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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Charcoal Gray” Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all survived and enjoyed turkey day yesterday. I’ll do my best to keep it quick and light-hearted this week, in an effort to get finished up before I slip back into a turkey induced coma. So with that in mind, let’s get at it, shall we?

  1. Is it really appropriate to call today black Friday anymore? It seems to me that the name, which originally came from this being they day when brick and mortar retailers would see their stores reach the point of profitability for the year (Which would be shown in black ink rather than red for showing a loss), hence the name. With the sales starting earlier and earlier now, I just don’t see the connection anymore. Ah well…. maybe I’m just getting too old.
  2. It is now officially acceptable to not only have Christmas decorations up, but to turn them on at night in my world. And for the record the earliest official time it’s acceptable in my world occurs just after sundown on Thanksgiving. I think it goes back to when I was growing up, and we’d be watching the Cowboys game at grandma’s house. At some point during that game, Norelco would run an ad with Santa Claus using the top of an electric razor as a sled. And that came to signal that it was Christmas time to me.
  3. Now, I’m gonna say this up front. I didn’t go out shopping yesterday. We aren’t going out shopping today, either. But for everyone yelling about places being open and available to shop – deal with it. You’re in the minority. We live in a democratic republic, and people have voted… with their wallets. Maybe it has something to do with their being fewer shopping days this year. I don’t know. I know you won’t get me to go out in that madness, but obviously enough people will to make it worthwhile for stores to be open. So that’s that.
  4. On a more cheerful note if you happen to be from my neck of the woods – we got to see something from a group that works every single Thanksgiving day that we haven’t seen in a decade. The Detroit Lions won a game on Thanksgiving for the first time since 2003! And for that, I am thankful!
  5. Lastly, it’s not a post from me without some sort of random geek type news, and this one is no different. Again, these are here because I think a story about how a comet basically appears to have burned up while flying too close to the sun is cool. If you’ll pardon the pun.

Okay folks, that’s a quick five thoughts on black Friday and I’m off to get back to work. Which in this case means I’m off to make a turkey and swiss omelet. In the meantime, considering I did wake up to snow on the ground yesterday… It is now time to bust these out. After all, it did sorta look like a Marshmallow World.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Brewing Black Friday” Edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to a another off the wall edition of five thoughts. Odds are most of you are (Or already done with) shopping at the moment – me, no shopping here. I’m hoping to see red by the end of the day, not black. Red as in red ale – which is what I’m off brewing as you’re likely reading this. So, since we all have other things to get done today let get started!

  1.  A lot of ends seem to once popular things lately. Even thought it looked like it would live up to its famous reputation and prove nothing can kill a Twinkie when a judge ordered mediation for Hostess, it sadly didn’t work and Hostess will now go out of business (Trust me though, the Twinkie isn’t going anywhere – someone will get the iconic junk food back on the market)
  2. Turns out the end has come for the show “Dirty Jobs” as well. I just wonder – who got the “dirty job” of telling the host of Dirty Jobs that the show was being cancelled? And still, while I’m sure no one likes to be told their show has been cancelled, Mike Rowe is probably privately happy to not have to be dealing with poop on a regular basis for the show anymore.
  3. So as I said earlier, no shopping for me today (Other than needing to run out and get some more coffee for the house later today). I’m happily making beer and avoiding the crazies crowds. Now, I know there are some “deals” to be had – but can we honestly discuss one question here? If you had to take 2 days off of work, camp out, and miss Thanksgiving dinner, all in the name of saving a couple hundred dollars on a TV… how much did you really cost yourself?
  4. Ah, Florida. You’ve given us so much. Including this wonderful vehicle, and the debate about it that followed.
    We really might need to consider making you your own country, or something.
  5. It is the day after Thanksgiving. As of sundown last night, it is now officially acceptable to play Christmas music and turn on all the lights. That is all.

Okay folks, that’s a quick five thoughts, and I need to go check on the beer that’s currently mashing in. Have a great day! And since I did say that it was officially Christmas Time.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Out in the Woods” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to the latest in our ongoing mockery of the writing skills we were supposed to have learned while we were in school.  Hopefully this post finds you all safe and sound, it being the day after deer season officially opened here at home (True, bow season has been open for a bit – but the big one is always firearm season). Anyhow, PB may be out in the woods today, but I’m here, so let’s see what we can come up with. Before we start though… we secretly recorded PB heading out to the woods on his last hunting trip

