If there’s no lightning or thunder, why do people go running from the pool when it starts to rain? Are they afraid to get wet or something?

The Pirates of the Caribbean were onto something hanging out around Tortuga. That is a very, very beautiful part of the world.

A longer vacation would have been nice, but considering Hurricane Earl was inbound as we were hopping on the plane…. Perfect time to head home.

And finally…. Homer Simpson was right about the coconut. Although, I have to say I liked the rum better than the beer at the resort. Better beer and lower quality rum could obviously flip the results around.

You put the rum in the coconut...

Later folks!