A Couple of Thursday Thoughts…

Howdy folks!

Yep, it’s Thursday and I’m posting. What does that mean? It means I’m taking the weekend off and leaving you in the King’s capable hands for tomorrow’s post. Although if he holds true to form he’ll cheat and post it tonight.

Since I won’t be around tomorrow (or likely at all this weekend depending on how well things go) and probably won’t be able to wish you all a Happy Halloween I figured I’d drop by today and do it.

So, as I sit here wrestling with the fact that I saw snowflakes today (and it was almost 70 degrees here yesterday) let me wish you a Happy Halloween from the Beerbarrel. Be safe, eat too much candy, and all that good stuff.

And here’s two for the road. A couple of classics!

Light hearted:

And, of course…

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