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Notes from the Road! Okay, more like from an island…

That’s right. I said Island.

Beer was on another boondoggle last week. Hmm.. “Beer’s Boondoggles”, sounds like a travel column. So where was Beer this time? In the Bahamas. Nassau to be exact. Um.. Beer? You said this was last week? Wasn’t there a hurricane down there? Yes, several. And they were delicious… OH! You mean Irene, don’t you?

Yes, there was a category three hurricane. We even got pictures and video. I do not however, have any of them off the camera and also do not have the camera with me.  Still, let’s see what we picked up on the trip…

Charlotte airport. Nice place. Easy to get around. Have flown through there a few times this year. But for the love of all that is holy, they need to get rid of creepy bathroom attendant guy in the men’s room there. Creepy bathroom attendant guy is bad enough at a nightclub or bar… I don’t need him showing up at an airport!

Nassau in the Bahamas. Fantastic, beautiful place. All inclusive resort? Go on then, even better! And Dr. No was partly filmed there.

Best part of some of these trips? The great people you meet. I’m convinced the relaxed atmosphere makes it easier to make new friends.

Coming back to reality and real life sucks. That is all.

I have no story that will ever top the one from a few years ago in the airport. “If your pants are falling down because you left you belt at the security screening area please return to claim your belt”… Over the airport PA system.

Yes, we got hit by hurricane Irene on our trip. They told people to grab what they needed as the moved us to a ballroom for a while. We grabbed the mini bar. We became quite popular. I can now say that I can cross F5 tornado (Oklahoma City, 1999) and Category 3 Hurricane (Nassau, 2011) off of my “I survived” list. Funny thing is, I don’t ever remember setting out to complete any type of list like that.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough for now… When we get the videos off the camera, and if I remember – I’ll try to get some of them posted. In the meantime here’s one that a guy we met made while we were at the resort last week. I think he secretly wants to be on the Weather Channel (who really missed the mark on the forecasts on Irene, btw).

Thanks Gaz!

Later folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday- The OH $#!% it’s my turn edition

I’ve been traveling a bit lately and kind of lost track of what day of the week it is…so I’ll make this short and sweet…

1. On one of my recent travels, I had the opportunity to stop at a beach. While I was there I watched something super strange…a grown man playing football by himself. I remember doing this as a kid, but not as a 30+ year old man. He would throw the ball up in the air, catch it, pretend like he was running through guys and score a touchdown. To each his own I guess, but the fact that he wasn’t there with anyone might explain some items.

2. I’ve always been a big fan of Mark Wahlberg, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be skipping this venture.

3. I’m pretty sure this would not be listed as a trait of man’s best friend.  This also led me to start thinking of one of my all time favorite movies.

4. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a movie guy.  I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m a loser in that I’ll watch any movie with an awesome car in it.  But I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little on the fence about this one.

5. Alright…lockout…over. Season…please begin. And now I leave you with a video that I think says it all.

Hope everyone had a great week and have a great weekend.

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What a fine, fine Friday!” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another “Five Thoughts”. Beer’s in a good mood this morning. Why? Well, read along and see if you can figure it out. Let’s get started!

  1. I saw this on ESPN last night, I tweeted about it, and it still has me ticked off. ESPN did their “Top 10 Rivalries”.. now, I was at the bar (shocker!) and I don’t remember all of them but I do remember this…
    Yankees/Red Sox was number 1. I have no problem with that.
    Harvard/Yale made the list. Really?!?!? Okay, I know it’s a rivalry, but other than the folks who went to one of those schools (And let’s be honest here, it isn’t THAT many people – it’s about the money) who really watches that game. Is it even on TV? (ESPN 8 maybe?)
    What really got me cranked up though was number 10 on the list. The only hockey rivalry mentioned. Boston/Montreal. Good old fashioned original six hockey as God intended. Except for one thing… They went with the US slant and completely ignored a little rivalry between Toronto and Montreal. And Detroit and Toronto (sort of dormant right now), and Detroit/Chicago (Want a US slant, there you go). Seriously though… I think I liked it better when ESPN just ignored hockey in favor of things like poker and dodgeball.
  2. From the news… This one struck me as odd. And not really even “news”. More of a fluff/interest piece if you ask me. But still, when you run a headline link as “25 best places to find rich singles“, it’s just really odd that each place listed talks about the “Median Family Income“. So, let’s review… “Find rich SINGLES” and “Median FAMILY Income”. Am I the only one seeing a disconnect there? Didn’t think so. And my criticism of internet editors can continue unabated. (By the way – we operate without any type of editor here. As if you needed us to actually point it out. I think our typos and grammatical errors speak for themselves.)
  3. Being self confessed “car guys” here at the Beerbarrel, I’d be remiss if I didn’t make mention of an event coming up this weekend. The Woodward Dream Cruise. If you’re a fan of cars, you should go at least once to see it. It skews to older American muscle cars, but there is something there for everyone. It’ll definitely take you back, even if it’s to a time before you were born. And you might even see one or two of these..
  4. What won’t you see at the Dream Cruise? Probably one of these. Ok, I’ve seen motorized beer coolers, bar stools, and all that before. They’re funny. They’re toys. Let’s cover this again people…. They Are Not For Driving On Actual Roads. Especial after tossing a few back! Got it? Good. Red?

    (Yeah, we pretty much keep that clip bookmarked for occasions like this.)
  5. I have to pick on this article before I go. Now, make no mistake. Getting attacked by a shark is not cool. I’d prefer not to be someone they interview for shark week. But when you read a report of a shark attack with this line in it…
    “Witnesses said the shark was about 13 feet (4 meters) long with large fins, according to the Pravda report.”
    Oh, good. Thanks for clearing that up. We know JUST which shark it was now. Good grief….

