Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “on the fly” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome back for another “Five Thoughts on a Friday”. I’m here, I’m caffeinated, and completely and utterly unprepared. Let’s see where this one goes, shall we?

  1. I’ve heard the phrase “Lower 48 states” instead of  continental or contiguous states lately. It just sounds strange and incorrect to me. Doesn’t saying something like “lower 48” seem to imply that there would need to be an “upper 48” or something, as well? And last I checked, there were still 50 states. Of which, only one of the attached ones (Alaska) would qualify for and “upper” description.
  2. Got this from our very own Kingkielbasa….
    So I think Classmates dot com should do some research before it sends out emails to <school name removed> alumni that says, “Do you remember who your prom queen was?”
    The reason he mentions it? He went to a private all-male school. Yeah, classmates probably might want to double check that. Then again, if they did have a prom queen, I’m sure everyone *would* remember it.
  3. So let me get this straight… on Sirius/XM radio, there’s the Cosmopolitan channel. On this channel, there is apparently a show that (and is copied from the website because I had to go look) “helps us get inside the male mind and serves up a special blend of insight and relationship advice from a “dude” perspective”. Riiight…..
  4. So I’m looking throught he news and I see the headline… “Taliban commander found hiding in oven“, and all I can think of is “It’s been done”. See?
  5. Boy, how do you top Bugs Bunny? That’s classic old school cartoon right there. And it deals with silly criminals! What do you know, so does this story! I have to agree with the headline, if you’re gonna steal a car, best to be able to tell if it’s a gas or diesel powered vehicle! The stupid is strong with those two.

Ok, that’s five of the fly today and I’m finally finished for the week. Next week, back to keeping notes so I’m not the kid who wasn’t ready for the test in scool!
(Wait.. what do you mean I’m not done yet? The what? I *did* a video! It’s up there in the post! No? Fine, Just second….)

In keeping with trying to use some different music types, and having made this post up on the fly, and having closed it with a post about cars… A country song with a “flying” car in it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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