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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Call it a week already!” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome back to another edition of Five Thoughts.  Been a busy, wacky week here. Glad to see it coming to a close. So with that being said, let’s see what wacky things we can talk about.

  1. Jumping right in with news that strikes a bit close to home, proof that suicide bomber/terrorists are not real bright sometimes…
    Well, the headline sort of says it all, but not quite:
    For al-Qaida, Detroit was just the cheapest flight. That’s right, it was just the cheapest ticket they could find. Hey, guess times are tough all over. But wait! There’s More! Included in that gem of a story…
    He paid CASH!! FOR A ROUND TRIP TICKET!! Ok, I get the round trip part. One way might tip someone off,  but the paying cash?  Seriously, if you’re planning on offing yourself why are you really worried about the price? Or stiffing the credit card company on the bill? What, he was worried about what it might do to his credit score?
  2. There’s upset with with folks at the drive through, and then there’s shooting an air gun into the drive through, and at the police who show up because you shot up the drive through, upset. Over what, you might ask? A price increase on a Taco Bell burrito. First off, it only went up to $1.49 (from $0.99) so it wasn’t going to break the bank. Second of all, you are in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS!!! I’ve been to SA multiple times, I can think of at least a dozen better places to get a burrito. The fact that someone in San Antonio chooses Taco Bell for their Tex Mex fix says all you need to know about their mental state, or lack thereof. I’d have felt better if the story at least mentioned alcohol being involved.
  3. Speaking of drinking…..
    Sammy Hagar says abducted by aliens
    Yes, you read that correctly. Sammy said in his new book that he thinks he’s been abducted by Aliens. So I have to wonder…
    Maybe Sammy has been sampling a bit too much of his tequila maybe? Remember that quote from Scarface kids, “Don’t get high on your own supply”.
  4. This one worries me, but it’s wacky in a cool (pun intended) technology kind of way. A solar power, remote control, flying shade provider for the World Cup in Qatar. I can see some sort of failure causing it to fall into the stadium. I’m being honest here, I know Qatar has a lot of money, but do they have acceptable safety standards for something like that? It’s just hovering there. If it falls… That’s Bad.
  5. And finally… wacky in a scary, “holy crap how the heck is that even possible?” type of way from the Tsunami in Japan. It appears, it a was porpoise, not a dolphin but still. They found it in a rice field in Japan! Alive. Thankfully, they got the little critter back into the sea.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready to call it a week already. Maybe I’ll have the King do the post next week. Just for fun.

And now… to get something stuck in your head for the rest of the day…. They call him Flipper!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five thoughts on a Friday – The “These posts don’t write themselves” edition

A rainy Friday. Boo. Still, a rainy Friday is better than a sunny Monday. Why, you may ask? Well because silly. Friday means it’s time for this week’s edition of Five Thoughts! (Too self important? I was going for lighthearted fun.)

Let’s see… where to start this week? I know, let’s start here:

  1. Brett Micheals, former Poison frontman admitted this week that he was home “watching porn” when his brain hemorrhage occurred.  Turns out he was flipping between ESPN and “Busty Cops 3”. I have an idea.. someone get in touch with Netflix and let me know if rentals of that title suddenly increase.
  2. Would this get filed under “Whoops! Our bad!” by the medical community if it ends up being true?  Study suggests smallpox vaccine may protect against HIV That would be the smallpox vaccine that they stopped using in the 1950’s because smallpox was basically eliminated.
  3. In my continued despise for all the remakes that are coming out, I have to admit that when I first read about this I thought it sounded like a horrible idea. Especially when I heard they would change the theme song. Well, it isn’t as bad as I feared. The remade the song, they didn’t change it. That makes sense. it may still bomb on TV before anyone even knows it’s there, but you DO NOT change the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. The song WAS the show. A remake/cover of the song is understandable.
  4. Last week it was a zombie satellite. This week… Aliens hijacking a satellite? I sure hope they aren’t yelling at us to get off of their lawn! (and take our toy with us)
  5. See, this is why the internet is bad for grammar. The headline of the article is “Nude cemetery photos result in charges“. That means he’s been charged with a civil infraction. A crime. The headline as it appeared on the MSN.com site was (and this is a direct cut and paste folks) “Man charged for nude cemetery photos“, which leads you to think… “Well, how much did they cost?” See the difference there? Technically, there’s a price to be paid either way, but the meanings are quite different.

You really can't make this type of stuff up

Ok, so that’s five and it’s time to switch into weekend mode!

(You didn’t think I’d skip the video, did you? This one seems fitting given the Voyager 2 article…)

I really wanted to go with the original Hawaii Five-O, but I held off. Too easy.

Have a great weekend folks!