Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I can focus on stuff…..SQUIRRLE!” Edition

Hello folks it’s your friendly neighborhood Original PB taking the reins on this Friday’s edition. No Beer is not on boondoggle but I said “Hey I have this one since it was a short week”. That being said the title speaks to how the focus on this week’s post is, well you get the picture. SO let’s see what we have in the hoper today shall we?

  1. This is from the files of “It sounded like a good idea at the time”. First driving drunk is never a good idea. Second having sex while drunk driving is even more of a not good idea. Finally after crashing and trying to hide from the cops with you shorts on inside out and your naked girlfriend lying on the ground is not a good way to try and cover your tracks. Oh and BTW hiding behind a cactus is not a good idea as well.
  2. This gives new meaning to an old saying “I have a bone to pick with you!” This is why you never get drunk and go to rodeo then force your girl to leave before she is ready. Men if she was really mad and on the way home says drop them, take that as a sign to say you know I will let you sleep this one off dear.
  3. What Five Thoughts would not be complete without at least beaver story right? Well don’t mess with Ole’ Bucky the Beaver from Belarus. Why anyone would have a thought about taking a picture with a wild animal that was almost extinct then got pissed off and made a comeback is beyond me. The razor sharp teeth would be the first reason I would say “Hell no I am not holding that thing!”   I mean really have you not seen the videos?
  4. Straight from the files of that sounds like fun files comes this beauty of a game. This started about 1,000 years ago and is still played to this day. Leave it to the English to find a way to beat each other up by trying to score on a goal, one side of the town against the other and the goals are about 2 miles apart. Shrovetide is like football, soccer, rugby, boxing, and MMA all mixed into one. The only rule is “No Murder”!
  5. Finally we have the worse criminal in my recent memory. Can you say DOH!!  One, if you get out of prison you should not steal two bikes, two if you don’t know where you are don’t do one just ask for directions, and finally three if you are drunk don’t use your underwear as a mask to hold up a bank where people know who you are.  I mean really I hate to copy my buddy Beer but Red says it best

Well everyone that wraps up this edition of Five Thoughts for this week. Hope you enjoy the weather this weekend. Let’s hope old Mother Nature cooperates and no more twisters  Have a good one and for those traveling by car this weekend please remember some of us can drive faster than 55 in the left lane! – PB

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