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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What the What?!?!” Edition

Hello friends it’s your friendly neighborhood PB bringing you this week’s Five Thoughts on a Friday. This week was a lot of fun with it being Halloween and all. Hope yours was not as soggy as ours. If you are wondering where Beer is well that is hard to say. Something about work and actually doing it to get paid or some damn thing like that, so here I am. Just like Huey Lewis and the News say working for a living right?

Let’s check out what we have going this week shall we?

  1. Like the title says this week is “What the What” and boy is this a doozy. If you wear a costume that says you are one thing, please don’t get arrested for doing it to someone else like let’s say your boyfriend. Just another example that alcohol can lead stupid people to do even more stupid things.
  2. Once in a while even in sports you can make a “What the What” moment. I have played various sports in my days and watched plenty more with friends but this one was truly a “OH HELL!!” moment. If you are a professional soccer player you know the rules buddy.
  3. This one is also from the ranks of too much alcohol can get you into places and situations that when you wake up you say “What the What?!?!?” I know that would be my reaction if I found myself being arrested as I woke up on the back of a horse
  4. This one is a story and non-story at the same time. The man at the center of this story has passed on. Good thing is they didn’t do to him like what he did to a dead whale back in 1970. How does this tie into the theme today you ask? He did what to what to a whale and it did what?!?! Thank you George for this moment most will never forget! 
  5. This is what you don’t want to find when you are hunting ever. If you are in a tree stand and you shoot a deer wait a little longer to come down and check out your prize. If there is another buck hanging around and won’t leave when you come down, I would stay back and do not mess with that buck for sure!! Good thing these guys are quick.

Well folks that’s the Five Thoughts for this week. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and received lots of treats and no tricks, unless you’re into that kinda thing. In honor of a ground breaking artist that passed this week we say thank you Lou Reed and see you on the Wild side.


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Weird, Gross, Painful, and Freekin’ Cool “Edition

Hello Folks! You guessed right it’s time for Five Thoughts on a Friday the PB edition. As you can tell from the title it will be the start of the annual October festivities of Halloween soon! I hope to entertain you and not in a scary way……..I hope. The bin is full of thrilling items so as Vincent Price said in a great 80’s song “It’s time for, the THRILLER!!!”

  1. This one is from the “Weird” file. I think we all at one time said I wish I could just disappear for a little while. There are even those times when in a fit of anger you may have said “DROP DEAD!” to someone you like or don’t like. But this guy takes it to a whole new level by wanting to come back from the dead? How does one handle it when a judge says “your dead honey.”  
  2. This one is from the file marked “Cool”. For all of those kids that play with Hot Wheels cars love how they change colors this one is right in your wheel house. Sounds like they finally have it down to have your paint job change colors depending on the weather. TOO COOL!!
  3. This one comes from the file marked “Painful”. People tend to make mistakes when messing with drunk people. With that said doesn’t mess with a drunken lady with a hand grip like a vice especially when she is pissed off! Also don’t let her get a hold of the man parts because that will hurt! We all know how it ends when you start messing with Sasquatch
  4. From the files of “Gross” comes this dandy one. I don’t know what possesses people to do such things like not replacing the toilet paper roll when empty or let your pet stick its tongue in your mouth after knowing it uses it to lick parts on themselves. I still shake my head with at the thought of this. If you see something on the floor that resembles food and did not see someone put it there, why would you pick it up and eat it? I guess you can ask this TV weather guy and also enquire how the cat puke tasted. Yep you guess it he ate cat puke on LIVE TV?!?!
  5. Finally this is from the “FREEKIN’ COOL!!!!” file. Only in New York do they get such fun things happening. This one needs no introduction so ladies and gentleman………I give you………………..Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!

Well all that’s that for this edition of Five Thoughts the PB edition. It is a wonderful sunny day here in Michigan so please get out and enjoy yourself. I feel a little old school Black Sabbath coming on. So in honor of the army getting closer to making this a reality, I know Ironman would be proud!

On behalf of Beer, The King and me PB, have a great weekend everyone!!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Like a Superhero” Edition

Hello all you fans of the famous Five Thoughts on a Friday! Yep you guessed it Beer is still taking in the fun, sun, sand, and more beer then the normal mortal should be allowed. I just wanted to send a big shout out to King on his return from vacation only to be slammed with work upon return. Like Sheldon Cooper says…….. 

Any way let’s see what in the old hopper for today shall we?

