Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Which way to go?” edition

What a long, strange week it’s been. It’s Friday again though folks, which means a couple of things. The weekend is almost here, the NHL picks Beer and Kingkielbasa made are probably in horrible shape, and it’s time for Five Thoughts! So, that’s at least two out of three redeeming things. (See what I did there? Two? Three? “Five” thoughts… get it?  Okay, okay, I’ll just get to the list…

  1. While we’ll save our reviews on our NHL picks so far (one series is already over though), I was thrilled to see some old school hockey rear its head last Wednesday. For those of you who caught the Scott Stevens hit parade video I posted, you should appreciate this one too. And Danny Heatly? Head up, dude! Head up!
  2. It’s raining here. Again. And while we aren’t facing the flooding that the southern states are, we’re still getting a lot of rain. And as I tweeted about earlier this week. It’s prompted some of the local waterfowl to look for higher ground. Specifically, on my roof. Yes, you read that right. I had a duck, on my roof. (Photo courtesy of Beer’s Blackberry)
  3. Someone once tried to convince me that using the rental car service fill up (Where you agree to just pay to have them fill it back up) was a better deal because it “saved you time and money”. I never understood how paying MORE for something saved you money. And I can generally gas up a car in 5 minutes or so. So please, can someone tell me how paying NINE DOLLARS a gallon to let a rental car company fill up the gas tank for you is a savings? I have GOT to see this math!
  4. I’d just like to state for the record that I am a horrible golfer. I’m not even sure it even qualifies as “golf” when i try to play. That being said, I usually spend a fair amount of time tracking down the ball and figuring out how to get it back. One goes out into the water at this course though, I ain’t going in after it! Talk about a water HAZARD!
  5. Apparently, hundreds of deaths a year could be avoided by cooking your cold cut lunch meats. Hundreds! Now, how many people are going to die each year from heart disease from eating all of those fried bologna sandwiches? Hmmmmm?  Damn. Now I’m hungry. (I also recently saw a stat saying toasters kill around 700 hundred people a year. So don’t toast your sandwich, either!)

Ok folks. That’s five and I’m rolling out of here and into the weekend.

It’s been a while since I threw a curveball video in here to mess with some people sensibilities. You have been warned.

Have a great weekend folks!


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