Everyone ready for tonight?

Yesterday I gave credit on Twitter to Terry Foster from the Detroit News and 97.1Fm in Detroit for a gutsy call after the Red Wings went down 0-3 in their second round match up in the NHL playoffs. Even got a response!

So today comes game seven. One game, winner take all. Anything can happen. But I also need to give a call out to my co-blogger. Almost two weeks ago (April 29th), we posted this gem:

King: The Sharks did not look that impressive against the Kings.  The Wings looked good, but not great against the ‘Yotes.  This one is all heart pick.  Wings in 7.

I really have to wonder though… did he expect that we’d see this series go seven games in quite this fashion? I’m gonna guess no, but no matter what I gotta say he picked it just about right regardless of tonight’s result.

Me, I picked the wings (again, to the chagrin of some) and I’ll be out to catch the game tonight. Yes.  I’m a glutton.

BTW – does anyone even remember who’s playing in the Eastern Conference? Didn’t they finish up about a month ago?

Later Folks!


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