NHL Playoff Picks – The Conference Finals!

First  Two Round Results:
Kingkielbasa53 – 7 right
PB – 7 right
Beer – 4 right
Tom Tantrums – 3 right (gave up?)

Western Conference Final

(3) Phoenix Coyotes vs. (8) Los Angeles Kings

Kingkielbasa53 – As I stated on my twitter account, I believe the Los Angeles Kings are the better team.  They are playing the way Nashville likes to think it can play.  It also helps that Quick is playing out of his mind.  The only monkey wrench for my pick could be if Smith plays anymore fantastic then he already has in these playoffs.  Los Angeles in six.

PB –  This would be just like the Gretzky trade all those years ago. I see the defensive  system  of the Kings being much more formidable. Smith has kept the Yotes in every game this playoff just like Quick. One team that no one would have guessed would be here and the other was suppose to be playing in Dubai. This is a fun filled crazy playoff and hard to predict. Los Angeles in five.

Beer – just like my co-blogger I tweeted this one before the series started, realizing we weren’t going to have the post up in time. Here’s the gist of it, “I flipped a coin and it came up Kings. Hey, probably more accurate than my last picks. Since it was a nickel, I’ll say in 5”. Yeah, I know – my picks this year have been *that good*. Apparently I have a real knack for watching a lot of hockey without learning anything about the teams I’m watching.  And one game in – the nickel seems more accurate than I’ve been this year. Los Angeles in five.

Eastern Conference Final

(1) New York Rangers vs. (6) New Jersey Devils

Kingkielbasa53 – I really don’t have a feel for the Eastern Conference.  The only teams I follow have been eliminated by these two teams.  I’m really going to think outside of the box on this one and pick New York.  I really don’t think either team is that great but New York has won two series in seven games.  I think that actually has some weight in how far you can make it in the playoffs.  New York in oh what the heck…7

PB – As my friend the King of Kielbasa said earlier nice call on the Devils. To that I say “even the sun shines on a frogs butt once in awhile”. The Devils are a solid team with a goalie that has been through pretty much every situation imaginable. The Rangers are young and hungry and to their credit took a pounding from the Caps but still won the series. Frank Sinatra said “It’s up to you New York, New York” but I disagree. I believe like Charlie Daniels said, “The Devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal”. Gonna change the words up and my prediction is “The Devils will be going to the Finals looking for a Stanley Cup to Win”. New Jersey in seven.

Beer – I’m a firm believer that you need to be somewhat efficient to win it all in the playoffs. And the New York Rangers have played a lot of hockey games in the playoffs already. Then again, through all of that hockey, they’ve come out on top – justifying their rank as the top team in the East. Have I waffled enough on this pick yet? I have? Good. And the coin says….  Devils. Of course, the coin I had was a dime and I’m pretty sure they can’t win in 10 games. Unless you count overtime, and they would still need to play a LOT of overtime. I do think it will go six though. New Jersey in six. (At which point – they would be my early favorite to win it all)

Okay folks… there you go! We just refuse to quit, and since we all picked the Kings….  given our track record, people of Phoenix..you’re welcome!

See you back for our guesses for the finals!

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