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Five Thoughts on a Friday –

Howdy folks. Here we are on yet another Friday. Looking at the calender I notice that this is my last opportunity to post a Christmas in July edition. Don’t worry though, I think I’m going to pass on that chance this year. Still, it’s been a busy week with a lot of funny things to choose from if you operate with the type of addled brain I do. So, let’s get this one going for the week and see where we land…..

  1. Nascar team owner Jack Roush walked away from a  plane crash in Wisconsin this week. It’s his second plane crash in the past 8 years. Um… Mr. Roush? You appear to be very good at quite a few things, I hate to be the one to point it out, but flying planes (or specifically, landing them) doesn’t seem to be one of them. Surviving one plane crash is luck. A second crash? That’s a hint. Leave the piloting to someone else.
  2. The biggest oil leak you’ve probably not even heard about is causing concerns that the oil make head into lake Michigan. Hey, isn’t that where those Asian carp are headed for too? What happens if the carp and oil meet up? Do we get a Godzilla like carp monster? Maybe Lake Michigan is the place to be this fall, but I don’t think that’s the type of tourism campaign Michigan wants to run.
  3. I really, REALLY have to put this in the “This is news?” category. Yes, i understand Apple has taken a position of not wanting to offer adult oriented applications for it’s iPhone in it’s store. That’s all fine and good, and their choice. But really, did anyone not see this coming? If they didn’t, they obviously haven’t been on the internet in the last oh, 10-15 years. This is a surprise? Porn on a internet enabled phone? I’m shocked! Shocked I say! (No, I’m really not.)
  4. I guess if your team is hovering around .500, you look for anything you can to light a fire under them and get them motivated. Some thing like Oh, I don’t know, complaining about the shoes the other team’s pitcher is wearing.
  5. Every once in a while, you stumble across a topic that you don’t even have to add anything to. As soon as you see a headline that says “Power your building with a flush” you know that you’ve stumbled upon a ready made entry for that week’s list. I love the easy ones. Say it with me folks… Toilet Power!

Wow, we were really all over the map with this one today, weren’t we? I could play it up as needing a vacation (I do, but I always think I do) as a reason for closing with the video picked out for this week, but it isn’t. Turns out my co-blogger will be on vacation before I get a chance to go, but that isn’t the reason either. No, today’s reason for this particular video?

I heard on the radio on the drive in and thought it was kind of catchy. Pretty deep reasoning, huh?

Have a great weekend folks!

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