Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Mother Nature Has a Sense of Humor” Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever edition, solo that is, of Five Thoughts on a Friday. I am sure you all are aware that Beer has decided that not one, not two, but many boondoggles in one calendar year is not nearly enough. So why waste any more time let’s get right down to it shall we?

  1. To start the theme off correctly every time I see something a little off I seem to have a thought bubble come up and say “Come on man really???” Nothing says this more then when a live tiger shark decides to go Felix Baumgartnerand somehow fly through the air land on a golf course. It made it back to the water 4 miles away thanks to some quick thinking course workers. Take that Felix the shark did it without a parachute.
  2. I am a lover of animals. I like dogs because they are entertaining in many ways but sometimes I wonder who the more intelligent species is. Take for instance the pug that decides to take a lick off a baby bottle filled with breast milk and likes it. Now add a woman that thinks “Hey what a great idea. I will let my dog breast feed to make me feel like a better mom.”
  3. Storms are a great source of humor in many ways. Forecasters are never wrong and weather never changes on a dime. Well when there is a headline like “Frankenstorm” you know life as we know it will end. We had the Perfect Storm but a Frakenstorm how will the world survive? 
  4. This time I think man has gone too far with its pursuit of making people cringe. Mother Nature I am sure of is sitting back and shaking her head saying “What the hell are they thinking?” If someone is having issues with natures calling on a daily basis that is a problem. Take some guy sitting around thinking how do we get someone to go #2 without any issues? Take poop bacteria from a healthy person and inject it into the unhealthy persons poop. How do you think the posting for test subjects looked on that one?
  5. Finally we find out that even Mother Nature doesn’t like the police sometimes and has animals take care of business for her. Take a couple of moose in an intersection of a small town in Canada, mix in a Canadian Mountie in a vehicle and bingo you have a road rage incident. As the old saying goes, mess with the Bull (moose that is) and you get your car mashed.

Well folks I hope you enjoy this PB’s first edition of Five Thoughts. I will hope to do better next time and judging by Beer’s boondoggle schedule there will be plenty more to come. And as always try to figure out why Mother Nature had us wondering why must I chase the cat. Must be the dog in me.

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