NHL Playoff Picks – The Stanley Cup Finals!

This is it folks! The series for the greatest trophy in sports. There is no equal. So, to set the tone before we get to the point of this post….

So, where are we through three rounds?
Kingkielbasa53 –     8 right
PB          –     9 right
Beer         –     6 right
Tom Tantrums –     3 right (gave up?)

So now… the finals!  In the matter of the Los Angeles Kings versus the New Jersey Devils, how to we pick?

Kingkielbasa53 – Alright, after starting out strong I’ve started to unravel.  At least there is no way my co-blogger can catch me.  As far as my finals pick, I have to admit I’ve been impressed with the way New Jersey keeps getting better each round.  They barely got by Florida in the first round but have really shown they are a good team.  I still believe that LA is the better team though.  They really looked impressive in the round against Phoenix even if Phoenix thought the world was out to get them.  Los Angeles in six

Beer: Every once in a while, questions come up. Questions like… How was I on record as only having 4 picks right heading into the conference finals, then I not only pick both winners correctly but *also* nail the number of games for each series… and my total number of correct picks only goes up by one and says I got five right??? I think one of the other writers is trying to keep me down, man!
On to the pick….  I don’t know if there is a team out there playing better than LA has been. But I’m always leery of the week long layoff that the Kings just had. Still, we have possibly the hottest goalie on earth right now playing for the Kings – and in the other corner? Arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game. This has the makings of a classic. I’m going to hope for seven, but I think it will end in six. And I think Marty Brodeur will be holding the cup one more time when it ends. New Jersey in six.
Kingkielbasa53 response -I’ve updated the points as I was using Cornholio rules where our points canceled each other and only the remaining points were used.

PB – As the invited guest to this party I can say thank you to the King and Beer for allowing me to participate. Now that the nicities are over I came to win this baby just like the two teams in the finals. It was once said that a week off can be the death sentence especially in the NHL playoffs. Well that can be true but I am not so sure in today’s NHL. The Kings are big on the forwards and a defence that is solid. Their captain plays just on the edge and according to some, over the edge (see Michal Roszival). Then there are the NJ Devils. Solid up forwards and defenceman. Now to the goalies! This is where this Cup Finals will be won. One goalie a first ballot hall of famer and the other the new standard for NHL goalies. How will this play out only time will tell. For this pick I will channel my inner Eddie Shore for some old time hockey assistance. OOOMMMM. OOOOMMMMMM. (What did you say Eddie?) Ok Eddie says LA but  the devil sometimes wears a blue dress. New Jersey in seven.
(PS Yep that’s right I am in first place!!!)

So there you have it folks! By a score of 2-1 the ‘experts’ at the Beerbarrel are picking the New Jersey Devils to take home the Stanley Cup. Now it’s time to actually watch them play the games. Enjoy!

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