Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “200” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to the 200th post on this blog. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe we’ve already posted inflicted upon the internet subjected the world to written up that much useless stuff. Hey, we know we’re not breaking any literary ground here. Defiling it maybe, but if you want serious, that’s not us. So with all that being said, Happy 200th post to us and off we go!

  1. Today is August 5th. Most NFL teams are about a week into training camp. And of course, it wouldn’t be training camp time in the NFL without rumors of Brett Favre coming back. Again. Again. Again. Haven’t we seen this movie before?? Miami, NFL, for the love of all that’s Holy, please don’t do it! Signed… EVERYONE.
  2. Sticking with football for a while, we lost a great football player this week. Bubba Smith passed away, although to many younger folks, he was better known as cadet (and then Officer) Moses Hightower.
    RIP Bubba. Thanks for the football, the movies, and especially the Lite Beer commercials!
  3. Another cool football story here. The new defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals is a former Pittsburgh Steelers coach. On his last day with the Steelers, he sold a Mercedes convertible to a team cafeteria worker for $20. Read the story, it’s a good one. And hey, I gues that’s one way to cut down on moving costs out to Phoenix.
  4. Want an almost perfect blueprint to give a charitable organization a black eye? Make like the MDA and oust 85 year old Jerry Lewis from his chairmanship, and yanks him completely from the Labor Day telethon.  Because, the man really hasn’t done anything all that major for that organization, right? Really folks, you couldn’t just let him quietly ride off into the sunset?
  5. Lastly… As I mentioned earlier, today is August 5th. That means it’s… International Beer Day! (And you thought we never told you anything useful!)
    And what handy coincidence it is that I just happen to have plans to be somewhere that will have multiple beer tents this evening (To be clear, International Beer Day is about all beer, not only international ones. The event is international, the beer can – and I would say should – be local if at all possible). And to think, I have a beer commercial video linked up in the post there. Think I was foreshadowing a bit? Either way – get out there and have a beer! Just, make sure you’re safe about it.

Ok, that’s five and let’s cruise on out to the beer tent. maybe we can get a couple of bratwursts to go with the beer. Great, now I’m getting hungry. Ah well…

Let’s close out with this, it isn’t International – but it is Intergalactic (plus the guy at the start is wearing Jerry Lewis style “Nutty professor” glasses):

Have a great weekend folks!

One response to “Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “200” Edition

  1. I’ll look for you in the same beer tent tomorrow night.

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