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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “How We Come up with this Stuff” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to a post Beer’s Boondoggle edition of Five Thoughts. It appears we had a little bit of excitement around here last week while I was off drinking rum and playing tag with Tropical Storm Isaac. After getting home a day later than scheduled, I was only too happy to take one of my co-bloggers up on doing a collaborative “Behind the scenes” type post for today. So with that being said, let’s take a look at how we come up with a lot of this stuff, shall we?

It usually starts out with conversations something like this….

  1. PB – Beer what the heck man? Every time you head on vacation you have at least one day of lock down from a storm. Hey King I don’t know if I would want to go on a vacation with him. I might get lost in the Bermuda Triangle or something.
    Beer – Nah, storms don’t worry me. I just figure I need to stay away from places prone to earthquakes or with major volcanoes. Besides, I like Hurricanes. They’re tasty. Ever been to Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans? And if I have to get hit with a flight delay, I’d rather it be from the weather.. not something like United had the other day.
  2. PB – So you said you were held over in Florida for an extra day? I bet you were glad that you were able to stay dry and have a bathroom you could use that was relatively safe unlike the worker Malaysia.
    Beer – PB, I really, *really* don’t want to know why you always seem to be finding stories like that. It’s like you have an unhealthy obsession with toilet mishaps! And Miami was not all that dry after Isaac paid them a visit.
    PB – Well Beer just be glad it wasn’t you. Just think if that was a criminal that did that it could be said the gator took a bite out of crime right? Besides the funniest stuff always seems to involve the toilet humor.
  3. Beer – PB, We really need to not dwell on the toilet humor so heavily. Got anything else?
    PB – Hey Beer I know you visit the great Northern Peninsula of Michigan often. You ever run across Sasquatch? Apparently a Sasquatch was run into recently in Montana. Sad to see that one was hit but remember if you mess with Sasquatch you will lose.

    Beer – Can’t top Sasquatch. And I hope I never meet one.
  4. In an attempt to get away from PB and his toilet-centric discussions this week, I shot over to Autoblog to look at some automotive news. Figured I’d be safe there, right? Wrong! What do I find on the front page when I get there? The Poopcycle! I guess that makes it official. My week is in the crapper.
  5. Lastly, what’s a weekly post by Beermaker on the Beerbarrel without a mention of… Beer? Sadly, the news is not all good this week. It seems that New Belgium Brewing is having real concerns about water quality after the wildfires in Colorado. Great, and they JUST started distribution here in town. Well, guess I’ve waited this long…

There you go folks. That’s five on a far more complicated than it needed to be Friday. Many thanks to PB for the idea. Maybe we’ll refine and revisit it again. In the meantime, I’m out to attempt to enjoy the long weekend. In the meantime, now you know how we come up with this stuff. And like G.I. Joe used to say… Knowing is half the battle.

You didn’t think we’d go out like that though, did you? That’s not how we do things around here. THIS is how we do it. (Okay, not really, but it seemed to play as a decent joke when I thought it up)

Have a great (long) weekend folks!