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NHL Playoff Picks – The Stanley Cup Finals!

This is it folks! The series for the greatest trophy in sports. There is no equal. So, to set the tone before we get to the point of this post….

So, where are we through three rounds?
Kingkielbasa53 –     8 right
PB          –     9 right
Beer         –     6 right
Tom Tantrums –     3 right (gave up?)

So now… the finals!  In the matter of the Los Angeles Kings versus the New Jersey Devils, how to we pick?

Kingkielbasa53 – Alright, after starting out strong I’ve started to unravel.  At least there is no way my co-blogger can catch me.  As far as my finals pick, I have to admit I’ve been impressed with the way New Jersey keeps getting better each round.  They barely got by Florida in the first round but have really shown they are a good team.  I still believe that LA is the better team though.  They really looked impressive in the round against Phoenix even if Phoenix thought the world was out to get them.  Los Angeles in six

Beer: Every once in a while, questions come up. Questions like… How was I on record as only having 4 picks right heading into the conference finals, then I not only pick both winners correctly but *also* nail the number of games for each series… and my total number of correct picks only goes up by one and says I got five right??? I think one of the other writers is trying to keep me down, man!
On to the pick….  I don’t know if there is a team out there playing better than LA has been. But I’m always leery of the week long layoff that the Kings just had. Still, we have possibly the hottest goalie on earth right now playing for the Kings – and in the other corner? Arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game. This has the makings of a classic. I’m going to hope for seven, but I think it will end in six. And I think Marty Brodeur will be holding the cup one more time when it ends. New Jersey in six.
Kingkielbasa53 response -I’ve updated the points as I was using Cornholio rules where our points canceled each other and only the remaining points were used.

PB – As the invited guest to this party I can say thank you to the King and Beer for allowing me to participate. Now that the nicities are over I came to win this baby just like the two teams in the finals. It was once said that a week off can be the death sentence especially in the NHL playoffs. Well that can be true but I am not so sure in today’s NHL. The Kings are big on the forwards and a defence that is solid. Their captain plays just on the edge and according to some, over the edge (see Michal Roszival). Then there are the NJ Devils. Solid up forwards and defenceman. Now to the goalies! This is where this Cup Finals will be won. One goalie a first ballot hall of famer and the other the new standard for NHL goalies. How will this play out only time will tell. For this pick I will channel my inner Eddie Shore for some old time hockey assistance. OOOMMMM. OOOOMMMMMM. (What did you say Eddie?) Ok Eddie says LA but  the devil sometimes wears a blue dress. New Jersey in seven.
(PS Yep that’s right I am in first place!!!)

So there you have it folks! By a score of 2-1 the ‘experts’ at the Beerbarrel are picking the New Jersey Devils to take home the Stanley Cup. Now it’s time to actually watch them play the games. Enjoy!

Five thoughts on a Friday – And we’re off addition (or videopalooza addition with no Beer)’s finally here….The unofficial start of summer. Although being in the midwest, we’ve been having an earlier summer type year so far then we have had in the past. Not that I’m complaining, but I just know that at some point we’re going to pay for it. Speaking of paying for it, let’s get this party started, shall we?

5.  Now I’ll admit that I’ve played my fair share of video games.  In those games, I’ve had my fair share of zombie kills.  And for a while killing zombies was cool and fun, but I think these guys have taken it to the extreme!  I personally like the question by the one guy, “Can I bring my own weapons?”   I know my favorite weapon in those video games is the chain saw…hmm, can I bring this one?

4. With all the super hero movies coming out this year, the question always comes up..”why are there not any real super heroes?”  We did see an increase of people claiming to be super heroes in the past, with one of the most famous being Phoenix Jones.  My question has always been, okay..where are the villians?  Looks like they a coming out to play now:

3. I know that Hollywood has run out of ideas.  I think the movie Battleship proved it until  I just saw a trailer for a movie that will finally prove my point!

Just for the record.  I do know it’s fake….but are we really far off from this???

2.  Hmmm, I’m a fan of the Men in Black films, but I’m surprised they never did any cross promotions with the actual Men in Black organization.  Um, King…are you drunk already?  Nah, hell Dan Ankroyd believes in them!

