Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What a fine, fine Friday!” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another “Five Thoughts”. Beer’s in a good mood this morning. Why? Well, read along and see if you can figure it out. Let’s get started!

  1. I saw this on ESPN last night, I tweeted about it, and it still has me ticked off. ESPN did their “Top 10 Rivalries”.. now, I was at the bar (shocker!) and I don’t remember all of them but I do remember this…
    Yankees/Red Sox was number 1. I have no problem with that.
    Harvard/Yale made the list. Really?!?!? Okay, I know it’s a rivalry, but other than the folks who went to one of those schools (And let’s be honest here, it isn’t THAT many people – it’s about the money) who really watches that game. Is it even on TV? (ESPN 8 maybe?)
    What really got me cranked up though was number 10 on the list. The only hockey rivalry mentioned. Boston/Montreal. Good old fashioned original six hockey as God intended. Except for one thing… They went with the US slant and completely ignored a little rivalry between Toronto and Montreal. And Detroit and Toronto (sort of dormant right now), and Detroit/Chicago (Want a US slant, there you go). Seriously though… I think I liked it better when ESPN just ignored hockey in favor of things like poker and dodgeball.
  2. From the news… This one struck me as odd. And not really even “news”. More of a fluff/interest piece if you ask me. But still, when you run a headline link as “25 best places to find rich singles“, it’s just really odd that each place listed talks about the “Median Family Income“. So, let’s review… “Find rich SINGLES” and “Median FAMILY Income”. Am I the only one seeing a disconnect there? Didn’t think so. And my criticism of internet editors can continue unabated. (By the way – we operate without any type of editor here. As if you needed us to actually point it out. I think our typos and grammatical errors speak for themselves.)
  3. Being self confessed “car guys” here at the Beerbarrel, I’d be remiss if I didn’t make mention of an event coming up this weekend. The Woodward Dream Cruise. If you’re a fan of cars, you should go at least once to see it. It skews to older American muscle cars, but there is something there for everyone. It’ll definitely take you back, even if it’s to a time before you were born. And you might even see one or two of these..
  4. What won’t you see at the Dream Cruise? Probably one of these. Ok, I’ve seen motorized beer coolers, bar stools, and all that before. They’re funny. They’re toys. Let’s cover this again people…. They Are Not For Driving On Actual Roads. Especial after tossing a few back! Got it? Good. Red?

    (Yeah, we pretty much keep that clip bookmarked for occasions like this.)
  5. I have to pick on this article before I go. Now, make no mistake. Getting attacked by a shark is not cool. I’d prefer not to be someone they interview for shark week. But when you read a report of a shark attack with this line in it…
    “Witnesses said the shark was about 13 feet (4 meters) long with large fins, according to the Pravda report.”
    Oh, good. Thanks for clearing that up. We know JUST which shark it was now. Good grief….

Ok folks, that’s Five and I.. am… out of here! Keep an eye out for the King next week. He’ll be minding the store. Why? Well, Gold old Beer is… well.. I’ll just let Willie explain it.

(And as for that being stuck in your head all day now.. You’re welcome)

Have a great weekend folks!

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