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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “It Should be Obvious” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to today’s edition of Five Thoughts. We’re going to go a bit literal today. As opposed to literary, which I don’t think we’ll ever be accused of. Anyways, since we featured so much food type talk last time, why don’t we see what’s cooking this week!

  1. Apparently they’ve never heard of the Heart Attack Grill. It could have saved them some time, and probably money. You see, a new study has shown that eating bacon and other processed meats can increase your risk of premature death. To these researches I say.. Wasn’t that already pretty obvious?” Also, isn’t it pretty obvious that people would prefer to die sooner WITH bacon, than live a long life without it?
  2. Again… I have to ask, “wasn’t it obvious?” It didn’t occur to a single person that printing bible verses on rolls of toilet paper might offend some people who were likely to make a big deal out of it? You thought people would just “roll with it”? (And, wasn’t it obvious I was setting up for a bad joke on that one?)
  3. it should be obvious… that being based around the remains of the Motor City, we pride ourselves on kind being car guys. Or at least fans of some of the classics. And it should also be obvious to the writers at Yahoo! that if you’re going to list “10 Iconic Hollywood Cars” and include the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit on the list, that car guys are going to spot the fact that the photo of a Trans Am you have shown is distinctly NOT a 1977 Trans Am. It’s the Tans Am that ran from 1979-1981.
    Here’s the 1977-1978 Trans Am – notice the front end! (Thanks to wikipedia for the photo)

    Here’s what Yahoo! ran…

    The sad thing is, the Yahoo! photo appears to be from a parade of Firebirds/Trans Ams. Which means they probably COULD have easily gotten a correct photo.
  4. And in news out of Florida this week (No, we’re not picking on Florida with this one), researchers tagged a fourteen and a half foot long great white shark weighing in at about 2000 pounds just off of Jacksonville. And after reading that said shark was caught and tagged in only 25 (!!!) feet of water, It should be obvious… It’s not safe to go back in the water! (You thought I was going for the bigger boat quote there, didn’t you?)
  5. Lastly, it should be obvious that we all hear FAR too much bad news on a daily basis. I suppose it’s a function of the 24/7 news cycle world we all live in. So, that being said… I personally think it should be obvious to be reminded every now and then that there are still decent human beings around every once in a while. People who do the right/nice thing.. just because they can. Like the United Airlines staff that held a plane at a gate for one passenger. So he could make the flight and get home. To see his dying mother one last time. Cheers to them.

Okay folks, it should be obvious that that’s five. And with that, it should be obvious that I’m ready to start the weekend. As one of my co-blogger’s reminded me, “It’s no Boondoggle” and it’s not, but it’s still a weekend, so I’ll take it. In the meantime, I’ll just keep thinking about being down in the Islands.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I forgot the title” Edition

Good morning folks, and we’re again again with yet another edition of Five Thoughts. After we channeled spring fever last week, Old Man Winter decided to check in and make it perfectly clear that he’s not quite done with us just yet. We got a bunch of snow Sunday/Monday and even some more through the week, including this morning.  Well, Mr. Winter? I’ve STILL got spring fever! So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Does that make me a bit loony? Probably. That’s how I come up with these thoughts, after all!

  1. There’s actually very little loony about this one. If you’re into automobiles at all, this story from earlier in the week should strike you as pretty cool. It’s about the storage of the automobile collection of the Detroit Historical Museum. Make sure to check out the embedded video in the article, too.
  2. From the I have no idea where to file this one department….  “Say what?” “Please stop helping?” Neither seem appropriate or strong enough. What am I talking about? Well, a coach was asked about a player at the NFL scouting combine. And in an apparent attempt to compliment them (and no doubt trying to help raise their draft status) he came up with this quote
    “I mean, I slapped him on the ass out there one day and I’ve got a quarter horse in Tennessee that doesn’t have an ass on him like that. He’s just a physically gifted guy and a smart guy, and just a good, good person.”
    So, who should be more offended? The player? The quarter horse? I’ll just say this to the coach… Dude…. STOP HELPING!
  3. The space shuttle Discovery took of yesterday on it’s final flight. And the final flight of the entire shuttle program. Now, say what you want about it’s economics or if it’s worthwhile or anything like that. Just consider this one point though. The space shuttle program, despite it’s two major disasters, has made sending people into outer space seem routine. When in truth it’s anything but. Even today. There are still holding out on our flying cars and ray guns though. Do they think none of us remember The Jetsons?
  4. Listen. There’s dropping the ball, and then there’s “I put bacon on the menu on a flight from Israel to London” dropping the ball. I mean, I know most people love bacon, but sometimes you just gotta think. On the other hand, thanks for doing this and giving us another opportunity to talk about bacon. Now I’m hungry.
  5. We’re going to swing into social networking territory a little bit here. People seem to love to use these “cute” little quotes and such for things like their Facebook status and such. If all you do is copy and paste quotes of dead or famous people? You aren’t original, you aren’t witty. Your’e capable of copy and paste. You don’t get a cookie. Sorry. And the next time you see someone with one of those “Because of you I laugh a lot more” type quites? Maybe you should wonder… Is it because I make them happy? Or do you make someone laugh a lot more because they’re laughing at you? Hmm?