  1. Some may say that super powers come in many different forms. Take for instance the music performer Brandi. She can make an entire stadium of over 90,000 people disappear before she begins her set on stage.
  2. This super power exhibited by this young woman is what some people would say really awesome. I would say OUCH!!! That first bite of the burger can be a killer on the old jaw line especially if you dislocate your jaw in the process. Again I say OUCH!!! Gotta give it to her she went back and ate the dang thing like only a true superhero would.
  3. Now for this one there is not much to say. Well, let me rephrase that. This one goes into the old they didn’t learn from the last one eh? When an actor plays a comic book superhero and it sucks you don’t have them play another superhero without people immediately thinking ok this movie is going to suck as well. Anyone remember Daredevil?  Here’s hoping you can break the cycle Mr. Ben. Batman was smooth but the Joker always says it best!
  4. The next one would have made me freak out if I was at that beach for sure. Imagine you are enjoying a fun day at the beach and off in the distance you hear something. What could it be as it grows louder and louder. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a HOVERCRAFT!?!?!?!?!? Yep I guess I will make sure I know if I am going to a beach that the government is going to do maneuvers on that day unlike the people that got this surprise.
  5. Finally to round out our Five Thoughts we get this little dandy from the King. Some people say things to make themselves look big and bad to keep the bullies away or to intimidate others. Then we have these knuckle heads from North Korea. If you are going to try and make yourself look impressive then maybe you should not doctor photos and get caught.

Well that’s this edition of Five thoughts folks. I hope all have a great weekend and most of all if you are a bad guy and think you are gonna get away with a crime you got another thing coming. 

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Sigh” Edition

Hello all and welcome to the PB is on his own because Beer and King are on the boondoggle express this week. I would love to say this is truly an honor to have the keys to the mansion but I would be a fool because I want to be on vacation myself! So with that bit of sour grapes by me done let’s see what we got for this week shall we.

  1. Well my thought was originally going to make this a “Mother Nature gone wild” reset but decided against it. But man she was at it again! Take for instance these guys that found themselves with two sharks in one catch. They say turducken but I say just be thankful it wasn’t their leg or hand in that shark!
  2. This is just plain silly and cool at the same time. There are glow in the dark fish and then there is this. Imagine you’re a person that loves rabbits and just want to look at them all the time. I don’t get it but hey someone thought it would be a cool idea to make them glow in the dark. That would make it easier to hunt the rabbit as Elmer Fudd would say. 
  3. Who says the badger is an angry mean animal? They are very helpful and take out many nuisance small game. But some are so nice they help uncover medieval burial grounds for us. Imagine what this little guy was thinking when he came across those bones? Would it be something like what the Honey Badger would say?
  4. This isn’t an animal take but boy just goes to show how some things are not as they seem. Imagine the dispatcher getting a frantic call that someone is drowning. The first responders are on the way to make a lifesaving drowning rescue. They get to the water start looking for the victim that just happens to be a floating basketball?
  5. Finally to demonstrate how some people are just not meant to have money or decision making skills we have this lovely one. How would you react if you owned a tattoo business and some guy walks in and says “Hey man I want a gorilla tattoo”. You think great another customer! They he says “don’t you want to know where I want it?” You pause and he says “shave the back of my head and put that bad boy right there”. Wonder if the Gorillaz would feel good about having this tattoo?

Well all that’s it for this edition of Five Thoughts. Hope all is well with you and your weekend I know my weekend will have many hits and with football starting I hope to see someone bringing the BOOM!!!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What the Hell Was That?!” Edition

GOOD MORNING VIETNAAMMMMM!!!! This is not a test this is Rock and Roll!! Now that I have your attention I thought this Friday would get a little nuttier than usual. My good friend Beer is having some technical difficulties so I am taking this pony for a ride. By technical difficulties we mean he has no internet access and not that there is no more beer in the fridge. Let’s take a look and see what we have today shall we.

