Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Seeing Red” Edition

Hi folks, it’s Friday again and we’re going to run off in a little bit different direction here today. Yes, I’m going to stick to the usual format but the subject matter will be a little bit different as we try to work within a them and see where it goes from there. And fair warning, this one may be a bit hockey heavy for some, and not enough hockey for others. Shall we see where it leads?

  1. Valentine’s Day was just this past Tuesday. Plenty of red to be seen all around for that. Red flowers, Red cards, Red Chocolate boxes. Red Strawberries. And lots of Red Ink for all the frivolous purchases people probably made. Now, don’t get me wrong. My valentine and I went out for dinner and drinks and had a nice time. We just didn’t go overboard.
  2. While out on Valentine’s Day, we got to watch the Detroit Red Wings make history. They won their 21st consecutive home game of the season. That kicked off a wave of discussion both locally and nationally. I’m a firm believer that you really can’t compare different eras in sports, but a record is a record. And that one is damned impressive.
  3. Know what wasn’t so impressive? The front page of the TSN hockey page the next morning. Now, I know it’s a Canadian site and there’s usually some preference given. I”m fine with that. But when a team sets a record in the league you’re covering they probably deserve a bit more of a mention than the second byline under “Headlines”
    Hey, at least the jersey the Flames goalie has on is red, so for a second or two I thought it might have been someone from the Red Wings.
  4. So I headed over to Sports illustrated to compare. The front page of SI.com that morning? Well, that was the swimsuit issue. I can’t argue with ratings. But the hockey page? See for yourself.
  5. As we close out the week, I note that today’s date is February 17th. Why do I mention that? Well, for a couple of reasons. NHL Trade talk is heating up with the trade deadline fast approaching on the 27th, but that gig is my co-blogger’s specialty so I’ll leave it to him. Me, I’m going to beat an all too familiar drum. Because as soon as tomorrow people are going to stop seeing red and start seeing green. As in green grass. And palm trees. And start hearing words like cactus or grapefruit league. That’s right folks. The first sign of summer arrives tomorrow as Pitchers and Catchers start to report.

Okay, that’s five and I got a bit off course. I’ll admit this one didn’t really work out quite the way I had planned. Oh well, I guess that stuff happens from time to time.At least it’s done though. Because that means it’s time to start thinking about getting the weekend started. And that’s good, right? So to close out, I needed to find a video to go with the “Red” theme. I found a couple, but how do you not go with “Simply Red“?

Okay, I admit it. I just wanted to use Simply Red as an excuse to lead into this clip.

Have a great weekend folks!