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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What The Friday??” Edition

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of Five Thoughts. A big thanks to the King for this week’s title. Boy it’s been a week around here, and as a result the title sure does fit. It’s almost like there’s something in the water (Which is why I prefer beer). That being said, let’s get to it!

  1. We’ll start with the one that prompted the King to come up with the “What the Friday?” theme. I think it’s a fairly well established fact that I’ve had my fair share of boondoggles. But what do you do when you can’t afford, or don’t have the time for a boondoggle? Why, you send your stuffed animals on a boondoggle for you! Or at least, that’s what one company is hoping you will do. And for a price, they’ll chaperone your stuffed friends around the globe.
  2. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the news, at some point recently about how the NSA has been monitoring communications. (The whole Edward Snowden thing and resulting stories). I’m not here to take sides, I’m not here to point fingers. I’m here to tell you that when you’re talking on the phone, sometimes it isn’t the wiretap you need to be worried about in regards to someone listening in. Or um… live tweeting updates about your conversation. Oops.
  3. This one is for our friend Red. After all, I’ve been in the ocean many many times. I know there is an inherent risk. Surfers probably know that even more acutely. But given the number of bad shark attacks in the Hawaiian Islands this year… if you’re on a surfboard and you literally see a shark fin in your general area, isn’t it time to be on the beach? Yes, the shark ‘attacked’ a surfer. And by that I mean bit the board. The surfer ended up off the board on basically on top of the shark. After punching it, the shark retreated. I’m glad no one was really injured. But for staying in the water when you knew for a fact there was a large shark on the prowl in the area? Well, Red?
  4. Hey Red? Don’t go anywhere just yet. Or at least, maybe head over to Austria. They’re going to need you over there. From the news comes a story out of Vienna of a woman trading a live tank shell. I repeat, a live tank shell online. For a picture frame and two bottles of wine. After having used the shell for a doorstop. Take it away Red.
  5. Lastly… Sir Paul McCartney is damned cool. Aside from the being a Beatle, doing spontaneous free concerts, and all that good stuff. You know how else you can tell? Look at the people he can get to be in his latest music video. Yeah, and he can still sort of play a bit, too.

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m off to fight my way through what’s left of the day. And yes, I’m gonna warn you right now. because after all, with calling this the “What the Friday” edition…. there’s was really only one “What” themed song to use, especially since it sort of fits…

Have a great weekend folks!

Christmas Music…. Something a bit different

So it seems I sparked a bit of a… well, I don’t want to call it a ‘war’ when I pondered in last Friday’s Five Thoughts” if my co-blogger still felt the same way he did Last Christmas about a certain Christmas song. He managed to respond with the (in)famous Ding Fries are done video. I know it’s wildly popular online, but I can’t say for sure that I would call it a “Christmas Song”. But Since it is Christmas time, i figured, what the heck, we’ll run a few more Christmas songs up on the blog. Just for the fun of it. Let us know if there’s one you want us to try to find. In the meantime, it’s true. Christmas time is here again.


Five thoughts on a Friday…The heavy on movies edition

Friday again already. Hard to complain when you’re staring at a weekend, isn’t it? Let’s see where today leads us…

  1. So last weekend, The Karate Kid offed the A-Team for the top spot at the box office. I wonder… was it Wax on, or Wax off?
  2. Saw what may be one of the dumbest advertisements the other day. It was fear mongering at it’s best. The ad says “Stop the spread of bacteria in your home” or some such nonsense. The product? An automatic soap dispenser. See, if you don’t have to touch it, you won’t get those icky, nasty bacteria on your hands! Of course, isn’t the point of WASHING your hands with soap and water to clean them? And doesn’t the touching of the soap dispenser occur BEFORE said washing? Meaning any minuscule amount of bacteria you pick up from touching the soap dispenser… would get washed away anyways? Listen, if you really want to throw your money away that badly, send it to us! Happy we could clear that one up.
  3. With the next World of Warcraft expansion approaching, it seems the people who try to steal account information (commonly referred to as being “hacked”) are really stepping up their phishing efforts. I get several emails from them every day. To an email that I’ve never used for the game. Heck, I’m even getting emails warning my my account could be suspended on games I’ve never even played or registered for! Nice to see they don’t discriminate. The account I did use, ironically, has never gotten a single email from them.
  4. I can’t even begin to list the number of things that started running through my head when I saw the headline: Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane When First Officer Falls Ill. Did he have the fish? Was he wearing a Lakers jersey? They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting into. Where they also out of coffee? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go rent Airplane!, right now.
  5. They were, after all…. “On a Mission from God“. And it was one of the all time great movies ever made.

That’s five for today and we’re out of here. Before we go though, a happy Father’s day to all you Dads out there, including our very own King.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Let it Be edition

Uh oh… Is Beer getting ready to go all Beatlemania on something today? No, not really. We’ll just see where this one leads today. Can’t believe it’s Friday again already, guess short weeks can do that to you. Especially when your co-blogger didn’t realize you weren’t going to be in the office on Tuesday, either.

So without further delay, it’s time for today’s Five Thoughts….

  1. I always knew there was an idiot out there for everything. Heck, I’ve always been a firm believer that whenever you make the world idiot proof the world will just go and make a better idiot. Here’s the proof. Picketing a spelling bee? Seriously? Man, you need help.
  2. Staying on the idiot theme for a moment. I don’t mention this one to debate the right or wrong of the attempt at a phantom recall. I want to talk about this memo. Here’s the deal. Anyone who’s come within 30 feet of a business school has heard about the disastrous GM side saddle fuel tank memo. These people went to school they had to have heard about it. Besides that, common sense flat out says YOU DO NOT PUT $HIT LIKE THAT IN A WRITING. End of discussion. To whoever wrote that memo? You’re an idiot, first class.
  3. The king sent this one to me, and to be honest – I don’t want to know what he was searching for when he found it. The headline speaks for itself though… Sword-Wielding Porn Actor Kills One, Hurts Two. Yeah, I can’t top that. Nor do I want to.
  4. Oops. McDonald’s is recalling a bunch of the new Shrek glasses. I guess using a known carcinogen (Cadmium) in paint for drinking glasses is a bad idea. Who knew? This story would have been MUCH cooler if it had been some sort of radioactive contamination, you know? Then the kids could glow green, just like Shrek! (Ok, I know, that was bad.)
  5. And here it is. You knew I wasn’t going to let this week by without throwing in my two cents (Just like everyone else on the planet) on *the* sports story of the week. Armando Galarraga, of the Detroit Tigers pitched a perfect game Wednesday night. Except for one small thing, the box score shows he gave up a hit. See, the umpire blew the call. Here’s the issue I have… It *was* a perfect game. In fact, he went 28 up, 28 down. One more than needed. The umpire has admitted he blew the call, and profusely apologized. I take issue with only one thing. It *was* a perfect game. Stop describing it as “near perfect”. Everyone knows he went 27 up, 27 down. You don’t have to make it “official”, just stop calling it “near perfect”. Call it the “perfect game with the blown call” if you want to. That would work.  And for the record, I tip my cap to the pitcher and to the umpire on this whole deal. They defined being accountable, and classy in their actions after the game.

So there we have it for today. Considering the way I started, maybe it should have been the “Let it rip” or “let it fly” edition. But no, I think the Beatles said it best. Major League Baseball, Commissioner Selig, it appears you’re not going to overturn the ruling on the field for Armando Galarraga’s perfect game. To that, I say “you’re getting it right, please don’t. Let it be.” That game is far better defined by what happened that night and the actions of the the men involved if it’s left to stand on its own as it is. Let it be.

Have a great weekend folks!