Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I guess it’s time to write this” Edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts.  “Hey Beer, you do realize you never did post that ‘Notes from the road’ piece regarding our recent Boondoggle, right?” Ahem… Before we were so rudely interrupted by my (begrudgingly correct) brain… I was about to say “That you haven’t posted the Boondoggle recap?”.. No! I mean, yes, I haven’t posted it. I’ll recap it in this column, happy now? “Close enough, works for me. One of us has to keep track of these things you know”

Okay, now that we have that out of the way I was about to say… Today’s going to be one of our typical “All over the map” editions. So before I get any more unexpected suggestions, let’s get at it shall we?

  1. I had thoughts of being mean and/or cruel with the post and the title today, but a few things derailed it. I had thought about calling it the “Was that a Banana?” edition. But since I’d have to explain that line (From NHL Arcade)…

    just to set up an earworm. I decided against it. What earworm, you may ask? Well, turns out there making a sequel to one of my co-bloggers favorite recent movies. And the first trailer is out. And who doesn’t love Minions singing Banana to the tune of Barbara Ann?
  2. In honor of today being “National Beer Lover’s Day“, I’m stealing a line from the Most Interesting Man in the World. “I don’t always read the Huffington Post, but when I do… It’s about beer.” Or in this case, the top selling domestic brands. I do have some questions though. Since Anheuser Busch is part of ABInBev (based in Belgium) and Miller is part of SAB Miller (based out of England)… Do any Anheuser (Including all the Budweiser products) or Miller products *really* count as domestics anymore?? Just asking.
  3. I’m sure this really got a lot of the tin foil conspirators up in arms, but to me it’s much ado about nothing. Finding out that the Social Security Administration purchased 174,000 hollow point bullets does however, give new meaning to the to the term… Granny Get Your Gun. Now… Get off my lawn! It’s time for Matlock.
  4. So, a new study out of the UK states…
    Purple is the most amorous color, according to a new study which found that people who decorate their bedrooms in the color have the most active sex lives.

    The survey of 2,000 British adults by retailer Littlewoods found that those with purple bedding or furniture had 3.49 “intimate encounters” per week. The least active color scheme in the survey was gray, averaging 1.8.”
    To which I have to ask… and you verified the responses were true…. How?  Pervs!

  5. Lastly, in the “we’re gonna need a bigger boa..” What’s that? No. Really? You’re sure? Damn. No, it’s okay, thank you. Well, seems this one isn’t from the “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” department after all. And it seems that the pier was plenty large enough. If you haven’t caught on (see what I just did there?) to what the pier was big enough for.. well, there are pictures in the article. The article about “For the second time in two months a great white shark was hooked on a Southern California pier
    My favorite line from the whole article though?  This line…
    Martin added: “I have to say one thing that was funny: Seconds after the shark was set free a swimmer swam right in front of the shark and the shark went under the swimmer and the swimmer had no idea what just swam under him.”
    That Man… Has an odd sense of “funny”

Okay folks that’s five and I’m off to pursue a weekend of beermaking. Heck, what would you expect from someone who goes by the nickname “Beermaker”? In the meantime, a few notes from the road…
I am officially addicted to jerk chicken.
Red Stripe while floating in the pool is very nice.
Rum while floating in the pool is very nice.
In fact, EVERY drink we had while floating in the pool was very nice.
We did a LOT of floating in the pool while sampling drinks.
We got a short visit from Tropical Storm Isaac.
Compared to Hurricane Irene last year, it was nothing.
We ended up with an unscheduled overnight layover in Miami thanks to Isaac, though.
So we did what anyone would do in that situation… we went and had Cuban sandwiches and beers!  (Hey, don’t judge!)
We learned once again that amidst a screaming mass of rude people at the airport, treating the people you’re talking to like humans and using words like please and thank you get you a lot furthers than name calling and unreasonable demands.
Oh, and the US Customs agents will look at you like you’re crazy when your wife declares the ONE bottle of rum that you got as a gift when they ask. Then they’ll send you on your way.

Okay folks, that’s it for me today. Since it’s National Beer Day, let’s go with something that should be sort of appropriate to get us to drinking time

Have a great weekend folks!

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