  1. We all love movies especially action packed ones with fast cars with good guys and bad guys shooting at each other while driving down the road some foreign city. One of my favorites of all time is some of the old James Bond movies. Man that Aston Martin and all those gadgets it had were amazing. But when it happens in real life like In South Africa then you have to say oh man that is scary…………. and cool!
  2. Mother Nature has a crazy way of working as we all know. One should always be aware of our surroundings especially in places where alligators reside. One should also know that walking your dog near the water’s is something you should be concerned about…… areas where alligators reside!!! But man there’s nothing you can do when a hungry gator sees an 80-pound Husky as its dinner. See ya later old Wally Gator.
  3. So as a kid I would love playing Monopoly with my brother because it was a cool game. Everyone had different rules to make the game fun or faster depending on your level of ADD. I am also for sprucing games to draw kids away from the electronic devices that seem to control our daily lives. One thing that I just can’t take is messing with a great board game to woo anyone. Taking “In Jail” away is just wrong on so many levels.
  4. This one is just plain fun and innovative to me. What makes guys guys is our consistent pursuit to bring two of our favorite things together and enjoy them. For instance Beer and Golf, Beer and Fishing, Beer and Watching football …. You get the picture right. But when you bring a pool and car together I say its genius! Even that police had to take a second look when you see a car with guys splashing around driving down the street. Do don’t suppose that perhaps some beer was involved in the planning of this poolmobile do you?
  5. Like my buddy Beer has said to me several times he wants to get into a cage and dive down to see sharks in the wild. I say uuuummmm no freekin’ way. I would go see whales on a watching cruise and I have done that. It is an amazing site to see those mammoth creatures swim so gracefully. But I would not get in the water at their lunch time like these guys did to get a picture. I think they are in need of two new wet suits after crapping themselves from this one. Maybe they thought they could speak whale or something.

Well folks that does it for this edition of Five Thoughts. I hope you have been entertained and amused. I was informed that this is Christmas in July time. Well say do like the Digital Underground and say Do what you like!

2013 Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

NHL Stanley Cup Finals


Chicago Blackhawks vs. Boston Bruins


Kingkielbasa53 – Yeah, I’ve been wrong way more times than I want to admit this year.  This has not been my year but I blame it on the strike shortened season.  I’m really trying to channel the powers that be and they are coming on strong.  It’s black and yellow and has the ghost of number 8 hanging over it.  Yes, I’m calling the Boston Bruins as the Stanley Cup champions.  Bruins in 6

PB – Yep right there with the King this year. Best part of this Cup Final is that there is two Original Six teams. I don’t like the Blackhawks just because it’s a Chicago team. That said they have a pretty well rounded team for sure. Boston is also well rounded and has just as much talent but I feel they have something a little better and that is their defencemen. I just don’t think Crawford will be able to handle the big forwards of Boston.  I think this is too close to call but the team that wins will do it in game six in double overtime. The player comes down the wing shoots scores!!!!! Patrice Bergeron wins it for Boston in 6

There you go let’s see if the King and PB can pick the finals correctly this time. CHEERS!!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I can focus on stuff…..SQUIRRLE!” Edition

Hello folks it’s your friendly neighborhood Original PB taking the reins on this Friday’s edition. No Beer is not on boondoggle but I said “Hey I have this one since it was a short week”. That being said the title speaks to how the focus on this week’s post is, well you get the picture. SO let’s see what we have in the hoper today shall we?

  1. This is from the files of “It sounded like a good idea at the time”. First driving drunk is never a good idea. Second having sex while drunk driving is even more of a not good idea. Finally after crashing and trying to hide from the cops with you shorts on inside out and your naked girlfriend lying on the ground is not a good way to try and cover your tracks. Oh and BTW hiding behind a cactus is not a good idea as well.
  2. This gives new meaning to an old saying “I have a bone to pick with you!” This is why you never get drunk and go to rodeo then force your girl to leave before she is ready. Men if she was really mad and on the way home says drop them, take that as a sign to say you know I will let you sleep this one off dear.
  3. What Five Thoughts would not be complete without at least beaver story right? Well don’t mess with Ole’ Bucky the Beaver from Belarus. Why anyone would have a thought about taking a picture with a wild animal that was almost extinct then got pissed off and made a comeback is beyond me. The razor sharp teeth would be the first reason I would say “Hell no I am not holding that thing!”   I mean really have you not seen the videos?
  4. Straight from the files of that sounds like fun files comes this beauty of a game. This started about 1,000 years ago and is still played to this day. Leave it to the English to find a way to beat each other up by trying to score on a goal, one side of the town against the other and the goals are about 2 miles apart. Shrovetide is like football, soccer, rugby, boxing, and MMA all mixed into one. The only rule is “No Murder”!
  5. Finally we have the worse criminal in my recent memory. Can you say DOH!!  One, if you get out of prison you should not steal two bikes, two if you don’t know where you are don’t do one just ask for directions, and finally three if you are drunk don’t use your underwear as a mask to hold up a bank where people know who you are.  I mean really I hate to copy my buddy Beer but Red says it best

Well everyone that wraps up this edition of Five Thoughts for this week. Hope you enjoy the weather this weekend. Let’s hope old Mother Nature cooperates and no more twisters  Have a good one and for those traveling by car this weekend please remember some of us can drive faster than 55 in the left lane! – PB