Daily Archives: July 26, 2013

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What the Hell Was That?!” Edition

GOOD MORNING VIETNAAMMMMM!!!! This is not a test this is Rock and Roll!! Now that I have your attention I thought this Friday would get a little nuttier than usual. My good friend Beer is having some technical difficulties so I am taking this pony for a ride. By technical difficulties we mean he has no internet access and not that there is no more beer in the fridge. Let’s take a look and see what we have today shall we.

  1. We all love movies especially action packed ones with fast cars with good guys and bad guys shooting at each other while driving down the road some foreign city. One of my favorites of all time is some of the old James Bond movies. Man that Aston Martin and all those gadgets it had were amazing. But when it happens in real life like In South Africa then you have to say oh man that is scary…………. and cool!
  2. Mother Nature has a crazy way of working as we all know. One should always be aware of our surroundings especially in places where alligators reside. One should also know that walking your dog near the water’s is something you should be concerned about……..in areas where alligators reside!!! But man there’s nothing you can do when a hungry gator sees an 80-pound Husky as its dinner. See ya later old Wally Gator.
  3. So as a kid I would love playing Monopoly with my brother because it was a cool game. Everyone had different rules to make the game fun or faster depending on your level of ADD. I am also for sprucing games to draw kids away from the electronic devices that seem to control our daily lives. One thing that I just can’t take is messing with a great board game to woo anyone. Taking “In Jail” away is just wrong on so many levels.
  4. This one is just plain fun and innovative to me. What makes guys guys is our consistent pursuit to bring two of our favorite things together and enjoy them. For instance Beer and Golf, Beer and Fishing, Beer and Watching football …. You get the picture right. But when you bring a pool and car together I say its genius! Even that police had to take a second look when you see a car with guys splashing around driving down the street. Do don’t suppose that perhaps some beer was involved in the planning of this poolmobile do you?
  5. Like my buddy Beer has said to me several times he wants to get into a cage and dive down to see sharks in the wild. I say uuuummmm no freekin’ way. I would go see whales on a watching cruise and I have done that. It is an amazing site to see those mammoth creatures swim so gracefully. But I would not get in the water at their lunch time like these guys did to get a picture. I think they are in need of two new wet suits after crapping themselves from this one. Maybe they thought they could speak whale or something.

Well folks that does it for this edition of Five Thoughts. I hope you have been entertained and amused. I was informed that this is Christmas in July time. Well say do like the Digital Underground and say Do what you like!