1. Speaking of cross promotions, men in black and Dan Ankroyd…Rest in Peace “Donald Duck” Dunn.

Well everyone, have a great holiday weekend. Be safe, bar b que, grill, drink and enjoy!


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Sto Lat” Edition

Howdy Folks! Before I go any further, I need to be a little self-indulgent this morning and wish someone a very happy birthday. It’s a big one, too. Although I’m not going to name names, or numbers. So with that being said, where did the title come from? Well, I wanted something kind of birthday related, and that fits the bill nicely. Also, if you’re reading this right when it went up – I’m not really here. I’m actually probably still recovering from last night. Isn’t technology grand? So, let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Random thought that occurred to me the other night. June bugs really are the drunk drivers of the insect community, aren’t they? They swerve all over the place while they’re flying. Especially the one that I watched take itself out by flying headlong into a downspout. It actually made quite a thud when it hit!
  2. Sometimes you just stumble into a headline and you just *know* you need to use it. Especially when it’s real life mirroring a movie. And even more so when it’s a headline that reads:
    Hot ointment below the belt distracts Stephen Strasburg

    Which of course, makes me think of the scene from Revenge of the Nerds
  3. Not that I really want to talk about the fact that we all have kick off at some point on a day when I’m celebrating someone’s birthday, but this one was too funny to pass up. Yes, we all go eventually but I have to wonder… did this guy have some inside information somehow? After all, there is passing away and then there is passing away without paying your tab after spending the night at the strip club.
  4. Let’s switch to a bit more light-hearted note. Call it a prank, call it advertising, or call it mean… I call it funny. It seems someone at Fiat over in Europe must have known when Google would be sending their street view cars (and cameras) around. Specifically, when they would be going past Volkswagen headquarters. Why do I say that? Because when the street view camera snapped a photo of the VW headquarters entrance – there was a new Fiat parked right in front of it.
  5. And lastly, because I can’t do a birthday/Sto Lat edition without it, and because it’s tradition…
    Sto lat, sto lat, Niech żyje, żyje nam.
    Sto lat, sto lat, Niech żyje, żyje nam,
    Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz, niech żyje, żyje nam,
    Niech żyje nam!

    And for those of you who have no idea what that says or how it should sound… Here you go.

So there we go folks… That’s five and I’m off to a birthday celebration. Actually, to continue one – since I was actually out celebrating as this post went up. As I said earlier… isn’t technology grand? Before we go, I’ll let you in on a little known secret. We do, on rare occasions, take requests. And so, as a small birthday present we’re going to go with an artist who has been repeatedly requested.

Have a great weekend folks!

NHL Playoff Picks – The Conference Finals!

First  Two Round Results:
Kingkielbasa53 – 7 right
PB – 7 right
Beer – 4 right
Tom Tantrums – 3 right (gave up?)

Western Conference Final

(3) Phoenix Coyotes vs. (8) Los Angeles Kings

Kingkielbasa53 – As I stated on my twitter account, I believe the Los Angeles Kings are the better team.  They are playing the way Nashville likes to think it can play.  It also helps that Quick is playing out of his mind.  The only monkey wrench for my pick could be if Smith plays anymore fantastic then he already has in these playoffs.  Los Angeles in six.

PB –  This would be just like the Gretzky trade all those years ago. I see the defensive  system  of the Kings being much more formidable. Smith has kept the Yotes in every game this playoff just like Quick. One team that no one would have guessed would be here and the other was suppose to be playing in Dubai. This is a fun filled crazy playoff and hard to predict. Los Angeles in five.

Beer – just like my co-blogger I tweeted this one before the series started, realizing we weren’t going to have the post up in time. Here’s the gist of it, “I flipped a coin and it came up Kings. Hey, probably more accurate than my last picks. Since it was a nickel, I’ll say in 5”. Yeah, I know – my picks this year have been *that good*. Apparently I have a real knack for watching a lot of hockey without learning anything about the teams I’m watching.  And one game in – the nickel seems more accurate than I’ve been this year. Los Angeles in five.

