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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Back from the Beach” Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Beer’s back from the islands, and boy did he have a good time. More of that later though. For now, let me thank Kingkielbasa for filling in for me last week. Now that I’m back… let’s see what’s going on…

  1. Unless you live under a rock – and even if you do, they probably still found a way to make sure you found out – the NFL draft started last night. I get a kick out of it – for several reasons. First, I like football, and I think it’s fun to watch. Possibly even more fun though, is listening to all the ‘fans’ that either start making Superbowl reservation, or screaming bloody murder about the pick their team just made. And then the very next day come the “grades”. Really? These kids haven’t even gotten to the city where they’ll play yet, and they’re being graded? Good luck with that.
  2. Bouncing back to travel, and no – this isn’t going to be about another of my boondoggles…. Virgin America is basically introducing in-flight dating. Okay, maybe not quite that extreme. But then again, when the feature is rolled out in a video called “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky“, well…
  3. Coming back from a trip… I am reminded at just how fast, and how easy it is to become unplugged, and enjoy it. I’ve also come to realize how hard that makes it to keep up with interesting stories to use when writing a post like this at the end of the week. Then you watch a baseball game and see a player decide risking his surgically repaired knee by slamming into the catcher on a frigid cold April night isn’t even remotely close to being worth it. And that’s what Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers did this week.
  4. A fun story in the news this week has been about a giant (foam) head that came floating down the Hudson River. Of course, all the hoopla as I’ve read it has been about people trying to find out where it came from. Meanwhile, I have another question. How do you misplace a 7-foot foam head, and not notice it’s gone missing???
  5. Lastly, I’m not sure why this came up under the finance headlines, but that’s where I found it. And any of you that hate hospitals, and bugs? Welcome to a your latest nightmare. Hospitals – that have bed bugs. Think about it, you’re lying there trying to heal up from whatever injury or illness landed you in a hospital bed to begin with, when you realize those little buggers are starting to bite. Pleasant thought, no? And for those of you whose skin is crawling now? You’re welcome.

Okay folks. That’s five, and I’m off to try to get caught up from not being home last weekend. In the meantime though, as I was celebrating getting to add yet another year to my age while I was on my latest boondoggle, I realized that age is indeed starting to catch up with me. And the twenty-somethings at the bar that night? They learned something too. Just like the Toby Kieth song… “I’m not as good as I once was, But…

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The rainy day edition

Hiya folks! Yep, it’s Friday again. Funny how a week can seem so long, and then the next thing you know it’s Friday again, isn’t it? And to top it all off, it’s raining. Ah well, doesn’t change the fact that the weekend is almost here. Let’s jump in shall we?

  1. Having owned one growing up, when I heard that Commodore was going to start selling their 64 computer again I had several thoughts. Including “Why? My phone has more processing power than that thing did” as well as  “Cool! Completely useless, but cool!”. Then I read the article, and realized that it’s a computer that will also run windows. Yeah, sorry folks. It just isn’t the same.
  2. I’m not generally a big fan of criminals, except for the ones that end up on the “stupid criminals” lists that make me laugh. I have to admit, I almost would have some appreciation for this guy, whole lifted a $2,300 bottle of cognac. Almost. Expect for the carton of menthol cigarettes he took too. Really dude. Everyone knows it’s cigars with cognac. Get with it, will you?
  3. As I mentioned to my co-blogger when I sent this to him… Why the hell can’t WE ever find anything like this?  Yeah, I’ve found money in my pocket after they went through the wash, and stuff like that… but to find a 1966 Shelby GT350!!! For crying out loud! Oh, I did find something fuzzy in the back of the fridge once or twice, too. That usually gets thrown out though, not sent to auction.
  4. Speaking of cars. And Mustangs. And Shelby Mustangs. All I can say about this one is one word. WANT.
    Shelby American has announced an 800 horsepower 2011 Mustang Super Snake.
    Yes. You read that correctly. An 800 horsepower Mustang. Impractical? Totally. And I WANT one. Now, where did I put that winning lottery ticket?
  5. I like this one. Somehow I stumbled across it while looking for ways to keep myself from being destroyed in the fantasy baseball league I got roped into (I’ve decided that it’s hopeless by the way, and accepted my inevitable destruction). It’s a parody. But it’s funny, and actually rings true on a great many things. Check it out at DesigNate Robertson.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready to start the weekend. Who’s with me?
What’s that? The day isn’t over yet? We can’t start the weekend until it is? Did you say… “over”?

