Daily Archives: April 22, 2011

Good Friday…

So my co-blogger has decided to take another siesta from writing. That’s fine, it’s about time I actually tried to hold up my end of the partnership. I’m debating if I really want to call my co-blogger out for a few things, but you know me…. I will do it.

1. Wait, is that a big elephant in the room? Nah, that’s just the giant turd my buddy in crime laid with his “upset” pick. The only other thing that is guaranteed to be a bigger bust is if Tom Arnold really believes his next marriage will be a success. Oh wait Beer….you got a chance!

2.  I have to say that I’ve lost all interest in music videos.  I was until someone told me to check out this music video.  I hate to admit it, but I did laugh my butt off.  Let me know your thoughts?

3. Speaking of youtube, since I’m alone to steer the ship, I’m going to take it and run it right into the rocks.  I don’t know what to say about the following video except…..need a tissue?

4.  I’ve been called an Apple hater.  I will admit that even though I owned the original Ipod I have never been a fan.  Apple fanboys drive me absolutely nuts.  But here is a rare occasion where it’s not Apple or their lawyers putting the stops on something.  It’s CBS!  Can we say stupidity at it’s finest people?

5.  Finally to finish off my picking on my buddy, he celebrated a milestone birthday recently.  Let’s just say this sign would be a perfect gift for his party.
fail owned pwned pictures