Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Rambling Beer” Edition

Howdy folks and welcome back to another edition of Five Thoughts. here we are on another Friday, and we’re flying without a net today. Let’s see what we can come up with off the cuff, shall we?

  1. I meant to get this post started earlier in the week, or at the very latest last night but it just didn’t happen. It’s a golden time for sports in the metropolitan Detroit area right now, and I keep getting drawn in. The Lions just hosted a Monday Night Football game. The Detroit Tigers trail the Texas Rangers in the ALCS, but all the games have been tight. The Detroit Red Wings have even quietly snuck in and started the NHL season when no one was looking. If there’s been another sports run in this town, I sure don’t remember it.
  2. We’re a few weeks from Halloween. I really like Halloween. Always have. As a kid, for the candy. As an adult… yeah, petty much still for the candy. What I don’t like? Walking into Lowes and seeing an area larger than a 2 car garage full of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ALREADY!. Can we at LEAST get to Halloween before we jump into Christmas please? I know Thanksgiving has long been a casualty of Christmas creep, but now we’re into October?? What’s next, losing Labor Day to Christmas?
  3. I follow WordPress on Twitter. And I had to laugh the other day. They send out tweets with ideas to write about (In an effort to people to post more). And one of them last week was to “Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about”. Um, if you do that, aren’t you writing about them then? And if you’re writing about them, then it seems you’re really “Not” afraid to write about them. And for the record, we’re not really afraid to write about anything here at The Beerbarrel. There’s just a few things (such as politics) they we made a conscious decision to not write about. We want this blog to range from silly, to stupid,  to funny. Not mean spirited or anything like that. (But do you realize HOW MUCH material we have to leave out by not covering politics? I mean, that’s the DEFINITION of silly and stupid at times).
  4. They may say it’s for 2 to 12 year olds but let’s be honest here. The people who are MOST going to want to go check out the new Legoland amusement park? Adults. And I’m willing to bet that if he didn’t already have plans, my co-blogger will be making them right after he hears about this place.
  5. I sent this story to my co-blogger earlier this week. To say it got him fired up may be an understatement. It appears that a computer virus is infecting part of the US drone fleet. Oops. And yet oddly enough, from the tone of the article it doesn’t appear that anyone is too concerned about it. Even with quotes like this:
    “We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back”
    You know, I really can’t help but wonder. Is this how Skynet comes about?

    We may well be screwed.

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m road tripping this weekend so I’ve gotta run. See y’all next post!

Have a great weekend folks!