Ok folks, that’s Five and I.. am… out of here! Keep an eye out for the King next week. He’ll be minding the store. Why? Well, Gold old Beer is… well.. I’ll just let Willie explain it.

(And as for that being stuck in your head all day now.. You’re welcome)

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What should we talk about today?” Edition

Happy Friday folks! Here we are again, right at the edge of another weekend. And what a wild week it’s been, too. What with the stock market, and preseason football, and… What? You actually expected me to make sense?  Yeah, didn’t think so. Speaking of not making sense, let’s get started with this one…

  1. An online petition calling for the nuptials of Muppet flat-mates Bert and Ernie. Really? These are the things people worry about? Not the stock market, riots in London, or anything like that. But let’s be serious here for a moment. Ernie… Don’t do it!! I don’t know if you’re aware of it man, but your roommate, Bert? He’s Evil! You really don’t want to be marrying into that, do you?
  2. Not really a big deal, but since I always got a kick out of “Snakes on a Plane”, the first thing I thought of was “Tarantula on a train!“. Sadly, the real world event wasn’t quite the same. We’ve also recently seen “Snake on a car“, which – while funny – still lacked excitement. Maybe we could do something like “Ferrets on a  Fishing boat” or “Birds on a Bus”?  Nah, didn’t think so either.
  3. While we’re on the subject of transportation… There are some things you never want to be compared to in the automotive world. Like a “sorbet of mouse scat”. Yes, that’s an actual quote in an article describing the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet as the “Most Hated” vehicle of 2011. Personally, I’d put it on the list just for the name. Talk about pretentious. What, “Murano Convertible” isn’t good enough? Still, the quote from the article puts this story here. “Sorbet of mouse scat”? How do you even think a line like that up?
  4. Swinging to social media and technology. Google is obviously getting serious about going head to head with Facebook. how can we tell? It’s simple…. They’re adding games to Google+. You know once games are involved, things are getting serious. Gotta water the crops, or birds, or… something.
  5. See, now this is one of those instance where maybe, just maybe, there should have been some of that there “Inter agency cooperation” or whatever you want to call it. What am I going on about? Well, it seems the US government (DARPA specifically) has lost yet ANOTHER hi tech toy. This raises a few questions for me. Did they not talk to NASA, who have proven to be very adept at losing contact with unmanned flights? You’d think comparing notes might be in order. You know.. “No, no – that’s what we used and it, um, didn’t work” type of stuff. Also, I love this quote..”Initial indications are that the aircraft impacted the Pacific Ocean along the planned flight path.” Initial indications? The freaking thing was supposed to be travelling at almost 13,000 mph!! Anything moving that fast is going to leave one heck of an “Initial indication” upon impact! Couldn’t be that hard to figure out where it was.

Okay folks – that’s five and I’m rolling on out.  Shaping up to be a busy, but fun weekend. So until next time, something a bit different

Have a great weekend folks!

One of those days…

I just wanted to take a second and post something that will hopefully make people smile.  I think everyone has had one of these days at some point…

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “200” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to the 200th post on this blog. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe we’ve already posted inflicted upon the internet subjected the world to written up that much useless stuff. Hey, we know we’re not breaking any literary ground here. Defiling it maybe, but if you want serious, that’s not us. So with all that being said, Happy 200th post to us and off we go!

  1. Today is August 5th. Most NFL teams are about a week into training camp. And of course, it wouldn’t be training camp time in the NFL without rumors of Brett Favre coming back. Again. Again. Again. Haven’t we seen this movie before?? Miami, NFL, for the love of all that’s Holy, please don’t do it! Signed… EVERYONE.
  2. Sticking with football for a while, we lost a great football player this week. Bubba Smith passed away, although to many younger folks, he was better known as cadet (and then Officer) Moses Hightower.
    RIP Bubba. Thanks for the football, the movies, and especially the Lite Beer commercials!
  3. Another cool football story here. The new defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals is a former Pittsburgh Steelers coach. On his last day with the Steelers, he sold a Mercedes convertible to a team cafeteria worker for $20. Read the story, it’s a good one. And hey, I gues that’s one way to cut down on moving costs out to Phoenix.
  4. Want an almost perfect blueprint to give a charitable organization a black eye? Make like the MDA and oust 85 year old Jerry Lewis from his chairmanship, and yanks him completely from the Labor Day telethon.  Because, the man really hasn’t done anything all that major for that organization, right? Really folks, you couldn’t just let him quietly ride off into the sunset?
  5. Lastly… As I mentioned earlier, today is August 5th. That means it’s… International Beer Day! (And you thought we never told you anything useful!)
    And what handy coincidence it is that I just happen to have plans to be somewhere that will have multiple beer tents this evening (To be clear, International Beer Day is about all beer, not only international ones. The event is international, the beer can – and I would say should – be local if at all possible). And to think, I have a beer commercial video linked up in the post there. Think I was foreshadowing a bit? Either way – get out there and have a beer! Just, make sure you’re safe about it.

Ok, that’s five and let’s cruise on out to the beer tent. maybe we can get a couple of bratwursts to go with the beer. Great, now I’m getting hungry. Ah well…

Let’s close out with this, it isn’t International – but it is Intergalactic (plus the guy at the start is wearing Jerry Lewis style “Nutty professor” glasses):

Have a great weekend folks!

Found on the internet…

Hmm, this has me thinking of a new feature. We could call it “Total Cheese”!

In case you missed it, we love cheese here at the Beerbarrel. Good Cheese, that is.

Make sure you turn up the sound, the music helps make the commercial.

Later folks, see you back here tomorrow!