Daily Archives: January 7, 2011

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Back in the Grind Edition

Good morning folks and welcome to yet another Friday. Yep, that’s right. It’s Friday again already. I guess it comes with being busy but it seemed like it got here awfully fast for me. (Then again, like I said – it’s been busy around here)

So let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Locally the story of the week has pretty much been one thing. The University of Michigan fired their football coach. The ensuing chaos coming out of the clown college athletic department has been quite amusing. That and the calls into the radio shows from rabid fans who probably couldn’t find U-M on a map if you spotted them a map of Ann Arbor, MI. In the meantime, “As the Harbaugh Turns” goes on.
  2. I can see this causing riots. You can mess with tradition. You can even mess with beer. But when you mess with tradition AND beer? You’re just asking for trouble.
  3. WordPress has an interesting little challenge going. There’s two varieties. Post a Day, where you blog on some topic every day. And Post a week, where you blog at least once a week. What do you know? We’ve been doing that on Fridays for a while now. How about that? Don’t hold your breath on the daily updates though. Do you really want to hear from us that often?
  4. Interesting. Who would have figured this one. If the magnetic north pole shifts…. the Tampa Airport is effected. Who knew? Talk about weird science.
  5. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in Vegas this week. So are the Adult Entertainment Expo. And USA Today runs a story on… Hotel rates. Now, it is a pretty interesting read, outlining how much the hotel rates increased for this (Notice i did not say they had “gone up”). I’ll leave all the other jokes alone.

Ok, that’s five thoughts on a snowy Friday and I’m ready to start the weekend and watch some NFL playoff football.

A little break from music videos, going with a TV show intro (Since I’ve been going over some of them lately for a post idea)

Have a great weekend Folks!