Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Clever Title Goes Here” Edition

And another Friday rolls right in…

Howdy folks, and welcome back to another edition on Five Thoughts on a Friday. Wow. 25 years ago today, the 25th flight of NASA’s space shuttle program exploded just after liftoff. Just like that, The Challenger and her crew were gone. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on whether going into space is worth it or not, there’s one thing to always remember. No matter how many times it’s been done, it’s still never a sure/safe thing. Breaking free of the Earth’s gravitational field is not exactly a natural act.

Ok, I admit, leading off with the Challenger disaster was a bit of a downer. Still, it’s significant history. Now, on to some fun and silliness. Where will Beermaker’s brain wander to today? Why don’t we find out?

  1. From the I can’t quite figure this out, I must be getting too old for this social media department…  Downy Fabric Softener is now on Twitter. What exactly is a fabric softener going to tweet about?
    “Okay, clothes are soft now!”? (And how many of the followers on that account are Proctor & Gamble employees?)
  2. I find this one amusing… Yes, I can find amusing (to me, at least) in the business section. NBC Universal is now “NBCUniversal” (No space in the new name). What’s so amusing about that? The author spends the rest of the article referring to NBCUniversal as….   NBC Universal. That’s right, in an article talking about the “new” name, the use the old name. Repeatedly. That’s some darn fine reporting there, Lou.
  3. There’s been an ongoing story that I originally thought was kind of fun. A piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay. Since the story came out though, I’ve seen two different stories with different people claiming to have put it there. Well, that finally got sorted out, and it’s gone now. Somewhere along the way though, the story ended up being not as fun. Still, Piano on a Sandbar has a nice ring to it. Maybe a good name for a Jimmy Buffet cover band?
  4. Looks like one of the cops from CHiPs is heading to jail. He’s being sentenced on securities fraud and could be looking at several years behind bars. Ironic, no? At least it gave me a chance to link to one of the great TV themes of all time though.
  5. Lost in the news earlier this week was this little tidbit. havign realized that they really only ever needed ONE color, the Department of Homeland Security is abandoning it’s color coded threat index. Seriously, it’s been at orange since it came out. Hasn’t it? As a frequent traveler, I sure don’t recall it ever changing. I’m not saying that having some sort of system isn’t important, but if it’s never gonna change, then….

Okie dokie… That’s Five and I’m out for weekend. Tune in next week when our very own Kingkielbasa will  actually write the column! While I’m away on business (The business of not being here).

Since we closed by making a bit of fun of the one color threat level system.. Let’s go with… Colors!

Have a great weekend folks!

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