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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Shoot! I forgot the title!” Edition

Howdy folks! If we’re posting this, it must be Friday! It’s been a relatively quiet week for us here, but I haven’t heard anyone complaining. So, where do we go from here? Well, let’s get started and find out, shall we?

  1. I’ve said before that often times I know something is gonna make one of these posts as soon as I see it. I’ve also said before that sometimes the posts just write themselves. And then there are times like this, where you just know a story about two women trying stuff $60,000 in cash into their bras and cross the border needs to be a Five Thoughts item, but there’s just no way to improve upon the basic description. So there you go.
  2. Okay, given the misadventures of some of my co-bloggers, and our general sophomoric senses of humor in general, there was no way a list of 14 Places you have to poop before you die was going to not make the list as soon as we found out about it. I’ll have to leave it to the others to comment on the quality of said list, however.
  3. I’m sorry.. kind of. I know this is a serious subject, and that there are lives in the balance. It’s just that this seems like something I would have seen in a Looney Tunes cartoon while I was growing up. Not something played out in a court of law in real life! It appears that there is an inmate in Death Row trying to get his reprieve overturned. He doesn’t want it. And as I was reading the article all I can think of is….
  4. Sometimes, life imitates art. Other times, apparently it imitates an old Saturday Night Live skit. As in the case of a Chicago Blackhawks fan who suffered a heart attack while watching one of the games of this years Stanley Cup final matchup. 
  5. Lastly, I’m a bit bummed that the scheduling didn’t workout better. Last weekend, the latest Superman movie franchise re-boot came out. I haven’t seen it. I’m not sure I even will. But it has me bummed. If it would have come out one weekend later, it would have coincided with the largest full moon of the year. The “Supermoon”. And then we could have played the whole “it’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s Supermoon?” routine. You know, “Superman, Supermoon”. Somehow, I don’t think it would work any better than David Letterman’s “Uma / Oprah” bit though.

Okay, that’s five and I’m ready to call it a week. How do I know it’s time to go? Because, I use the formatting to tell me how many things I’ve posted on. Yep, it knows how to add it up. Hmmm… Add it Up. You know, I’ve been taking flak from some people about my song choices, lately so that gives me an idea. No, I’m not going with that one, but I think it’s about time the Violent Femmes make an appearance here. In the meantime, until next week I’m “Gone Daddy Gone“.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts On a Friday – The “We’re Still Here” Edition

Good morning folks, we’re all still here. Let’s jump right in and get started today, shall we?

  1. Remember that loon, idiot, jackass, Walter the cranky old puppet look alike and his church that said the world was going to end back in May? And then it didn’t. Well, then they said we had all been “judged” that day and the world would end on October 21st. Guess what nitwit, YOU WERE WRONG AGAIN. We’re still here. Again. Here’s a little tip, stop with the end of the world predictions. You really aren’t very good at them, and they make you look even more foolish than you already are. And let’s be honest. You look like one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets. You look pretty damned silly already.
  2. Wait… there was a contest for “Best Bathroom in America” and somehow we missed out on participating/commenting on it? How the heck did that happen? “Um, beer – you were GONE every time someone turned around this summer, remember?” Well, yeah. I was. That doesn’t let my-co-blogger off the hook though. And he’s the bathroom expert, anyways!
  3. Speaking of public restrooms… Yes, they are as filthy as you were afraid they were. Maybe even worse. Then again, you’re talking about public restrooms here. Were you really expecting nice and sanitary? Being just the slightest bit realistic can go a long ways sometimes, you know?
  4. After two posts involving bathrooms, what on earth do you follow that up with? How about a 350 pound hamburger? If that isn’t enough to make your stomach hurt, how about this line from the article? “The 3-foot-high sandwich packs 540,000 calories. ” I love a good hamburger and a beer, but I’m going to pass on this one. I’ll leave that one for the Man vs Food crowd.
  5. Lastly, from the news… A story of which the question could be asked “This is news??”. Police in Virginia are looking into the theft of a truck which help President Obama’s teleprompter and podium. Really… this is news? I mean, I understand the publicity because it had public appearance stuff for the President in it, but I don’t call the police investigating the theft news. I call it their job. Stop playing it out like it’s a bigger deal than it is. They’d look into it if your car was stolen while you were writing that article, too.

Okay folks, that’s five and it’s time to head into the weekend. In an effort to expand our musical offerings a bit further “Uh oh… here he goes again folks. Sorry, sometimes even I can’t control him”  *ahem* Shush brain. Anyways, as I was saying, expanded musical offerings. Not much in the way of video, but musically quite fun. A little big band music.

Have a great weekend folks!