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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “How We Come up with this Stuff” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to a post Beer’s Boondoggle edition of Five Thoughts. It appears we had a little bit of excitement around here last week while I was off drinking rum and playing tag with Tropical Storm Isaac. After getting home a day later than scheduled, I was only too happy to take one of my co-bloggers up on doing a collaborative “Behind the scenes” type post for today. So with that being said, let’s take a look at how we come up with a lot of this stuff, shall we?

It usually starts out with conversations something like this….

  1. PB – Beer what the heck man? Every time you head on vacation you have at least one day of lock down from a storm. Hey King I don’t know if I would want to go on a vacation with him. I might get lost in the Bermuda Triangle or something.
    Beer – Nah, storms don’t worry me. I just figure I need to stay away from places prone to earthquakes or with major volcanoes. Besides, I like Hurricanes. They’re tasty. Ever been to Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans? And if I have to get hit with a flight delay, I’d rather it be from the weather.. not something like United had the other day.
  2. PB – So you said you were held over in Florida for an extra day? I bet you were glad that you were able to stay dry and have a bathroom you could use that was relatively safe unlike the worker Malaysia.
    Beer – PB, I really, *really* don’t want to know why you always seem to be finding stories like that. It’s like you have an unhealthy obsession with toilet mishaps! And Miami was not all that dry after Isaac paid them a visit.
    PB – Well Beer just be glad it wasn’t you. Just think if that was a criminal that did that it could be said the gator took a bite out of crime right? Besides the funniest stuff always seems to involve the toilet humor.
  3. Beer – PB, We really need to not dwell on the toilet humor so heavily. Got anything else?
    PB – Hey Beer I know you visit the great Northern Peninsula of Michigan often. You ever run across Sasquatch? Apparently a Sasquatch was run into recently in Montana. Sad to see that one was hit but remember if you mess with Sasquatch you will lose.

    Beer – Can’t top Sasquatch. And I hope I never meet one.
  4. In an attempt to get away from PB and his toilet-centric discussions this week, I shot over to Autoblog to look at some automotive news. Figured I’d be safe there, right? Wrong! What do I find on the front page when I get there? The Poopcycle! I guess that makes it official. My week is in the crapper.
  5. Lastly, what’s a weekly post by Beermaker on the Beerbarrel without a mention of… Beer? Sadly, the news is not all good this week. It seems that New Belgium Brewing is having real concerns about water quality after the wildfires in Colorado. Great, and they JUST started distribution here in town. Well, guess I’ve waited this long…

There you go folks. That’s five on a far more complicated than it needed to be Friday. Many thanks to PB for the idea. Maybe we’ll refine and revisit it again. In the meantime, I’m out to attempt to enjoy the long weekend. In the meantime, now you know how we come up with this stuff. And like G.I. Joe used to say… Knowing is half the battle.

You didn’t think we’d go out like that though, did you? That’s not how we do things around here. THIS is how we do it. (Okay, not really, but it seemed to play as a decent joke when I thought it up)

Have a great (long) weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – “Seriously, enough already..”

Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks edition out, but my partner went out on a nice vacation and left me alone.  I then decided that I also needed to go on a trip as well.  Unfortunately, mine was not planned and involved unexpected surgery.  So I’m going to make this one a short one.

1. We’re all fans of the NHL here, but I have to say my patience is really starting to come to an end.  I understand how everyone needs to get their “fair” share of revenue as the NHL is still only a business, but do either the NHL or NHLPA really believe they can handle a 3rd lockout????  I think this video sums it all up:

2. I have to admit that I’m addicted to this series.  It truly is a show about nothing but it is really fun to watch. Make sure you check it out when you get the chance.

3. Speaking of interesting videos.

4. After watching that video, I thought back to when I was a little boy sitting on my parents shag orange carpeting watching our little tv for this tv series.
Man, I miss watching old school tv.

5. I’m a huge Noir fan. I love the old detective radio shows from the golden days of radio. I think this is why these items were really cool. I mean, even old time mug shots were cool! Check this out:

Sorry for the short post this week everyone, but I promise that my fellow writer will have plenty to tell you on his return.  As for me, I really wish my issue was only as simple as Sheldon’s issue.


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Beaches and Beer” Edition

Happy Friday folks! I realized last week that I had strung together quite a few of these with “Beer” in the edition name I give each of these posts, so when I started coming up with a theme for this week I decided to tweak it to keep the trend going. Needless to say, I’m in a great mood this morning… more on that later though. Let’s get started on what was originally going to be the “Beaches in Mind” edition!