Eastern Conference Final

(1) New York Rangers vs. (6) New Jersey Devils

Kingkielbasa53 – I really don’t have a feel for the Eastern Conference.  The only teams I follow have been eliminated by these two teams.  I’m really going to think outside of the box on this one and pick New York.  I really don’t think either team is that great but New York has won two series in seven games.  I think that actually has some weight in how far you can make it in the playoffs.  New York in oh what the heck…7

PB – As my friend the King of Kielbasa said earlier nice call on the Devils. To that I say “even the sun shines on a frogs butt once in awhile”. The Devils are a solid team with a goalie that has been through pretty much every situation imaginable. The Rangers are young and hungry and to their credit took a pounding from the Caps but still won the series. Frank Sinatra said “It’s up to you New York, New York” but I disagree. I believe like Charlie Daniels said, “The Devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal”. Gonna change the words up and my prediction is “The Devils will be going to the Finals looking for a Stanley Cup to Win”. New Jersey in seven.

Beer – I’m a firm believer that you need to be somewhat efficient to win it all in the playoffs. And the New York Rangers have played a lot of hockey games in the playoffs already. Then again, through all of that hockey, they’ve come out on top – justifying their rank as the top team in the East. Have I waffled enough on this pick yet? I have? Good. And the coin says….  Devils. Of course, the coin I had was a dime and I’m pretty sure they can’t win in 10 games. Unless you count overtime, and they would still need to play a LOT of overtime. I do think it will go six though. New Jersey in six. (At which point – they would be my early favorite to win it all)

Okay folks… there you go! We just refuse to quit, and since we all picked the Kings….  given our track record, people of’re welcome!

See you back for our guesses for the finals!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Shutterbug” Edition

Good morning folks and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. Somehow we’ve made it through another week. So as we wait for the weekend to get here, let’s see what’s bouncing around inside Beer’s Brain this week, shall we? After all, there’s more than just rocks up there…

  1. I threatened someone that I might put a particular subject in this week’s post, and I’m leading off with it straight away. In fact, I came up with this week’s title based on it too. You see, I’ve got some family that recently got back from a trip. And there were pictures. Oh boy, there were pictures. Now, if you’ll all get off my lawn for a second, Grandpa Beer is going to tell a little story. You see, once upon a time, you not only had to bay for this stuff called “film” to put in a camera – you also had to pay to have the film developed so you could get your pictures.  Why am I talking about this? Because in the digital age – I think it’s time to remind people of a few rules for photos because the cost aspect of film and development has gone away. First, just because you can take 9,000 pictures on your digital camera does not mean you SHOULD. If you don’t have a good shot of something, don’t take a photo of it anyways. Second, and this is just as important (maybe even more so)… when you ignore my first rule and take 9000 pictures, sort through them before you upload them all and start sending them to people! Honestly… that great picture you took where your thumb takes up half the frame? You can delete that one. The blurry one where you got three of the monument you were going by because the tour bus bounced? That one can go too. This has been a public service announcement by the beerbarrel. You may now return to taking too many pictures. Thank you.
  2. Over the course of the last weekend – apparently pretty much everyone in the United States except me went and saw the Avengers. Yes, it made that much money. So I had to laugh when I saw this weekend that Marvel Studios officially confirmed there would be an Avengers sequel. Like there was really any doubt??? The move has grossed $702 million as of last weekend. What studio wouldn’t make a sequel? And while we’re on an Avengers note.. I found this to be rather cool, since I used to watch the old TV show. Lou Ferrigno helped voice the Hulk in the movie.
  3. Switching gears a bit… There’s celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and then there’s stealing an entire trailer full of Corona. And while the thought is amusing, a story like this always makes me wonder. How exactly does one go about stealing a trailer that’s full of beer? I mean, you can’t exactly back an F-150 or Silverado up to the trailer and pull it away. It takes a fairly specialized vehicle to be able to haul that. That would sort of limit people’s options I would think. Still, I think the police have the right idea. Stake out the supermarkets and farm markets and check for people buying massive quantities of limes.
  4. Now, I don’t profess to know anything about the mind of someone who thinks blowing up a plane full of people serves some sort of purpose. I don’t think rational minds work that way, but I am starting to wonder about some of these terrorist guys and their underwear bombs. Another plot involving an underwear bomb was recently stopped. Let’s get something clear… these people have a very unhealthy obsession with blowing themselves up via their underwear!! Come on people… try another shoe, or a sock, anything but underwear! It’s getting kind of creepy. In an “icky” kind of way.
  5. The days of the electric car are growing near.. There’s a quick charger for one in a public parking garage near my house, and there are several models of either pure electric or plug in hybrid that are available now, with more of the way. I’m not saying I think they’re going to replace gas engines anytime soon, they’re just becoming part of the equation.  Well, most of them anyways. But when your $100K plus electric vehicle starts out by dying unexpectedly and needing repairs for a magazine like Consumer Reports, and then ends up being a suspect in a house fire? Well, that particular vehicle nameplate can expect to quickly go the way of the Ford Pinto…. Because in some cases, and press is NOT good press. And this is one of them.

