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Draft Day!

Really, does any other league do the draft the way the NFL can? My esteemed co-blogger often opines that the NHL trade deadline is a Canadian Holiday. If it is, then the NFL draft is a 4 day weekend holiday.

Now, I know the NBA has done prime time drafts for a while as well – but no one comes close to the scope of the show the NFL puts on. The NHL draft? Forget it. Major league baseball? Too much like hockey. They’re both exciting for hard core fans and draftniks, but you’re mostly dealing with young kids you’ve never heard of unless you really need to get out more often. Add to that the bust rate on those young kids (generally somewhere around 18 years of age). You may hear a name (or read it) and then never see them on your team.Then… there’s the NFL.

Let’s start with one obvious advantage. College Football is huge in the United States. So especially with the high profile players, there is a level of familiarity already. Take this years top pick, Andrew Luck. He’s been a top college quarterback now for what, 2 or 3 years? Been on ESPN, in Sports Illustrated, etc., you get the picture. Then there’s the roster. If everyone from a full draft (7 picks or so), made a team (A highly unlikely scenario) you could possibly replace a good chunk of a team’s 53 man roster. So it’s possible for a team to get better (or worse!) in a hurry. Plus, with all of the coverage, it’s turned into a social event with people holding draft parties for crying out loud!

After all, you have two networks (ESPN and the NFL Network) providing live coverage plus live draft trackers online, radio coverage, not to mention people commenting on the draft on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

So this evening, plop yourself down on the couch, grab the beverage of your choice, order a pizza if you want and settle in for true saturation coverage. And know that your favorite team will get its 15 minutes of fame in the first round. Unless they trade the pick.

Have fun everyone!

Complete useless internet item of this week…

Five Thoughts on a Friday – “Shhhhh Don’t tell Beer addition”

It’s another holiday that has come upon us and you know what that means…another siesta for my co-blogger. He made sure that I remembered that the “Five” was my responsibility and that it needed to be on a Friday, not the Thursday that I usually cheat with doing. Unfortunately, unlike my coblogger, I have to work and just got out of some meetings. So let us begin:

1. We’re both big fans of the King here at the Beerbarrel and I personally think that we’ll never see another performer like the King. No one can match his personality, rockstar lifestyle and love of Peanut Butter and nana sandwiches….well almost noone. Someone needs to explain to this guy, not everything the King did was good!

2. You know if this lady would have just held out for singing like Big Mama Cass or even the King, she probably wouldn’t be in this trouble right now. She didn’t and decided to give a new meaning to the line “hold the pickle please.”

3. Growing up, movies were cool. No question about it. What can kids of today say, we grew up when “Twilight” was big…bleh. Give me a truck, a Trans Am and a dog….

4. Next week…..NHL Playoffs start….’Nuff said (well, maybe alittle more, but you’ll have to wait for our Playoff special blog)

5. Finally, to finish the blog with yet another video. I bring you this in honor of the Easter Bunny!

Have a great weekend!

Just in time for Whiskey Day! Another hockey post…

“Okay, Beer – Have you gone completely off your rocker this time?”

Nope, there’s a method theme madness to my madness. And no, I’m not talking about the final four coming up. Today is March 27th. World Whiskey Day (or Whisky, if you prefer). Why am I talking about it? Well, a) I like whiskey (whisky) and b) something impressive happened last night…

While my co-blogger was getting all misty eyed and emotional about how he loves hockey, the Detroit Red Wings punched their ticket to the playoffs.

“Big deal, they made the playoffs, so what?”

Simple, and this is probably a fact that even most die hard Hockeytown fans missed – they were too busy celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Red Wings/Avalanche brawl at Joe Louis arena (Video Here). Last night, in the state of Michigan anyone celebrating their 21st birthday could legally order a drink to celebrate last nights win and resulting playoff berth. Why is that significant?

Because that 21 year old person has never known the Detroit Red Wings to not be in the playoffs. This year’s appearance is the 21st consecutive playoff appearance for them. In modern sports, in an era of free agency and salary caps, that is an amazing feat. In any sport. And for reference, here’s how it stacks up against history.