  1. Why does Beer have beaches in mind? Because, you guessed it, it’s time for another one of Beer’s Boondoggles! And almost as if on cue this morning, what do I see in the news? An article detailing some of the things the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has found in people’s bags (remember, these are the CHECKED bags!). Now, you would expect the occasion Cuban cigar, maybe even a handgun or two (actually, they find a LOT of these) but I certainly would not expect them to find eels, cannonballs, bear mace, or a fully fueled CHAINSAW! A chainsaw, really? Sheesh!
  2. Good thing that in all my travels I’ve never run across a situation like this. I mean, I like to think I do fairly well for myself (who doesn’t?) but I’m not sure I want to pay for the gas for an airliner. I don’t care how many travel points I get with my card! Filling up the pickup truck is painful enough!
  3. Keeping right on with the travel news… I’ve talked to a couple of friends about this. Most of them are parents, and they still share my basic opinion on this next one. We don’t get it. There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about a policy held by at least two Australian airlines. That policy being male passengers seated next to unaccompanied minors were asked to swap seats with a female passenger. Now, apparently someone has gotten all worked up saying he felt he was treated like a pedophile. Maybe it’s different down under, but like I said, when I polled some friends, we didn’t get it. Most guys I know are more than happy to be moved away from the little kid that isn’t their own so they can get a some peace and quiet on the flight! I guess we’re just mean.
  4. More travel related stuff… sensing a theme here yet? I’ve come to the conclusion that its never a good idea to watch Shark Week before heading off to the ocean, but I do it anyways. Thank God they don’t have “Plane Crash Week”. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a shark in an ocean to cause problems. Apparently upset with the lack of attention it’s species was getting (Or just jealous of all of the shark coverage), a Pennsylvania beaver decided to make like a shark and attack a swimmer. Now, it wasn’t the part about it being rabid that caught my eye, or the fact that the beaver was killed. It was how lucky that swimmer consider himself after reading this line… “a beaver swam through his legs and bit him in the chest”. Think about that one for a second.
  5. Last but certainly not least… This weekend brings the return of the Woodward Dream Cruise. If you’ve never been, and you like cars, you must make plans to attend at least once. It’s just one of those things you need to do. The vehicles you’ll see there are amazing. Of course, you’ll leave with the itch to go buy something that goes really fast.

Okay, that’s five and with that I’m turning over the keys to the place to the King and PB for the next little bit. Fair warning, I haven’t left any specific instructions for them beyond one of them needs to do a Five Thoughts next week. Other than that, they can do whatever they like. And with that, I’ve got boondoggles and beaches in mind! Oh, and beer, and rum. Need those too!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Beer and Brownie” Edition

Howdy folks, and another happy Friday to you. If you’re wondering about the title for this week’s post…. Well, blame my friend Kirsten from It all started on Twitter last night. anyhow, some interesting stuff on tap this week, and I don’t mean beer. (Not that the beer I have on tap is uninteresting. I happen to think it’s quite good!) So, Let’s get self-indulgent and get started, shall we?

  1. It is my great pleasure to use the first item up this week to welcome our good friend and contributor PB to the team. (If you were paying attention to the “About the Beerbarrel” page earlier this week, you noticed his bio went up)  While this in no way promises to up the posting activity on the blog, we’re still glad to have you aboard PB.
  2. Now, about that whole beer and brownies thing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a beer and a brownie. In fact, I encourage it. But that isn’t what this is about. This is about me brewing up an Oatmeal Stout to go IN a brownie. Truth be told, I think I got the easier end of the job. I already have the recipe for the beer. I don’t have to figure out how to properly make a brownie mix for it to go into. I’ll leave that to the professional. It all started based on this conversation:

    And with that, I’m on the hook to make the beer. Should be fun.

