NFL Picks – Round 3!

Howdy folks! We’re back at it more picks for this week’s NFL playoffs. And we’re even back at full strength. We’ll see if that helps or hinders our performance. Quite a wild one last week, wasn’t it? It broke down like this:

PB  – Well, so much for that perfect record. He went 1 for 4. (5 for 8 overall)
Beer – . 2 for 4. Hey, 2 lucky guesses again! (4 for 8 overall)
Kingkielbasa – Didn’t get any wrong! Or right! Didn’t pick. (0 for 4 overall)

Now, the picks!
Baltimore at New England

Beer – One of the great draft day steals of all time (possibly the greatest) versus one of the greatest linebackers to play the game. Yep, I’m talking Tom Brady and Ray Lewis. You want star power? This one has it. Come to think of it, every game Baltimore has played in the playoffs has. Indy had Andrew Luck. Denver has Peyton Manning. And you know what they have in common? Baltimore sent them both home for the year sooner than those teams would have liked. Will it happen again this week? Well, if you’d have asked me theoretically before last week I would have said New England wins in a walk. Then the Pats lose their star TE to another broken arm, and with less than a minute to go in the game in Denver – Baltimore ties it up and goes on to win. There might be something to this “Rally ‘round the retiring star” thing. Baltimore with the win.

PB – Welcome back to reality is what my kid said when I went 1-3 last week. Oh well whatcha gonna do especially when I had $0 to be made from my picks. This will be the most physical game of the weekend and could end a streak. The key point is not either defense but one person on offense. If Flacco does what I think he will go back to himself and go all Joe Flacco against that Patriots D this one will be a close or not? Rock, Paper, Scissors for a Patriots victory.

King – Hey, what do you know.  I can actually write about this weeks games.  Sorry about last week folks, didn’t want to look like a sore loser, but it’s end of the year reporting time and budget time (geez King, what could you DO for a living?) and that was crazy.  Anyway, I have to admit that Baltimore looks like a team on a mission.  Are they doing it for the murd–  err Ray Lewis?  Who knows?  I do know you just never count out the Patriots and man, they have been looking good themselves.  Patriots for the win.

San Francisco at Atlanta

Beer – I completely missed the Seahawks / Falcons game last week. Didn’t see a single down of it. I didn’t realize it was an early start, and it was over before I noticed. And from the sound of it, the Seahawks didn’t realize it was an early start, and still almost ruined my sparkling .500 streak. The Falcons held on though, and now they get to host San Francisco. So, with all that rambling I’m going to go with what I know. In other words, I’m picking the team I saw win with my own eyes, over the team I didn’t see play at all. That’s a valid reason to pick San Francisco, right? And yes, I’m fully aware of the fact that I just predicted a Har-bowl. Yeah, that story won’t get old fast.

PB – Last week both teams showed why the off week for the playoffs is so huge. Kaepernick ran crazy over the GB defense which I said last week would be the key to this game. Make no bones about it this comes down to defense once again. The two biggest thing for this game are the location (In ATL) and Matt Ryan knows he can win a playoff game now. This one will be back and forth with old timer Falcons wide out like Alfred Jenkins asking if he can come out of retirement and go on the field for one play. Lots of scoring with the Falcons heading to New Orleans.

King – Man, Kaepernick looked good in last weeks win.  He was just tearing apart
that Green Bay defense.  As much as I hate to pick them, I don’t see how Atlanta can beat San Fran.  Atlanta’s defense looked beatable last week and they almost were.  Ugh, hate to say it but San Fran for the win.

So there we go! We’ll find out this weekend how we did and start making plans to pick the winner will be in New Orleans.

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