Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

Five Thoughts on a Friday -No “alcohol” referenced version

I firmly believe that my co-blogger has cut a deal with the National Association of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing based on his tweets lately. Since I didn’t get any of the money from such deal, I’m making sure I don’t make any reference going forward at this point. I’ll teach you not to share!!!!

1. I have to say I’m pretty impressed that a large enough group of people actually followed through on their threats. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune puts the loss of Customers to Netflix to over a million. Power to the people I say!

2. I recently heard that Kristie Alley was turning 60! That is nuts. For those of you too young to know Kristie Alley before she was on Jenny Craig and before she had a reality show, she was on a little known show called Cheers. Can I just say that they just don’t write TV like that anymore. Sigh. Here’s a great clip for you young kids..watch it and then get off my lawn!

3. Speaking badly of Hollywood again, news has leaked out that they are going to make a Point Break remake. ENOUGH!!!! STOP!!! Point Break is no where near my favorite movie or is it a classic, but it does have a certain vibe about it that made it unique. Hollywood, didn’t you learn from your Conan remake?

4. Now, I will say once again.. There is a New Muppet movie coming out. I can’t wait. Okay, now I just used that as an excuse to post another Muppet video…yeah, I’m that lame.

5. So the famous Crown Vic is finally riding off into the sunset. I always thought that the car was under appreciated by people and listed as an “old person”‘s vehicle. I guess Ford Marketing just never marketed to the proper people…

And for a final bonus video clip….oh yeah…I’m going there….