  3. Okay, how in the heck do I follow-up now? I’ve got an introduction sitting at number one, and a public plan for a collaboration for a beer infused brownie after that. How do you get from there to somewhere else? Well, sometimes you don’t end up where you thought you were going to go. Especially when the plane you’re on LANDS AT THE WRONG AIRPORT! (How’s THAT for a segue?) Honestly, it’s 2012. With all of the electronic guidance equipment in aircraft these days, how do you land at the incorrect airport? And did no one at the airport control tower bother to ask the pilots why they were landing at an airport they weren’t scheduled to land at? Sheesh. And to think, I need to get on a plane soon!
  4. One of the cooler things in the news recently has been the Mars rover (named Curiosity by NASA) that has successfully landed on Mars and started operating (Even with the slew of bad “Hope Curiosity doesn’t find any cats on Mars!” jokes). Almost predictably though, the world has acted to keep the positive news in perspective as a prototype Moon lander exploded during testing yesterday. A bit ironic isn’t it? Right after they put a vehicle on Mars, a lander for the moon, a much closer target, fails.
  5. Lastly, not another boom, but rather a splash (Or maybe smack is a better word). This has got to suck on multiple levels. There isn’t any other way to put it. You train your entire life. You work incredibly hard to qualify for the Olympic Games as one of the best in the word at your chosen sport. And in the moment of a lifetime…. Your dive that you’ve spent a lifetime preparing for goes horribly wrong. You not only get scored zeroes, you get booed out of the pool, and your dive gone wrong instantly shows up on the internet. Yes, you just did the “Nestea Plunge” in the Olympics.

Okay folks, that’s five and Beer’s brain is saying it’s time to go! So when the brain says “Let’s Go!”… we go!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Beer Tents and Bratwurst” Edition

Happy Friday folks! Everyone hungry now? Or wondering what in the heck Beer’s brain is operating on this time? I assure you, even though yesterday was IPA Day, the brain is being powered strictly by coffee/caffeine. It’s been a crazy week, but let’s get to it shall we?

  1. We’re gonna jump right in this week and lead off with one from our “Stupid *should* hurt department. Yahoo! called it adding insult to injury. I’d say if you hang a fish over the side of your boat with your hand in alligator infested waters, you shouldn’t be surprised when a gator comes by and takes the fish, AND THE HAND HOLDING SAID FISH. Oh, and yes… you should still get charged with breaking the law. No getting around that one, just because you lost your hand.
  2. With the Olympics in full swing, it’s only natural that we cover an Olympic story this week, don’t you think? Of course, we can’t go for the obvious. No, we’re not going to cover the badminton scandal that’s rocked the games either. Actually, we’re not going to cover anything directly from the games. You see, I’m not sure if this should go in the “You’re not real bright, are you?” category or the “Surely you can’t be serious” category. Either way, the story of a man who got so inspired by the Olympics he attempted to swim from France to New York City would fit into one and/or both of them.
  3. The sad thing about these Olympics? They’re probably the last remaining buffer we have against the onslaught of US election coverage that’s already started. Once the games end, we’ll have to fend for ourselves until the elections actually occur in November. That being said, every once in a while some of the political stories are good for a laugh. Like this one, which details Mitt Romney losing out on the all important endorsement of adult film star Ron Jeremey. You know, I’m not sure that’s a voting block he was going for, anyways…
  4. Some people see this article and marvel at the Air Force tracking every bomb ever dropped. And indeed, that’s actually kind of cool that they can do that (Track them, not drop them. When you get to the point of dropping bombs on other people, well… that’s never a good thing in the grand scheme of things)…. anyways, I don’t look it and think about that. I look at it and think… how exactly do you train/qualify for a job like that? Yes, I know… I’m weird.
  5. Since we’re talking about tracking things down… let’s close on a similar note. Since we’ve well established that Beer’s brain is wired a bit differently it should come as no surprise that I find something like this to be pretty cool. And since I get to write this piece, I get to include this one. Apollo Moon Landing Flags Still Standing, Photos Reveal. I dunno, I know it’s kind of geeky, but I think there’s a couple of cool aspects to that story. First, the fact that the flags are still standing (I can’t imagine they look very good anymore though), and second – that they can even get pictures of a high enough resolution to make that determination. Again, I know… geeky.

Okay folks, that’s five and I need to get out of here. No, Beer’s not heading off on another boondoggle just yet, that comes in a few weeks. No, I’ve got to get out of here so I can go hit up the car show/concert/carnival/festival that’s going on in town tonight. It’s a can’t miss. And besides all the bratwurst, hot dogs, corn on the cob and other assorted foods (Don’t miss the Polish tent!) There’s also the all important Beer tent! So if you need to find me… I’d start looking there. And tomorrow night? Fireworks! And Low Rider! Yep, War is playing tomorrow night. I just need to talk somebody into doing the Nic Cage Gone in 60 Seconds Low Rider hands when they play it.

And of course, the original…..

Have a great weekend folks!