Five Thoughts on a Friday – The April Fools edition

See that title there? Yeah. When I realized I was going to get to write it, I had a hard time believing it too.  For a little weekly feature that tries to focus on things ranging generally from silly to the stupid (and admittedly often being stupid ourselves), doing it on April Fool’s day seemed a bit daunting. But, here I am, typing away. I think this one is gonna be different though. How? Let’s see…

  1. Seeing how today is indeed April 1st, I considered writing and posting this yesterday. Just to mess around. Five thoughts on a Friday, on Thursday? Yeah, just didn’t seem to work for me either.
  2. Yesterday was Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. To that end, they had the fields painted up with “Opening Week” and had 6 games. Six. And what the heck is with “Opening Week”? It’s Opening DAY. Hey baseball.. Stop taking marketing advice from the NHL! Have all your teams play on Opening Day.
  3. Speaking of the NHL, last night the Vancouver Canucks claimed the President’s Trophy for the best record in the league this year (in the regular season). Congratulations guys. Unfortunately, having the best record in the league doesn’t always ensure playoff success. In fact for a stretch of time it seemed to doom your chances. From 1990-2000, only 2 teams had the best record and won it all. Since 2000, it’s happened 3 times. So good luck in the playoffs Vancouver, you just might need it.
  4. Hopping back to baseball for a moment, but this can really be said of fans of any sport. It’s amazing how after one game of a 162 game season, a pitcher can be judged an “over-hyped bum”, a manager can be “a clueless moron that never should have managed in the majors at all”, and a hitter can be “worse than anyone you wanted to pick out of the crowd” at hitting a fastball. And yet, somehow the all managed to make it onto a major league team’s payroll. And of course, when they win the next one, they all belong in the hall of fame.
  5. Read an April Fools ready headline on CNN today. “Jobs Gain, Unemployment Falls“. Except is wasn’t a joke. It was a real headline. I understand times have been tough but is a statement like that really Top of the page,  CNN national news? What’s next? “Sun goes down, day turns to night”? I mean, let’s see here…. More jobs become available, and then the number of people saying they don’t have a job goes down? Gee, I bet no one saw that one coming.

Okay.   No joke – that’s five and I’m heading out. I still think I need to get my co-blogger to do a few of these coming soon. I’ve got vacations to plan, places to go see, bars to drink it! You gotta have goals, you know?


Have a great weekend folks!  (and happy April Fools!)


One response to “Five Thoughts on a Friday – The April Fools edition

  1. Here’s a pretty funny baseball cartoon to celebrate opening day and April fool’s day:

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