Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective…

A departure from the normal silly stuff here for a moment today…

On our recent trip home from vacation we encountered a bit of a snafu on the return flight (As my Twitter feed will attest to). Now, it was aggravating, annoying, frankly unnecessary, and in light of the news today… nothing more than an inconvenience.

As I write this, news is breaking that a plane crash in Russia has claimed the lives of at least 43 people. The Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team was aboard the jet. I’m tempted to type out some of the better known names, but I think that would be a disservice to all of those who died in the crash. My co-blogger sent me a note with a tweet from TSN hockey writer Bob McKenzie. I think it sums it up.

“RT @TSNBobMcKenzie RT @dchesnokov: Lokomotiv :”At first we didn’t want to believe it. But right now there is no hope. The team is gone.””

Truly a tragic day for the hockey world. This quote from Kingkielbasa pretty much sums it up for me… “Can we say this is the worst year for “hockey” so far?” Yes, yes we can.

Why do I mention this? Because in my shock at the loss of these hockey players I noticed a tiny little blurb at the bottom of the article. It’s been in several that have come across the wire now, all saying roughly the same. This exact quote comes from the Sports Illustrated article I linked to above: “In June, another Russian passenger jet crashed in the northwestern city of Petrozavodsk, killing 47 people. The crash of that Tu-134 plane has been blamed on pilot error.”

That last line will get lost in the shuffle of this horrible news, but it bears keeping in mind for perspective. As upset as we really can get at the little things when we fly “What do you MEAN my bag is too heavy?”, “I’m going to miss my connecting flight!”, “Our seats aren’t together like we requested!”, “My bags didn’t get put on the plane!”, “We’ve been waiting for a gate for an HOUR!” all seem pretty insignificant when looked at through the bigger lens, don’t they?

I got home from a trip irritated and 4 hours late the last time I flew. Since June, 90 people flying in Russia didn’t make it home at all. If that doesn’t give you perspective, I don’t know what will.

Take care folks