Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Seriously?!” Edition

Hello folks and welcome to an OriginalPB version of Five Thoughts on a Friday. I have the honor because Beer was off….talking beer of all things and the King was…..well I’m not sure what he was up to. Oh well let’s see what’s on tap (that was for Beer) for today shall we?

1. In honor of the title this one really hits on the seriously portion. I have arm wrestled just like most boys have done. It is even more entertaining when two women are arm wrestling. Thing is when people are doing a fund-raiser you should not try to break their arm when you lose in the first round match. Seriously?!

2. Not only is this a moment when pucker factor is a 9 out of 10 but after everything is done a huge Seriously?! moment as well. I feel sorry for this guy to a small point. If your brakes fail don’t try to go all Fred Flintson and stop your truck going down hill with your feet. Not only did he get a roadrash, not only did he get run over by his truck after he (imagine this) couldn’t stop it, but he gets a ticket. I think everyone should have theme music they play when they get into their vehicle. Ah I can hear the music playing right.


3. I know that my fellow bloggers think I dumb it down and go for the easy one sometimes but this is a huge SERIOUSLY?! moment in time. Mix theme park with something every human does on a daily basis and you get a Toilet Theme Park in South Korea. One man’s vision is another man’s ugh moment. Wonder if the ride lines are long? What a crappy way to spend a day eh?

4. This is not just a Seriously?! moment but a what the hell do we have here one as well. While I am all for animal control especially in light of certain creatures that can swallow a dog. Imagine you are out hunting for pythons in the Everglades and find one in its hole. You start to pull it out with your partner and keep pulling, and pulling, and pulling until finally you have a 16 foot long python. Bet it looked like a clown car.

5. Finally as most of America has heard there was a little thing called the Power Ball in the news this week. Seems that the total was over $500 million. One person came running forward to claim the prize but one still remains at large. They have surveillance video of the person they suspect is the winner. This is exactly why people ask “Why are we treating this person like they just stole sub or something?” Seriously?! This is not the “Hunt For Red October” or anything this is a lottery winner.

Well  folks that’s it for this Friday. In honor of the guy that tried to rob a 7-11 nude (Seriously?!) this song was most likely his theme song

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