Mea culpa… Our Conference Final Picks

Apologies folks, Beer dropped the ball on this one. And the NHL dropped the puck on the conference finals last night. This was SUPPOSED to go up yesterday morning. Ah well, that’s why I don’t do this stuff for a living. As if you needed any other clues. Anyways, let’s get to it…

Eastern Conference

Boston (2) versus Tampa Bay (5)
Kingkielbasa: Tampa Bay will win their series. I also think the Bruins beating Phillie after the debacle last year are going to be let down this round. There is just something magical about those Bolts. Bolts in 7.

Beermaker: I like the Bolts, I really do. Even thought I’ve been picking against them. I’ve been expecting the typical “Scrappy young team finally goes down swinging” for two rounds and it hasn’t happened. And they’ve beat some tough teams. So with apologies to Tampa Fans, I’m now thinking that this might be one of those teams we’ve seen before, where they catch lightning in a bottle (if you’ll pardon the pun) and come out of left field to make a run to the finals. I’m picking Tampa.

Western Conference

Vancouver (1) versus San Jose (2)
Kingkielbasa: Canucks. I think beating detroit in the seventh game WAS the Stanley Cup for the Sharks. Canucks in 6.

Beermaker: Canucks. They’ve both played too much hockey (13 games each already) and both teams have been shown to have huge flaws. If I have to pick one, I think I go Canucks as well.

There we go folks! Better late than never. See you again soon!
Beer & The King


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