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Five on a Thursday Night….Kik-kik-kyah! I love it! I love it!

So my fellow co-blogger has left me in charge for this week’s Five Thoughts on a Friday….silly rabbit.  You would think a man would know better after knowing me for around 20 years… oh well…

1.         Can someone, I mean anyone, help poor Randy Quaid out?  I mean, Randy, you are not on a movie set bro!  This is real life  There is no conspiracy to kill you and steal your money  in Hollywood.  I’m pretty sure, even if there was such a “murderous ring”,  it wouldn’t be led by accountants.  I mean, there is no current tax write-off under Obama for such a thing.

2.       Can someone explain to me the need for a comments section on news sites?  I can think of no more useless addition than adding a section for idiots to post their thoughts on recent events.  I mean the local paper post a story of a murder and the idiots come pouring out to state their “beliefs” of what happened.  People, it’s a news story…it’s facts…there is no need for any additional information.  And by the way, you are no WAY NEAR as funny as you think you are…just sayin’.

3.       CREEP CITY……

4.       What the heck happened to the New Jersey Devils??  They were at one time, the team to measure your team against.  They were the team, that everyone wanted to be like.  They were the team, you had to get through to prove you were someone in the playoffs.   The last three years, they’ve been beat in the first round and now they bench Kovalchuk.  This is the guy they basically gave up their future to keep.  Can you say, KABOOM!

5.       Finally, I see that the Dukes of Hazzard are back on CMT.   Thank goodness.   There is nothing better than laying down on the couch and relaxing to some good ole Duke boys.  Although, I’ve noticed one thing.  Roscoe sure reminds me a lot of a certain President we recently had in office.  Am I wrong?

That’s it folks!  Have yourselves a great weekend and a great Halloween!

A Couple of Thursday Thoughts…

Howdy folks!

Yep, it’s Thursday and I’m posting. What does that mean? It means I’m taking the weekend off and leaving you in the King’s capable hands for tomorrow’s post. Although if he holds true to form he’ll cheat and post it tonight.

Since I won’t be around tomorrow (or likely at all this weekend depending on how well things go) and probably won’t be able to wish you all a Happy Halloween I figured I’d drop by today and do it.

So, as I sit here wrestling with the fact that I saw snowflakes today (and it was almost 70 degrees here yesterday) let me wish you a Happy Halloween from the Beerbarrel. Be safe, eat too much candy, and all that good stuff.

And here’s two for the road. A couple of classics!

Light hearted:

And, of course…

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “That’s the Fact, Jack” edition

Folks, JR was gonna be back this week.  And if you want to see him you can go right here. The video embedding isn’t working though, so he’s on the back burner again for now. I’m not gonna answer the question he asked about missing him, either. I have to say one thing though, he was right that there were some real winners in the news this week.

  1. Congrats to the department of transportation for almost getting it right on there silly traffic slogan for the week. In what is becoming a running commentary here at the Beerbarrel, we found this weeks “Save lives, don’t text and drive” to be a marked improvement. Just two quick thoughts… You failed to mention that it’s also illegal to text and drive. Also, since you seem to be changing every week now, please don’t follow up the don’t text and drive with the got to our website for traffic info one! That would be… yeah.
  2. I was reading this story, and it just had that whole “I’m not getting thrown under the bus alone” vibe to it. So, is Virgin Atlantic telling the truth? Or is US Customs? I’m sure it’ll come out. And if you were one of the people on the plan.. you don’t care who’s to blame you’re probably just still ticked off!
  3. There are two really bad things about reading that the End of the Earth has been postponed from it’s date in 2012… One, it means that there are a bunch of plans I need to change for the next two years, and two… I have that R.E.M. song stuck in my head now!
  4. So the Vatican says that Homer Simpson is actually a Catholic. Now, as the King pointed out to me… “They’re worrying about this now… Why?”. But still, I gave it some thought and came up with some more mainstream/real world reasons than they did.
    Homer drinks a lot of beer. Just like a lot of Catholics I know. Nothing wrong with that. (See: Knights of Columbus)
    Homer is rarely, if ever, seen in a Catholic church. Check.
    Homer loves going to the all you can eat fish restaurant. Check.
    Homer thinks Sundays are for football. Check.
    Well..  let’s just stop there before we get ourselves into trouble.
    (Sounds like a lot of Catholics to me though)
  5. You know, there’s “really want to see the game bad”, and then there’s “use your military uniform and TWO M-16 ASSAULT RIFLES (unloaded) to bluff your way into the game bad“. Yes, Michigan/Michigan St. is a big rivalry game. yes they were both undefeated at the time. But really??  And nice to see security was really on the ball there. Yeah, I’m with the color guard. Yeah, that’s it. The color guard! And the guy in line behind you with the half barrel keg is with the beer vendors, right? Sheesh.

