Five Thoughts on a Friday – The out of the loop edition

Good Morning folks, and welcome to another Friday. And for this one, the title says it all. I feel out of the loop. So, what’s been going on? Wait, what? Oh, that’s right. I’m the one who’s supposed to do the talking (typing?) for these. Ok, let’s see what we can turn up then.

  1. We’ll start with an obvious one here in the office today. Firstly, a big thank you to the person who brought in bagels. We all appreciated it. But seriously, who goes though the trouble of stopping for bagels, and then doesn’t spring for any cream cheese????
  2. Let’s talk hockey for a second here. Overnight, it appears the Detroit Red Wings signed goaltender Evgeni Nabokov to a 1 year deal. Now, the Wings have some injury issues. Other than the fact that their #1 goaltender is back from a short injury, signing a goalie makes sense. Here’s what doesn’t. It’s a relatively cheap one year deal, and Nabokov has to clear waivers first. And he won’t. So he likely ends up somewhere else. To me, this sounds like the Red Wings doing someone a favor. The question is “who?”. The Wings have no ties to Nabokov. Maybe his agent? Maybe another team with management that has past ties to the Wings? Get out your tin-foil hats and stay tuned!
  3. Tearing this one from the news, I have to ask… After to you tell them what they actually did, what else can you really do to punish them? “Burglars snorted the cremated remains of a man and two dogs in the mistaken belief that they had stolen illegal drugs
  4. So last week I made very little secret of the fact that I was heading to New Orleans. Great City to spend a weekend in. Had a fantastic time. I do have a question though. A friend took us to a bourbon bar, that was on Frenchman Street. And not in the French Quarter (just outside it, “officially”). Later in the weekend, *in* the French Quarter, we found a tequila bar. On Bourbon Street. So… the bourbon bar is on Frenchman street (which is not in the French Quarter), but the tequila bar is on bourbon….  It’s enough to make your head hurt!  (Or was it all the alcohol?)
  5. You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that it really *IS* hard to do a column like this every week when you’re out of the loop. Sure, I could write more about New Orleans, but I think that’s best left to the travel blogs out there. Besides, I can sum it up like this… Walked a lot, ate a lot, drank a lot, had a really great time. Yeah, I don’t see the Travel channel’s people shaking in their boots at hard hitting reviews like that. Still, maybe I’ll think about doing a write up or two. Heck, I could even do restaurant reviews!

Ok, that’s five on a freezing Friday. Below freezing, actually. The readout in the car said 9F this morning for crying out loud! And I was loving sunny and 60F plus less than a week ago. Ah well…

Let’s harken back to the 80’s shall we, and go with something “heat” related…

Have a great weekend folks!

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