Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Sigh” Edition

Hello all and welcome to the PB is on his own because Beer and King are on the boondoggle express this week. I would love to say this is truly an honor to have the keys to the mansion but I would be a fool because I want to be on vacation myself! So with that bit of sour grapes by me done let’s see what we got for this week shall we.

  1. Well my thought was originally going to make this a “Mother Nature gone wild” reset but decided against it. But man she was at it again! Take for instance these guys that found themselves with two sharks in one catch. They say turducken but I say just be thankful it wasn’t their leg or hand in that shark!
  2. This is just plain silly and cool at the same time. There are glow in the dark fish and then there is this. Imagine you’re a person that loves rabbits and just want to look at them all the time. I don’t get it but hey someone thought it would be a cool idea to make them glow in the dark. That would make it easier to hunt the rabbit as Elmer Fudd would say. 
  3. Who says the badger is an angry mean animal? They are very helpful and take out many nuisance small game. But some are so nice they help uncover medieval burial grounds for us. Imagine what this little guy was thinking when he came across those bones? Would it be something like what the Honey Badger would say?
  4. This isn’t an animal take but boy just goes to show how some things are not as they seem. Imagine the dispatcher getting a frantic call that someone is drowning. The first responders are on the way to make a lifesaving drowning rescue. They get to the water start looking for the victim that just happens to be a floating basketball?
  5. Finally to demonstrate how some people are just not meant to have money or decision making skills we have this lovely one. How would you react if you owned a tattoo business and some guy walks in and says “Hey man I want a gorilla tattoo”. You think great another customer! They he says “don’t you want to know where I want it?” You pause and he says “shave the back of my head and put that bad boy right there”. Wonder if the Gorillaz would feel good about having this tattoo?

Well all that’s it for this edition of Five Thoughts. Hope all is well with you and your weekend I know my weekend will have many hits and with football starting I hope to see someone bringing the BOOM!!!

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