Ok, that’s five and we’re out of here. Let’s see what we can dig up for today to head out with….  Since we mentioned and linked to a music video earlier, how about this one in honor of the Mr. army football fan?

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The back to normal edition

Well, as normal as we ever get around here, anyways.

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Friday. You’ll notice JR isn’t leading this one off this week. No, we haven’t gotten rid of him. Based on some of the feedback we’ve gotten, he’ll be sticking around. Just need to work out what his role will be exactly. Plus he can be a real diva to work with.

Anyways… On with the topic at hand!

  1. This is almost bordering on becoming a weekly topic of it’s own. Our fine friends at the state department of transportation are at it again. Warning drivers this week that “Fall is here. Don’t veer for Deer.” I’m not making this crap up. I really wish I was. Note to state employees. This is Michigan. We have lots of deer in this state. And they happen to live here YEAR ROUND. They don’t just move in in the fall.
  2. No we didn’t talk about hockey last week. No we didn’t forget it was starting. Being based in southeastern Michigan though, everyone knows the real hockey season starts somewhere after the first of the year. Everything before that is just warm ups.
  3. All you fitness conscious folks?You’d best look away for a moment, because this seems like a wonderful idea to me! A week devoted to Bacon! (Link is to a PDF version of the menu for the week). A bacon martini, maple bacon ice cream,  bacon on a stick, and pork wrapped in bacon are just a few of the selections. I think I gained 5 pounds just writing that.
  4. Jumping back to sports for a moment here. Going into this week’s NFL contests, will anyone who honestly thought the Detroit Lions would have the same number of wins (One) at this point of the season as the the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys please raise your hand. Anyone? Yeah, me neither. Looks like the magic may have finally run out for old St. Brett.
  5. Lastly, and speaking of Saints….. 70 days till old St. Nick heads out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you folks!  Perhaps even more urgently though… Do you have any Halloween candy yet? You have a little over 2 weeks (16 days as of this writing). Which is also plenty of time to dig up a Vincent Price laugh recording to scare all the wannabe vampires, too.

Here – just queue this up on a loop on Halloween. Instant spooky soundtrack. Let’s see one of those little sparkly suckers sound like this….

Okay folks. That’s five and we’re out of here. Have a great weekend!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “Big D” edition

So what do you think of our new toy?  Should we keep JR around? He *was* responsible for the technical mishaps earlier though. I’ll hold that against him. Anyways, let’s get started.

