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Just in time for Whiskey Day! Another hockey post…

“Okay, Beer – Have you gone completely off your rocker this time?”

Nope, there’s a method theme madness to my madness. And no, I’m not talking about the final four coming up. Today is March 27th. World Whiskey Day (or Whisky, if you prefer). Why am I talking about it? Well, a) I like whiskey (whisky) and b) something impressive happened last night…

While my co-blogger was getting all misty eyed and emotional about how he loves hockey, the Detroit Red Wings punched their ticket to the playoffs.

“Big deal, they made the playoffs, so what?”

Simple, and this is probably a fact that even most die hard Hockeytown fans missed – they were too busy celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Red Wings/Avalanche brawl at Joe Louis arena (Video Here). Last night, in the state of Michigan anyone celebrating their 21st birthday could legally order a drink to celebrate last nights win and resulting playoff berth. Why is that significant?

Because that 21 year old person has never known the Detroit Red Wings to not be in the playoffs. This year’s appearance is the 21st consecutive playoff appearance for them. In modern sports, in an era of free agency and salary caps, that is an amazing feat. In any sport. And for reference, here’s how it stacks up against history.

How well will they do in the playoffs? Who knows. That’s not what I’m worried about right now. I’m just sitting here impressed. Barkeep, I’ll take another please… What have you got that’s 21 years old?

Later folks!