Ok, that’s five and it’s time to roll into another weekend. I admit I was sorely tempted to talk hockey today, but the trade deadline isn’t here yet, and there are still a few trades to make. After all, I don’t think the Senators have traded for every draft pick in the league just yet.

And to get you all thinking of warmer times and tropical drinks….

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The back to normal edition

Well, as normal as we ever get around here, anyways.

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Friday. You’ll notice JR isn’t leading this one off this week. No, we haven’t gotten rid of him. Based on some of the feedback we’ve gotten, he’ll be sticking around. Just need to work out what his role will be exactly. Plus he can be a real diva to work with.

Anyways… On with the topic at hand!

  1. This is almost bordering on becoming a weekly topic of it’s own. Our fine friends at the state department of transportation are at it again. Warning drivers this week that “Fall is here. Don’t veer for Deer.” I’m not making this crap up. I really wish I was. Note to state employees. This is Michigan. We have lots of deer in this state. And they happen to live here YEAR ROUND. They don’t just move in in the fall.
  2. No we didn’t talk about hockey last week. No we didn’t forget it was starting. Being based in southeastern Michigan though, everyone knows the real hockey season starts somewhere after the first of the year. Everything before that is just warm ups.
  3. All you fitness conscious folks?You’d best look away for a moment, because this seems like a wonderful idea to me! A week devoted to Bacon! (Link is to a PDF version of the menu for the week). A bacon martini, maple bacon ice cream,  bacon on a stick, and pork wrapped in bacon are just a few of the selections. I think I gained 5 pounds just writing that.
  4. Jumping back to sports for a moment here. Going into this week’s NFL contests, will anyone who honestly thought the Detroit Lions would have the same number of wins (One) at this point of the season as the the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys please raise your hand. Anyone? Yeah, me neither. Looks like the magic may have finally run out for old St. Brett.
  5. Lastly, and speaking of Saints….. 70 days till old St. Nick heads out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you folks!  Perhaps even more urgently though… Do you have any Halloween candy yet? You have a little over 2 weeks (16 days as of this writing). Which is also plenty of time to dig up a Vincent Price laugh recording to scare all the wannabe vampires, too.

Here – just queue this up on a loop on Halloween. Instant spooky soundtrack. Let’s see one of those little sparkly suckers sound like this….

Okay folks. That’s five and we’re out of here. Have a great weekend!

Five Thoughts on a Friday

It’s Friday again! And that means it’s time for…

Five Thoughts on a Friday!

(too dramatic?)

Anywho… On with the Shoe!

  1. I think I may be one of the few people who still makes, and gets, Ed Sullivan jokes. Time to give it up?
  2. As I told my partner in crime yesterday – I don’t mind city workers not caring when I call to complain about something. I’m used to that. On the other had, if they’re going try to cite me for things “on my property” I do expect them to know *where* the property lines are. (So they can understand it wasn’t ON MY PROPERTY!)
  3. DirectTV has dropped Versus. This means that the National Hockey League (NHL) is now seen in about 4 homes in the United States.
  4. Remember when you were little, and you were always asking “why?” The adults always got annoyed with it. So why is it now that one of the more popular corporate “problem solving” techniques is the “5 whys”. Oh, so when we get older, NOW we’re supposed to ask why? Fine, here’s one for you… WHY don’t you just let the kids ask when they’re young and get it all out of their system / learn what they need to then? How’s that?
  5. Lasty… note to the on site cafeteria. One of the greatest smells in the world is bacon cooking. However, one of the worst smells is bacon burning. STOP BURNING THE BACON!

Have a great weekend folks!