  1. If you follow video games at all, you’ve already heard. And no, we’re not referencing a previous Friday post and talking about the word. Unless you’re a gamer who’s been living under a rock for the past week you’ve heard that the next World of Warcraft expansion is set to be released on December 7th. Somebody do me a favor and check attendance levels at work and school on the 7th and 8th of December. I think they’ll be a bit low.
  2. Last week I mentioned the traffic signs telling people to go to the state website to look for traffic info. In a state that has a ban on texting while driving.  I don’t think they read this blog, but those signs have been changed. This week, they’re warning us that “Big Trucks Have Big Blind Spots”. Really? Thanks there, Captain Obvious.  Seriously, I want that job if that’s the best you have to do.
  3. Speaking of Captains…Johnny Depp did something pretty cool the other day. Well, let me rephrase that. It would appear that Captain Jack Sparrow did something pretty cool. I understand why he looks like a pirate – but what about the other guys in the background though. Was it pirate day at school or something?
  4. This news comes via Autoblog, who got it from The Detroit Bureau. Now I don’t know weather to file this under “Journalism police”, “grammar police”, or “headline editor police” but it needs to go somewhere. There are two headlines available on this:Exclusive Report: Nissan May Offer Free Car Loans To Leaf Buyers  (The Detroit Bureau) and
    Nissan to offer free conventional car loan to Leaf buyers to ease range anxiety? (Autoblog)
    Here’s my issue with both of them. While I think the second one is a bit better, it’s still lacking….. The article is about a loaner car. There is a significant difference between a CAR LOAN, and a LOANER CAR. These headlines make it sound like they’re talking about automotive financing, not loaning an electric car owner a gas powered vehicle for longer trips. Small wonder people get confused!
  5. So let me get this straight…. The new RMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived in port and is the replacement for the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). That ship of course…. replaced the Queen Elizabeth. Wait… what? Do they not believe in the number 3 at Cunard Lines? When this one gets replaced are they going to name it’s replacement the QE2 again?

Ok folks, that’s a slightly delayed five and we’re off to chase down the weekend. Sorry about the technical glitches that held things up today. If you’re wondering about how we got all the way down here without any references to tie in the “Big D” edition title… Well, you weren’t paying attention in the 80’s, were you? (If you weren’t there, you’re excused).

See, while I realize that the model used in the video up top was probably intended to be a certain former US president know by a one letter nickname… In the hat, that character reminds me of a TV character known by two letters. J R. As in J.R. Ewing. That’s right folks, we’re talking 80’s prime time television cheese of the highest order here. We’re talking Dallas. Which was obviously set in “Big D”.


Have a great weekend!

Here little Robot..Robot

I’ve ranted in the past about the lack of originality out of Hollywood or the music industry, but I’ve got to give it to every day people.  They are the ones that take the risk nowadays and try something different.  I recently saw this video and thought that this was too good of a story to pass up.  Let me know your thoughts!

Five thoughts on a Friday – The “I forgot to pick a title” edition

Happy Friday everyone. Here we are on another Friday. Looks beautiful outside from where I’m sitting. Only problem is – that’s *inside* so I can’t personally verify if it *is* beautiful outside. Ah well… On with today’s post!

  1. I live in a state where it’s illegal to text message while driving. I’m totally cool with that. Why though, when I drive by the digital state run traffic board on the way home does it often try to direct me to a state website for traffic updates?!?!? Honest officer! I wasn’t texting! I was just punching in the Michigan traffic website address from that sign back there to check for any traffic jams.
  2. Las Vegas apparently now has it’s own “Death Ray“.  Awesome. I think I’ll stick to jumping off of the top of the Stratosphere tower though. Thanks.
  3. I know it’s generated by an automatic process, but I’m still trying to figure this one out. I recently got a “suggestion” email from….
    As someone who has purchased or rated Grand Theft Auto Vice City , you might like to know that Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure will be released on October 26, 2010.  You can pre-order yours by following the link below.
    Exactly HOW Dora the Explorer and GRAND THEFT FREAKING AUTO are related….. I’m not entirely sure.  At least they aren’t (at least I hope they aren’t!) suggesting the Grand Theft Games based on buying Dora games!
  4. People View More Porn After Their Candidate Wins an Election
    Apparently most voters are single and living alone these days, huh? Or did they only survey married couples that voted for opposing candidates? Hmmm?  “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!”
  5. As you get older, you see things you never thought you would. A man on the moon, the Berlin wall falling. Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister singing on Broadway…. Wait, run that last one by me again… Yeah. Ok. I got nothing.

Ok, that’s a Fast Five for today and I’m off to wade through the stuff standing between me and the weekend.
(Could only find the video I wanted preceded by an into, but still….)
Wonder if Dee will sing this one on Broadway?

Have a great one folks!