Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Like a Superhero” Edition

Hello all you fans of the famous Five Thoughts on a Friday! Yep you guessed it Beer is still taking in the fun, sun, sand, and more beer then the normal mortal should be allowed. I just wanted to send a big shout out to King on his return from vacation only to be slammed with work upon return. Like Sheldon Cooper says…….. 

Any way let’s see what in the old hopper for today shall we?

  1. Some may say that super powers come in many different forms. Take for instance the music performer Brandi. She can make an entire stadium of over 90,000 people disappear before she begins her set on stage.
  2. This super power exhibited by this young woman is what some people would say really awesome. I would say OUCH!!! That first bite of the burger can be a killer on the old jaw line especially if you dislocate your jaw in the process. Again I say OUCH!!! Gotta give it to her she went back and ate the dang thing like only a true superhero would.
  3. Now for this one there is not much to say. Well, let me rephrase that. This one goes into the old they didn’t learn from the last one eh? When an actor plays a comic book superhero and it sucks you don’t have them play another superhero without people immediately thinking ok this movie is going to suck as well. Anyone remember Daredevil?  Here’s hoping you can break the cycle Mr. Ben. Batman was smooth but the Joker always says it best!
  4. The next one would have made me freak out if I was at that beach for sure. Imagine you are enjoying a fun day at the beach and off in the distance you hear something. What could it be as it grows louder and louder. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a HOVERCRAFT!?!?!?!?!? Yep I guess I will make sure I know if I am going to a beach that the government is going to do maneuvers on that day unlike the people that got this surprise.
  5. Finally to round out our Five Thoughts we get this little dandy from the King. Some people say things to make themselves look big and bad to keep the bullies away or to intimidate others. Then we have these knuckle heads from North Korea. If you are going to try and make yourself look impressive then maybe you should not doctor photos and get caught.

Well that’s this edition of Five thoughts folks. I hope all have a great weekend and most of all if you are a bad guy and think you are gonna get away with a crime you got another thing coming. 

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