2013 Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

NHL Stanley Cup Finals


Chicago Blackhawks vs. Boston Bruins


Kingkielbasa53 – Yeah, I’ve been wrong way more times than I want to admit this year.  This has not been my year but I blame it on the strike shortened season.  I’m really trying to channel the powers that be and they are coming on strong.  It’s black and yellow and has the ghost of number 8 hanging over it.  Yes, I’m calling the Boston Bruins as the Stanley Cup champions.  Bruins in 6

PB – Yep right there with the King this year. Best part of this Cup Final is that there is two Original Six teams. I don’t like the Blackhawks just because it’s a Chicago team. That said they have a pretty well rounded team for sure. Boston is also well rounded and has just as much talent but I feel they have something a little better and that is their defencemen. I just don’t think Crawford will be able to handle the big forwards of Boston.  I think this is too close to call but the team that wins will do it in game six in double overtime. The player comes down the wing shoots scores!!!!! Patrice Bergeron wins it for Boston in 6

There you go let’s see if the King and PB can pick the finals correctly this time. CHEERS!!

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