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Happy Halloween

Have fun, eat candy, be safe! But watch out for things that go ‘bump’ in the night…

Just don’t get too scared out there, unless you hear something like this.

Then, you’d best start running….


Five Thoughts On a Friday – The “Heading Out” Edition

Good morning folks, and welcome to another Friday. We’re all still here (again), but someone writing this post is heading out again soon (AGAIN?!?!?!!). Yes, it’s true. Beermaker’s heading out on yet another boondoggle. So, in the interim let’s see what we have going on this week, shall we?

  1. I’ve come to be amazed at how I’ll put off trying to post to this blog in the later part of the week. I’ll think of something and make a note about it, saying to myself “Well, It’s already (Insert Wednesday or Thursday here) and I’m doing the post on Friday. As a result I actually have a backlog of things that I should really consider working on and posting. I wonder if that’s normal? If it is, it’s one of the few times that word has ever been used to describe me, that’s for sure!
  2. Wow, that last one was pretty damned self-indulgent, wasn’t it? See, that’s what happens when you have the keys to the place. And, I’m going to continue the theme here for just a  little bit. Now, part of this might actually belong on a friends Tantrum blog. But, he hasn’t had a tantrum in a while so I’m just putting it here. Recently I had to employ the services of a plumbing company on an emergency basis, later in the evening. So, to all the people we called who advertised 24/7 emergency service? Here’s the deal. 24/7 emergency service does not mean “Okay, we’ll page dispatch and see if we might be able to get  someone out in a couple of hours”. No, nope, nu-uh. It means “Dear God the basement is backing up get your rear ends over here and fix it and I’ll worry about the price later!!!!” So when you tell me it’ll be 15-20 minutes before you can tell me if you can someone out to me, you know what I do in that time? I keep calling your competition until I find one that says “On our way right now”. And they now have some of my money. The money you obviously didn’t need. Have a nice day.
  3. Changing gears completely now (Well, I guess it still sort of involves water in a way) I had to talk about this today. Why? Well, it’s a historic find for one. Wreckage of a 13th century ship thought to have belonged to Kublai Khan’s invasion fleet has been found. Now, that’s cool enough. And reading the CNN article today, it says it was found in about 25 meters of water. Makes sense, sounds about right. Yesterday though, there was an article on Yahoo. That article doesn’t put the ship in 25 meters of water. It says the ship was 25 meters off the coast of Nagasaki. I’m gonna trust CNN on this one. Why? Because I find it hard to believe that over the course of 700+ years, nobody noticed a shipwreck only about 27 yards off the coast! (Yeah, that’s right. That would be about 82 feet) Nobody went swimming/diving there for all that time? Seems unlike to me.
  4. With the passing of Steve Jobs, lots of interesting stuff has come out. Being a car guy, I really gravitated to this little nugget when it came up. Steve Jobs driving without a license plate. One of the theories was that it would help avoid being followed or identified. I can by that to an extent. And it might have worked. Except for those meddling kids. Except for one little thing. Steve Jobs always drove a silver Mercedes. Now, if you changed out colors and models you’d probably be able to avoid detection. But with his approach? You saw a silver Mercedes without a plate, you could ID it as probably being Steve Jobs. Oops.
  5. You didn’t think you were going to get out of here without me mentioning the 800 pound gorilla of the gaming world announcing its next expansion pack, did you? Hmmm… maybe I should have called them an 800 pound panda.

    Hey, I liked Kung Fun Panda.

Okay folks, that’s five and I am literally out of here. Now, there will be border crossings involved this weekend so I will do my best to avoid any international incidents.

In the meantime, considering we talked about a Mongol fleet (well, the wreckage of it) outside of Japan (launched from China), and the latest Blizzard expansion, there was really only one choice for the video choice. Hope it doesn’t get stuck in your head.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts On a Friday – The “We’re Still Here” Edition

Good morning folks, we’re all still here. Let’s jump right in and get started today, shall we?

  1. Remember that loon, idiot, jackass, Walter the cranky old puppet look alike and his church that said the world was going to end back in May? And then it didn’t. Well, then they said we had all been “judged” that day and the world would end on October 21st. Guess what nitwit, YOU WERE WRONG AGAIN. We’re still here. Again. Here’s a little tip, stop with the end of the world predictions. You really aren’t very good at them, and they make you look even more foolish than you already are. And let’s be honest. You look like one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets. You look pretty damned silly already.
  2. Wait… there was a contest for “Best Bathroom in America” and somehow we missed out on participating/commenting on it? How the heck did that happen? “Um, beer – you were GONE every time someone turned around this summer, remember?” Well, yeah. I was. That doesn’t let my-co-blogger off the hook though. And he’s the bathroom expert, anyways!
  3. Speaking of public restrooms… Yes, they are as filthy as you were afraid they were. Maybe even worse. Then again, you’re talking about public restrooms here. Were you really expecting nice and sanitary? Being just the slightest bit realistic can go a long ways sometimes, you know?
  4. After two posts involving bathrooms, what on earth do you follow that up with? How about a 350 pound hamburger? If that isn’t enough to make your stomach hurt, how about this line from the article? “The 3-foot-high sandwich packs 540,000 calories. ” I love a good hamburger and a beer, but I’m going to pass on this one. I’ll leave that one for the Man vs Food crowd.
  5. Lastly, from the news… A story of which the question could be asked “This is news??”. Police in Virginia are looking into the theft of a truck which help President Obama’s teleprompter and podium. Really… this is news? I mean, I understand the publicity because it had public appearance stuff for the President in it, but I don’t call the police investigating the theft news. I call it their job. Stop playing it out like it’s a bigger deal than it is. They’d look into it if your car was stolen while you were writing that article, too.

