Five Thoughts on a Black Friday – yep, it’s *THAT* day again

Happy Black Friday to all of you who aren’t out fighting the crowds (or are already home tending wounds and wrapping gifts). Let’s barge right in today, just like when they opened the doors at the store at 3am.

  1. I don’t know why, but it still surprises me when people don’t know the real meaning behind the name “Black Friday”. It’s been called that for years. The name existed long before the early morning “doorbuster sale” madness that’s around these days. The name refers to black ink on the balance sheets of stores. This was traditionally looked at as the day when retailers revenues from sales from the year would surpass their expenses. In other words they would finally start to show a profit for the year (shown in black ink) instead of still showing a loss (shown in red). So… Black Friday was born. Now you know. And no, I’m not doing the GI Joe thing from the 80’s cartoon.
  2. Staying on Black Friday, I do have to wonder sometimes… How good a deal are some of these people getting. You hear these early campers talking about “It’s the only way I can afford to get this”. By camping out? How much was the tent? How much was all the food? The sleeping bag? Did you take time off of work? I think you see where I’m going with those questions… Did everything you spent while camping match what you “saved”? Or did it just get spent somewhere else? Admit it. You just wanted to avoid Thanksgiving dinner with the family, didn’t you?
  3. Speaking of which…. Does the turkey *really* make you sleepy? Or is more just “If I act like I can’t keep my eyes open, maybe I won’t have to take part in the crazy conversations that always break out after dinner and they’ll let me go home”?
  4. It is now permissible to play Christmas music and turn on your lights. (Hanging them earlier is ok, just don’t turn them on). Actually, as of about 6:00pm last night it’s ok.
  5. The worst part of Black Friday though, for me at least? Having the day off, working on a project around the house… and realizing… I have to go get something from the store. Because even the hardware stores are getting in on the act now. So that gallon of paint or tool you need? You’re going to have to fight the crowds to get it. Or wait till tomorrow to finish the project. Hmm… maybe that isn’t too bad after all.

Ok folks, I’m off to make a turkey sandwich! Best part of Black Friday if you ask me… the turkey sandwich made from the leftovers.

And since we’ve been talking blackness all post long… let me ask you this? Have you seen the LIGHT?  (And for you know who… NOW do you recognize the meaning of “The band? The BAND!”)

This one got voted down by my co-blogger. I thought it would have been a nice change of pace (And a funny title to tie in)…

At least I didn’t lead with this…

Have a great weekend folks!

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