Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Almost There” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to this week’s edition of Five Thoughts. A big thanks to PB for filling in for me last week – I was just getting back into town and to say I would have been unprepared to write the post would be an understatement. So, we we’re into December now, and the snow if flying on the blog… time to see what’s on tap for this week. But first, it should be pointed out that today is December 7th. The 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I know it’s been so long since it happened that to most people it’s only a note in the history books. As someone who’s had the chance to visit Pearl Harbor and see the memorial, I can honestly say it’s something everyone who gets a chance should do. You don’t realize the scale involved until you do. And it’s eerie out there on the memorial itself. Now, on to the post!

  1.  Let’s start with a bit of a public service announcement. If you’re thought of as knowing about computers in way shape or form – you probably remember getting a phone call a few years back that went something like this “I got this message that popped up and said I had a virus – so I hit the button that said scan and now my computer won’t work and it says I need to buy something”. Well, a variation on that theme is back. So you may want to pre-emptively start calling your family and telling them not to fall for the scam that tells them their operating system is locked and that they owe a $100 fine.
  2. When it came out, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” was a silly, kind of funny movie – in the sense that it was so over the top you couldn’t help but laugh at it. Now, a homeowner on the Jersey Shore is playing “Dude, Where’s my HOUSE?”. It appears it’s gone missing after Hurricane Sandy.
  3. Now, I know I’ve mentioned it before…. But sometimes the posts really do just write themselves. And when you see a headline that says Elephant dung coffee goes for $50 a pop you know you’ve found one. I just wonder though – am I the only one who wonders about the use of the word ‘pop’ in a headline basically dealing with poop? And did the accompanying picture in that article *really* need to be on the front page og the online edition this morning?
  4. Wow, we’ve really covered a lot of ground here in this post. Let’s keep rolling right along. Now, it’s no secret that we’ve been just ever so slightly critical of a lot of the crap garbage regurgitated dog food movies that Hollywood has been putting out lately. And it appears that we aren’t the only ones who thing the best entertainment options may be felt elsewhere these days. According to the Washington Post earlier this week, the video game “Call of Duty” has topped one billion dollars faster than the movie Avatar did it. Now, to be fair – the average ticket price for Avatar wasn’t in the $60 price range so I’m not certain it’s a fair comparison. But hey, I needed a post item and this not only gave me the opportunity to take a shot at Hollywood (Get it? Call of Duty, Take a shot?), but it also lets me throw this one in for fun…
  5. And speaking of fun and it being December and all, we’re waiting for the snow to fall. And to help pass the time until it does – here’s something to keep you occupied. Buddy’s snowball fight! Just don’t hit the big guy!

Okay folks, that’s five and we’re out for the weekend. While I have no problem being on the radio now that we’re officially into ‘holiday season’ I’m not quite ready to start subjecting people to Christmas songs just yet. Fair warning though, we’re ‘almost there’. However, we can inch a bit closer to that with this one. It’s not about Christmas, but it is about snow! (Hey Oh).

Have a great weekend folks!