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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “No Addition” Edition

Howdy folks! I’m back, after a brief little boondoggle last weekend. And As I looked in from the road, I notice my co-blogger had taken a few shots at me last week. So I was faced with a choice. Be the bigger person and ignore it, or respond to his “addition” of Five Thoughts last week with a few shots of my own this week. I think the title of this weeks post tells you what I decided on. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Wow, we really seemed to time the NHL playoff picks post we did this week correctly or something. It generated a lot more traffic than we expected. Why on earth someone searching for “Expert NHL playoff picks 2012” was ever directed to our humble little bastion of silliness is beyond me, though. Still, it had me thinking for a few days. We could do “All Playoff Picks, All the time! Any Sport! Any level!” I can see it now… “Coming up next on The Beerbarrel, St. Andrew’s 4th grade girls soccer tournament picks!  Or maybe not.
  2. Speaking of the NHL playoffs though (Yes, this week’s post is going to be a bit NHL-centric), if there’s one thing I can not stand – it’s the idiots that come out this time of year with some of their “Logic” or “Playoff Truths” or whatever else they call that garbage. One of my favorites that’s made the rounds already this year? “Team X can’t win it all because their goalie has never really won anything in the playoffs” (With “anything” meaning “Won a Stanley Cup”). Here’s a quick story – Once upon a time there was a goalie who “hadn’t won anything” in the playoffs. In fact, he hadn’t even played with the team most of the regular season. Then he became the starting goalie for the playoffs. And the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup that year. Patrick Roy? No, although he did pretty much the same thing years later. This goalie’s name? Ken Dryden. If you’re too young or too ignorant to know his place in hockey history, look him up. A good place to start? The hockey hall of fame. So, stop with the nonsense already people! Once upon a time, EVERY goalie who has now “Won it all” hadn’t “Won anything in the playoffs”, until they did.
  3. Now, speaking of hockey, and the NHL playoffs, and the NHL in general…. I do not want to hear another word from the NHL on the subject of “Hits to the head” or “Player Safety”. I’m sorry, you’ve given up that high ground. A defenseman bounces another players head off the boars and glass twice, cracking the player’s helmet in two places in a move resoundingly called “Uncalled for” and “Deliberate” and you give him a tiny little fine (This is a guy in line for an $8M contract and you fine him $25K?? That’s like fining me a nickel!) because you found out the guy who got his head bounced off the boards was okay? No harm, no foul huh? So the next time someone tomahawks their stick over another player’s head? If the player isn’t hurt, it isn’t a penalty? Listen, I’m okay with it just being a fine. I’m okay with you letting a lot of stuff go in the playoffs in keeping with the “It’s the playoffs” reasoning. But, and here’s the thing before I get off my soapbox.. Having done that, please stop all the lip service BS about curbing blows to the head, and player safety and all that crap. A blow to the head, is a blow to the head. It’s bad news and it should be dealt with accordingly. Not based on whether or not someone got seriously injured. You know why? Because the next time it happens and you call to see how the player is? You’re going to be lied to. You’re going to be told he can’t talk right now because he still doesn’t know where he is. And then you’ll base your decision on that, suspend somebody, and your policy will have compromised the competitive spirit of the game. The end.
  4. Boy, I got off on a little rant there, didn’t I? Let’s change gears and move onto something different. One hundred years ago this coming April 15th, the RMS Titanic sank. It was a tiny little boat you may have heard of at some point. To commemorate it, there is a “Titanic Memorial Cruise” following the same route, with the same number of passengers, same menus, etc. Is it just me, or does this seem to land squarely in the “This could end very badly” department? Especially when the cruise had to TURN BACK AROUND due to a medical emergency. Folks, that there may have been what we here at the Beerbarrel like to call… A HINT. Best of luck to you out there.
  5. Lastly, I hope everyone here in the States is ready. Because speaking of April 15th… well, you get a little bit of a break again this year due to the 15th being a Sunday and the 16th being a holiday in Washington DC, but April 17th? You’d better be ready. It’s Tax Day! Blech.

Okay folks, that’s five and I really have behaved myself and not taken too many shots at people. As long as you ignore the first 4 or so items in today’s five thoughts. So, I hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll see you all again here soon. And remember… Watch out for the Tax Man!

Have a great weekend folks!