Okay, that’s a crazy, rambling, list of five on this sunny Friday. So I’m going to stop pretending I want to be here writing this and see if I can figure out a way to get out there and enjoy myself. I’ll try to do better next week. Maybe.Until next time, please, remember to think before you click a photograph. Think of the bandwidth and battery life you’ll save!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “May the Fourth” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. before we get going, let’s touch on the title of today’s post. In other words… Happy Star Wars Day. Don’t get it? Here’s a clue… say the part of the title that’s in quotes. Still no? Okay, say it again then listen to this.

Okay, now that we  have that out of the way (Hey, I’m just the messenger here folks) let’s see what we can cover today…

  1. We’ve got one heck of a mixed bag assembled this week. Wait… did I just say “Assemble”. You know, there’s a tiny little movie opening in the States this weekend after a big opening overseas. And it uses the word assemble. It also uses two of my co-blogger’s favorite words. In fact when paired together, I think it may well be his favorite two word combination. What are they? Hulk, and Smash. As in.. “Hulk? Smash.” Might need to go see this one.
  2. I’ll leave it for you to decide. Cool, creepy, ego-maniacal, or just someone having some fun because they can. And which picture is more disturbing, the ice in the glass, or the stretched out photo on the side with the person holding the ice cube in the tongs? Yes, we’re talking about ice cubes. Made to look like Sir Richard Branson.
  3. So, imagine you’re walking along the beach. Just sort making note of all the stuff that you’re finding washed up. All the normal stuff, you know… Seashell, dead fish, oh, there’s a tiny little crab running around, rocks, seaweed, Harley Davidson, wait…. what was that last one? That’s right. Harley Davidson. Washed clear across the Pacific ocean from Japan. The things our planet can do at times.
  4. Staying on/in the water for a moment… If you’ve ever needed a bigger boat.. This is probably not the auction for you. The U.S. Navy is auctioning off it’s stealth ship. Now, before you start making plans to import large amounts of Cuban rum and cigars into the Florida Keys…. The ship will be disassembled. Boo. Well, maybe the market for the scrap metal will be more than the winning bid.
  5. And for our fifth item today, let’s talk about something for Cinqo de Mayo. I’d like to make a small suggestion on this busy, busy day. You see, it’s not only Cinqo de Mayo (aka any excuse to throw a party, right?). It’s also the 1st Saturday of may. Which means two things. It’s National Homebrew Day. That’s right. A day dedicate to making your own beer. Pretty spiffy if you ask me. The other event? The Kentucky Derby. The most famous horse race in the world. So, my suggestion? In the middle of all the revelry for Cinqo de Mayo and Big brew… take a few moments out around post time for the Derby (6:24pm EDT) and have yourself an All-American drink on Cinqo de Mayo. Have a Mint Julep. Then go right back to your beer, tequila, and tacos. Have fun, but be safe!

Okay folks, that’s Five on the fourth and I am done for the week. So let’s head out into what should be a pretty good party weekend with something a bit more contemporary than what we’ve been using lately. And since it is Star Wars Day, I thought this would fit absolutely perfectly.

Have a great weekend folks! May the Fourth be with you!