Five Thoughts on a Friday – The where should we go today edition

Wow, you take a few days off and the short week has Friday sneaking right back up on you. Not that it almost being the weekend is a bad thing really, just.. too soon. All that being said… let’s get started, shall we?

  1. It’s December 10th. 15 days until Christmas (14 actually, since Christmas eve is a defacto holiday, too.). Guess it’s time to get the shopping done. Don’t want people to say I was not prepared.
  2. On a recent trip to a “big box” retailer to pick something up, I paid cash for an item, and watched the cashier struggle as she counted the change back THREE times. THREE. And still got it wrong. She shorted me a buck. I wrote it off at that point, considering it an investment in an item for today’s column. Seriously folks.. if you’re going to put someone at a CASH register… make sure they can count in case they actually have to… I don’t know… handle cash and make change?
  3. Just like a bunch of other people, I picked up World of Warcraft: Cataclysm this past week. Let’s just say I’m impressed, I’m enjoying it, and I did not stand in line at midnight or take time off to play. I’m also only about halfway through one of the “starter” zones for the expansion. I never said I was a fast leveler.
  4. A couple of big dates in history went by this past week. December 7th (no, the date isn’t significant because of the warcraft expansion – go back to school and take a history class) and December 8th. The December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor was once called “A day that will live in infamy”, and yet I saw a lot more about the December 8th anniversary shooting murder of John Lennon. Part of me wonders if it was the 30 year mark of Lennon’s killing that caused it. Next December will be 60 70 years for Pearl Harbor (Thanks for the correction, Tiff!). I expect that will get a lot of attention. On a little different note – if you ever get the opportunity to visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, do it. It’s an eerie, awe inspiring experience.
  5. In the news as a write this…. The FAA has lost track of quite a few planes.
    The good news? They don’t mean “planes in the air”.
    The bad news? The FAA “is missing key information on who owns one-third of the 357,000 private and commercial aircraft in the US”.   Okay.. hold up a minute here. I can almost understand the private planes on a certain level, but commercial aircraft??  Really? I mean, is it that hard to keep track of the handful of commercial airlines who may own planes, or the companies that lease commercial aircraft to them? Seriously folks… it can’t be that big of a list, could it?

Ok, that’s five and I’m out of here (And after that post you’re probably thankful for that aren’t you?). Now, seeing as how the wow expansion just came out, I slipped a few little jokes in there. Did you find them? I’ll post clips to the phrases down below.

In the meantime… a favorite Beatles tune featuring John Lennon.

Have a great weekend folks!

Here’s the clips… there were two of them

(Did you find them?)

3 responses to “Five Thoughts on a Friday – The where should we go today edition

  1. next year is 70 years for Pearl Harbor

  2. 🙂 and soon we can get to hockey posts. yay!

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