Okay folks, that’s five and it’s time to head into the weekend. In an effort to expand our musical offerings a bit further “Uh oh… here he goes again folks. Sorry, sometimes even I can’t control him”  *ahem* Shush brain. Anyways, as I was saying, expanded musical offerings. Not much in the way of video, but musically quite fun. A little big band music.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Rambling Beer” Edition

Howdy folks and welcome back to another edition of Five Thoughts. here we are on another Friday, and we’re flying without a net today. Let’s see what we can come up with off the cuff, shall we?

  1. I meant to get this post started earlier in the week, or at the very latest last night but it just didn’t happen. It’s a golden time for sports in the metropolitan Detroit area right now, and I keep getting drawn in. The Lions just hosted a Monday Night Football game. The Detroit Tigers trail the Texas Rangers in the ALCS, but all the games have been tight. The Detroit Red Wings have even quietly snuck in and started the NHL season when no one was looking. If there’s been another sports run in this town, I sure don’t remember it.
  2. We’re a few weeks from Halloween. I really like Halloween. Always have. As a kid, for the candy. As an adult… yeah, petty much still for the candy. What I don’t like? Walking into Lowes and seeing an area larger than a 2 car garage full of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ALREADY!. Can we at LEAST get to Halloween before we jump into Christmas please? I know Thanksgiving has long been a casualty of Christmas creep, but now we’re into October?? What’s next, losing Labor Day to Christmas?
  3. I follow WordPress on Twitter. And I had to laugh the other day. They send out tweets with ideas to write about (In an effort to people to post more). And one of them last week was to “Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about”. Um, if you do that, aren’t you writing about them then? And if you’re writing about them, then it seems you’re really “Not” afraid to write about them. And for the record, we’re not really afraid to write about anything here at The Beerbarrel. There’s just a few things (such as politics) they we made a conscious decision to not write about. We want this blog to range from silly, to stupid,  to funny. Not mean spirited or anything like that. (But do you realize HOW MUCH material we have to leave out by not covering politics? I mean, that’s the DEFINITION of silly and stupid at times).
  4. They may say it’s for 2 to 12 year olds but let’s be honest here. The people who are MOST going to want to go check out the new Legoland amusement park? Adults. And I’m willing to bet that if he didn’t already have plans, my co-blogger will be making them right after he hears about this place.
  5. I sent this story to my co-blogger earlier this week. To say it got him fired up may be an understatement. It appears that a computer virus is infecting part of the US drone fleet. Oops. And yet oddly enough, from the tone of the article it doesn’t appear that anyone is too concerned about it. Even with quotes like this:
    “We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back”
    You know, I really can’t help but wonder. Is this how Skynet comes about?

    We may well be screwed.

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m road tripping this weekend so I’ve gotta run. See y’all next post!

Have a great weekend folks!


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Dead Droid” Edition

Apparently that was not the droid I was looking for…. My droid phone is dead.

Howdy folks, and welcome back to a hijacked “Five Thoughts”. Hijacked, you ask? Well, yes. You see, my brain had gotten ambitious and started writing up a post for today.
Noisy little bugger, ain’t he? Anyhow, let’s get rolling on today’s thought’s shall we?

  1. I’m writing this post because my brain’s post got lost on the WordPress app for me droid. Apparently when you hit the save button on the droid up, it doesn’t save it to the site. Live and learn on that one. Speaking of cell phones. Holy mother of mercy I didn’t realize how expensive they were when you aren’t re-upping a contract!
  2. Over the past few months I’ve had several home projects that I needed to hire outside help on. Why do I mention this? I mention it because despite what you hear on the news, the recession is over. How else can you explain businesses standing up customers who are trying to give them their money. Yes, that’s right. I’m trying to hire someone and apparently they have so much business and cash that they do not need or want to take my money. Recession? What recession.
  3. A disturbing sight the other night at dinner. Now, I’m a firm believer in drinking what you like, and to hell with rules and such. What I saw was probably pushing the limits of that though. A glass of red wine, at a sushi restaurant. I’m sorry, but Blech….  Red wine and fish is just a combination that does not work in my book. I don’t know, maybe they were getting the beef teriyaki.
  4. Hockey is back. It started last night. I didn’t watch. I’ll admit it I was watching the Yankees bow out of the playoffs. Want to see a line that will churn all winter long in New York? “Jose Valverde striking out Alex Rodriguez to end the game. The punchout officially ended New York’s threat and marked the second year in a row that A-Rod struck out to end the Yankees’ season.” Yeah, that’s not going to sit well with Yankee fans.
  5. Sticking with baseball here for one last though. Hey TBS? You know that little blue strike zone indicator you put on the screen? I think it’s time to scrap that. Considering that in the games I’ve watched I’ve seen umpires call more strikes on pitches outside that box than in it. Yes, you can argue that the box is where the strike zone “should” be, but there’s “should be” and then there’s thing called reality.

Okay, that’s five thrown together thoughts for today. I’m off to go shopping for a new phone. Oh, and here’s your video. Trying to keep it on topic.

Have a great weekend folks!