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The April Fools edition

See that title there? Yeah. When I realized I was going to get to write it, I had a hard time believing it too.  For a little weekly feature that tries to focus on things ranging generally from silly to the stupid (and admittedly often being stupid ourselves), doing it on April Fool’s day seemed a bit daunting. But, here I am, typing away. I think this one is gonna be different though. How? Let’s see…

  1. Seeing how today is indeed April 1st, I considered writing and posting this yesterday. Just to mess around. Five thoughts on a Friday, on Thursday? Yeah, just didn’t seem to work for me either.
  2. Yesterday was Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. To that end, they had the fields painted up with “Opening Week” and had 6 games. Six. And what the heck is with “Opening Week”? It’s Opening DAY. Hey baseball.. Stop taking marketing advice from the NHL! Have all your teams play on Opening Day.
  3. Speaking of the NHL, last night the Vancouver Canucks claimed the President’s Trophy for the best record in the league this year (in the regular season). Congratulations guys. Unfortunately, having the best record in the league doesn’t always ensure playoff success. In fact for a stretch of time it seemed to doom your chances. From 1990-2000, only 2 teams had the best record and won it all. Since 2000, it’s happened 3 times. So good luck in the playoffs Vancouver, you just might need it.
  4. Hopping back to baseball for a moment, but this can really be said of fans of any sport. It’s amazing how after one game of a 162 game season, a pitcher can be judged an “over-hyped bum”, a manager can be “a clueless moron that never should have managed in the majors at all”, and a hitter can be “worse than anyone you wanted to pick out of the crowd” at hitting a fastball. And yet, somehow the all managed to make it onto a major league team’s payroll. And of course, when they win the next one, they all belong in the hall of fame.
  5. Read an April Fools ready headline on CNN today. “Jobs Gain, Unemployment Falls“. Except is wasn’t a joke. It was a real headline. I understand times have been tough but is a statement like that really Top of the page,  CNN national news? What’s next? “Sun goes down, day turns to night”? I mean, let’s see here…. More jobs become available, and then the number of people saying they don’t have a job goes down? Gee, I bet no one saw that one coming.

Okay.   No joke – that’s five and I’m heading out. I still think I need to get my co-blogger to do a few of these coming soon. I’ve got vacations to plan, places to go see, bars to drink it! You gotta have goals, you know?


Have a great weekend folks!  (and happy April Fools!)

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Voice of the Turtle” edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another Friday. Let’s dive right into this weeks Five Thoughts, because  oh what a week it’s been. Lot’s of stuff, good and bad going on.

  1. We’re going to lead with this one though… I don’t really make any secret of the fact that I judge the arrival of springtime not by calendar date or weather, but the start of baseball spring training. Well, a baseball icon, and a bit of old school Americana passed away this week. Ernie Harwell, the longtime radio voice of the Detroit Tigers – THE singular voice of the tigers to most people, passed away at the age of 92. He always started the 1st spring training game of the season on the radio with the the passage of “The voice of the turtle”. RIP Ernie.
  2. On to the silly side of life. In the market for some scented candles, but can’t stand any of the perfume-y smells? Now there’s an answer! This one will never be confused with a Candle Barn scent. It smells like White Castle Burgers! It even looks like it comes in the box!
  3. The state of Michigan’s public smoking ban has gone into effect. I am not a fan of these laws. No, I do not smoke. No, I am no big fan of smokers (most of whom I consider a bunch of self centered litterbugs who fling their cigarette butts out the window of the car – still lit). What I don’t like about the laws is strictly a personal inconvenience. There are no more smoking sections in restaurants. That means not being able to say “First available” and avoiding the wait everyone else is dealing with for the no smoking section. This is an outrage! I demand to be able to be seated quickly!  (OK, so I’m really not that upset)
  4. You didn’t think we were going to get through today’s five thoughts without mentioning the idiot from Philadelphia that got tasered, did you? I’m not going to comment on the right or wrong of the tasering though. I’m going to say that I was shocked when I saw the response from the boy’s mother and step father. Shocked, because it was the exact opposite of what I had expected to hear. The young man may be finding that getting tasered was the least of his worries in the whole thing. It seems Mom wasn’t happy at all. Ma’am, I tip my hat to you.
  5. Lastly, from the “You’re not real bright, are you?” department…. 3 teens ended up okay after a health scare. Caused by “drinking” dry ice. For the love of…

Alright! That’s five and it’s time to start the weekend! Have a great one folks.

For, lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come, And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

Have a great weekend folks!