How well will they do in the playoffs? Who knows. That’s not what I’m worried about right now. I’m just sitting here impressed. Barkeep, I’ll take another please… What have you got that’s 21 years old?

Later folks!

Feb. 27th – Canadian Holiday?

So you’re saying to yourself, I’m looking on the calendar and I don’t see any holiday listed on that day. Well, you have to look at a different calendar to see this holiday. It’s on the NHL calendar…yup, it’s Trade Day.

The days of the blockbuster trades maybe done, but I still find myself glued to the Trade Tracker from As we approach that day, I started to think back to some of my favorite trade days and one immediately popped into my mind…March 23rd, 1999.

We had a bunch of Red Wing fans in my office and we had the radio going as well as the internet checks. Then we started to hear the Wings were making moves. They picked up Bill Ranford. Then they picked up Wendel Clark. Holy Smokes…everyone was wondering what was going on with Ken Holland, then we heard the words….Detroit picks up Chelios for what..nothing? For those youngsters who didn’t know Chelios back in the day..have no idea what an enemy he and the Blackhawks were to us Wing fans.

For that matter, Wendel Clark was another major thorn in Detroit’s side.

Although I think those days of blockbuster trades are gone, I’m still looking forward to see how the landscape is going to change after the “Canadian Holiday.”

What is your favorite trade that you remember?

Super What????

So I didn’t get the chance to actually watch too much of the big football game as I was working, but I did watch some of the commercials today online. I have to admit, nothing really caught my eye. That was until I saw the Sonic commercial. I was pretty impressed as that takes some serious work to put together. I watched it though and had this nagging feeling I knew that band from somewhere. Then it dawned on me…….

I can’t call it useless…

Because that’s my co-blogger’s gig. The “Useless Internet Item of the the Week”, that he posts… about once a month….

Even still, I can’t call it that. In truth, I’m not sure what the hell to call. it. A sick joke? A disturbing look into what the future holds? How about a sign of what the hell is wrong with the world these days?

Seriously. We got “Rubber Ducky” and “One of these Things is not Like the Other” back in the day. Today? Kids get “‘I’ve Got the Clap“. Pardon the profanity but…

What. The. Fuck???

Seriously. Maybe it’s a sick joke. Maybe it got greenlit by people who never got out much when they were kids (And likely still don’t). But once upon a time, “I’ve got the clap” meant something ENTIRELY different. And it wasn’t anything you wanted you OR your kids to get. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to tell some damned kids to get off my lawn.

Later Folks

Complete useless internet item of this week…

Why I didn’t black the blog out…

This blog is generally a politics free zone, but hear me out on this. I promise it isn’t too bad.

I got an email from WordPress last night, asking for support in protesting SOPA. They provided an option to black out the blog today (January 18th, 2012), in solidarity with a bunch of other sites. Sites you may have heard of, like Wikipedia.

The idea is to have all of these sites “go dark” to show what a chilling effect this act could have on speech on the internet. I’ve seen everyone from web designers to gaming companies come out against it. I happen to agree with them. I think it’s a poorly written, horribly piece of legislation that’s pandering to a special interest group with money. That being said, I chose not to black out the site.

Why? Well, I had a big long paragraph written up that nobody would read so let me just put it this way. You want to make all the backgrounds black as a protest, fine. But these sites, that people use, are restricting their access. All you see is the blackout page. This site might be able to disappear without anyone noticing, but I don’t agree with holding your readers or users hostage in order to try to sway them to your side. So I put up the ribbon, but left the text here. That’s why we didn’t black the site out today.

Have a great day folks!

Christmas Music…. Something a bit different

So it seems I sparked a bit of a… well, I don’t want to call it a ‘war’ when I pondered in last Friday’s Five Thoughts” if my co-blogger still felt the same way he did Last Christmas about a certain Christmas song. He managed to respond with the (in)famous Ding Fries are done video. I know it’s wildly popular online, but I can’t say for sure that I would call it a “Christmas Song”. But Since it is Christmas time, i figured, what the heck, we’ll run a few more Christmas songs up on the blog. Just for the fun of it. Let us know if there’s one you want us to try to find. In the meantime, it’s true. Christmas time is here again.