Five Thoughts On a Friday – The “Meandering Mind” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another five thoughts post here at The Beerbarrel. It’s been a crazy busy week here. What with the weekend boondoggle to Toronto last weekend, then Halloween on Monday. I feel like I blinked and it was Friday. I have to admit, that’s both a good, and bad thing. It’s great because it means the weekend is about here, but it also feels like I haven’t really accomplished anything of note. Oh well, onto the post!

  1. There’s this writing thing going on right now. NaNoWriMo it’s called. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. Yours truly got an email asking if was going to try it. My response? Are you kidding me? I’m good for about one or two posts a week! A novel? Oh HELL NO! Besides, I don’t consider myself a writer. Oh sure, I can write. My grades on research papers in school proved that (So did one research project getting published). There’s a difference though. Just like being a blogger doesn’t make you anything but a blogger (It doesn’t make you a journalist or a novelist). Even if I ever do somehow spit out a book or novel, I’ll still just consider myself “A guy who wrote a book/novel/whatever” Not a Writer/Novelist/Etc. Now, that being said – this NaNoWriMo thing? It seems like a pretty interesting concept. Some people really get into it. And some of them can turn out some pretty interesting stuff. So if you’re surfing around the web a bit looking for something to read – check it out.
  2. There’s an excerpt from the new Steve Jobs book that talks about some of his dietary quirks. Apparently he flirted with a diet called “Fruitatarianism”, in other words, only eating fruits (and nuts). “Basically, the reproductive parts of plants that can be consumed without doing any harm to the plant itself,” TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer explains. It goes on about some of the restrictions and stuff, but really got me was this quote… “Plus, it’s an expensive diet to adhere to for a long period of time, Bauer points out.”  Okay, for every day people, yes. But um… hello? Steve Freakin’ Jobs! Pretty sure he could afford it. Don’t believe me doc? Why don’t you hop on your iPhone or iPad and check out his estimated net worth?
  3. One of the greatest videos you’ll ever see hit the internet this week, as a Boeing 767 landed in Poland, WITHOUT IT’S LANDING GEAR DOWN! Now, first off – that pilot is a Stud, First Order, and we’ll get to why in just a moment. Second – again – video, cool as hell. But lastly, and I can only think this is either a massive compliment to the skill of the pilot (And I’m sure that’s a large part of it) or while the plane was burning off fuel for its landing the passengers were raiding the liquor cart. Several passengers were quoted in this article saying they would have thought they landed with the wheels down. What, all the smoke and sparks flying by didn’t give it away??
  4. Sticking with the plane again for one more thought. I don’t have the knowledge base to say if the plane will likely either be scrapped out, or eventually repaired and returned to service. I am however, willing to bet that the seats in the plane will likely see service again either way. Why do I bring up such a trivial point? What exactly do you think more than a few people did when they heard the announcement “We’re going to be crash landing with no landing gear”? Now then, think about that for a second the next time you’re on a plane and you hear the flight attendant say “Your seat cushion may be used as a floatation device”. Smelly, huh?
  5. Mashable has a cool article up – 7 ways to create buzzworthy content. I checked, and we don’t do any of the 7. I think they left the easiest one off of there though. Score scandalous pictures of a celebrity and post them on the site. That seems to get a lot of buzz and web traffic. Unfortunately most of it would probably be coming from said celebrity’s attorneys getting ready to sue you and shut you down, but still.

Okay, that’s five thoughts folks (And no celebrity photos that would get us in trouble… this week). So with that, it’s onto a weekend of home improvement and power tools!
So we should expect to see a guest writer next week then while you recover from injuries?  Shut it, brain!
Okay folks, time to head on out. Now, I was tempted to jump on the “play Christmas Music already” bandwagon just to get a rise out of some people. But frankly, that bugs the heck out of me, too. So… here’s something I doubt will get mixed up with Christmas Music.

Have a great weekend folks!

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