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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Big Lizards” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to this week’s five thoughts. Since we already cleared the Christmas music hurdle earlier, I’m going to zip through this one kind of quick. After all, Christmas is a Comin, and we’ve all got stuff to finish up before it gets here. So with that said, here we go!

  1. We’re going to start out with some of the big news that broke this week. If you’re of at least a certain age, you’ll understand this one. Folks, we were lied to. There’s no way around it. They lied to us. All those brontosaurus burgers? A lie. That’s right. The Flintstones lied to us. The brontosaurus never existed! To which I can imagine Fred would only have said….Wilma!
  2. Now, moving from the stone age into current times… there was much ado when the leader of the Catholic Church, you know – The Pope, joined Twitter recently. And while he needed a little help sending out his first tweet, he has officially tweeted now. And I have to say, I was a little underwhelmed by the tweet. I guess I had visions on His Holiness strolling around the Vatican tweeting like a normal person. You know – stuff like this:
    “Off to see #TheHobbit with a few of my peeps! Where’s the movie theater in Rome?”
    “If the Cardinals don’t start making more coffee when they finish the last pot…Gonna be a new #crusade”
    Did you see the #monkey in the coat at the Ikea? Those whacky Canadians!”
  3. I referenced being “of a certain age” in the brontosaurus line. Well, I’m “of a certain age” that there are now several “Where were you/What were you doing when…” type of events that have occurred in my lifetime. Not all of them bad. And perhaps the greatest of them as far as sporting events go was “The Miracle on Ice”. Growing up in a “hockey family” especially, what the US Men’s Hockey team pulled off in 1980 was truly miraculous. And now, the captain of that team – Mike Eruzione – is selling off his game worn jersey from that very game. And he’s doing it for the right reasons, not because he’s joined the list of athletes who have gone broke. I’m sure hockey collectors the world over are lining up for this auction. And how can I talk about the Miracle on Ice without including the iconic sound byte that goes with it: Do you believe in Miracles? Yes!
  4. Speaking of history – I’m a big fan of this next story. No, I’m not weighing in on gun debates at all. This is just an example of a win-win. It seems police refused to accept an old machine gun a woman brought to a gun buy-back in Connecticut recently. And they did it for all the right reasons. Turns out the gun, which was not in working order, was of real historic significance. The officers running the exchange, who happened to be gun experts to her not to turn it in for the $50-$100 Walmart gift card she would have gotten (and required the gun be melted down). Why would they do that? Because the gun, brought home from WWII by her father is now expected to net the family between $20,000-$25,000. Merry Christmas to all, indeed!
  5. Lastly, did you hear the one about Godzilla attacking the east coast and Boston recently? No, it isn’t some bad Hollywood reboot of a Godzilla movie (Thank goodness!). Check out the photo in the link. Godzilla showed up on the weather radar! No word on where Mothra was expected to show up, though. And yes, that’s two big lizard references in one post. Plus a monkey and Mothra.

Okay folks, that’s five and as I said – I’m sure we’ve all got lots to finish up before we get started on the weekend! So with that in mind let’s head on out. And given the story I closed with, there’s shouldn’t be any surprise that we’re closing out with a number from Blue Oyster Cult. Go Go Godzilla

See you tomorrow for another Christmas Song! (Just um.. give me some time to sleep in)

Christmas Song of the Day – 12-14-12

Good morning folks – We’ll get a 5 thoughts post out in a little bit – but it’s another day closer to Christmas and here we are with yet another song! We’re going to veer back closer into the classics today with one that Kingkielbasa insisted get put onto the list. We’ve got a few others that have been requested that we hope to get to, too. In the meantime, here’s Bing Crosby with Christmas is a Comin..

See you soon!