  1. Let’s start right out in the “You’re not real bright, are you?” department. Most people would agree, the best way to resolve differences in a negotiation is to keep working to find middle ground. So naturally, the NHL is talking about taking a 2 week break from labor negations to end their lockout. I swear, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you were writing a comedy! Talk about a joke of a league. And oddly enough, I’m not missing them. In fact, at this point I hope they stay locked out. These types of stories are FAR more entertaining than the actual games.
  2. One of my partners in crime like to post a “Retro Commercial of the Wee” on twitter every now and then. Well, here’s one for the week in honor of the dearly departed “Twinkie the Kid“. Yes, it’s true – Hostess is going out of business, and with them go the Twinkies.  (Didn’t someone tell them that two states just legalized pot? All they needed to do was hang on a little bit longer! I kid! I kid!) Seriously, though – guess they’ll have to keep finding new things to deep fry at the Texas State Fair!
  3. For the next one, we’ll move into the “I have no words” type of find. I mean, there’s drunk, there’s really drunk, and then there’s “I was so damned smashed I didn’t think having a dead skunk in the car with me was abnormal drunk!” I’m just surprised it wasn’t in Florida.
  4. Changing gears completely, we need to touch on a serious issue. I’m talking about the War on Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, you know what I’m referring to. Those Christmas decorations that have been in the store since before Halloween. The Christmas music on the radio already. And even the fight on the second front that Turkey day is now losing. Yes, I’m referring to Black Friday Creep. It’s no longer enough to open your doors at midnight or 4 am on Black Friday – Oh no, now there are sales on Thursday morning! Well, one group is trying to fight back. And they have my support. I won’t be shopping at all on Thursday or Friday! (As long as buying drinks at the bar doesn’t count!)
  5. Lastly, there’s a certain irony to this one. Here’s the lead line from the article: “A European official says her staff members were hacked when they joined her for a conference on Internet security in Azerbaijan.” That’s right. They were at a conference about Internet security, when their computers were hacked. Maybe they need to go to a couple more conferences, you think?

Okay folks, that’s an oddball five for this week and I’m out of here. No, I’m not heading for the woods. But in honor of all those who are, just remember… we all know what really goes on at there!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Day Off” Edition

Howdy folks and welcome to this week’s Five Thoughts. We’re sort of giving ourselves the day off here today. Being lazy and all. Let’s get at it, shall we?

  1. Happy Black Friday. This stuff has really gotten out of control, hasn’t it? Let’s start at midnight, let’s start camping out for Friday on Monday..  Sheesh. Not my thing, that’s for sure. I have the day off, the last thing I really want to do is get up early and shop. Besides, I’m still fighting off the food coma from yesterday.
  2. Today is the day after Thanksgiving. While I still think it’s a bit early due to the way the calendar fell this year, it is now acceptable to start playing Christmas music and turning on your lights.
  3. I’m looking out the window and the sun is shining. I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for some combination of cold/rainy today that would support staying inside instead of going and working on the things that need to get done in the yard. Can’t win them all I guess.
  4. I’m back into the SWTOR test this weekend. I wonder if that had anything to do with me wanting the weather outside to me miserable? Ah well.
  5. I have to admit I was really getting sick of some of the “Do you know how much sodium/how many calories/ how much fat” stories all the news channels were running last week. And will no doubt continue to work in as we move towards Christmas. It’s the holidays people. Celebrating and over eating is part of the deal. If it was a normal pattern of behavior I agree it would be a problem. But if you don’t make a habit of eating 4500 calories at every meal, doing it once a year on Thanksgiving isn’t a big deal. So have some fun already!

Okay, that’s a very quick Five Thoughts for the day. I now return myself to my regularly scheduled day off. And since I know my co-blogger is off to see a certain movie. And we talked about playing the music, and lighting the lights….

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Black Friday – yep, it’s *THAT* day again

Happy Black Friday to all of you who aren’t out fighting the crowds (or are already home tending wounds and wrapping gifts). Let’s barge right in today, just like when they opened the doors at the store at 3am.

  1. I don’t know why, but it still surprises me when people don’t know the real meaning behind the name “Black Friday”. It’s been called that for years. The name existed long before the early morning “doorbuster sale” madness that’s around these days. The name refers to black ink on the balance sheets of stores. This was traditionally looked at as the day when retailers revenues from sales from the year would surpass their expenses. In other words they would finally start to show a profit for the year (shown in black ink) instead of still showing a loss (shown in red). So… Black Friday was born. Now you know. And no, I’m not doing the GI Joe thing from the 80’s cartoon.
  2. Staying on Black Friday, I do have to wonder sometimes… How good a deal are some of these people getting. You hear these early campers talking about “It’s the only way I can afford to get this”. By camping out? How much was the tent? How much was all the food? The sleeping bag? Did you take time off of work? I think you see where I’m going with those questions… Did everything you spent while camping match what you “saved”? Or did it just get spent somewhere else? Admit it. You just wanted to avoid Thanksgiving dinner with the family, didn’t you?
  3. Speaking of which…. Does the turkey *really* make you sleepy? Or is more just “If I act like I can’t keep my eyes open, maybe I won’t have to take part in the crazy conversations that always break out after dinner and they’ll let me go home”?
  4. It is now permissible to play Christmas music and turn on your lights. (Hanging them earlier is ok, just don’t turn them on). Actually, as of about 6:00pm last night it’s ok.
  5. The worst part of Black Friday though, for me at least? Having the day off, working on a project around the house… and realizing… I have to go get something from the store. Because even the hardware stores are getting in on the act now. So that gallon of paint or tool you need? You’re going to have to fight the crowds to get it. Or wait till tomorrow to finish the project. Hmm… maybe that isn’t too bad after all.

Ok folks, I’m off to make a turkey sandwich! Best part of Black Friday if you ask me… the turkey sandwich made from the leftovers.

And since we’ve been talking blackness all post long… let me ask you this? Have you seen the LIGHT?  (And for you know who… NOW do you recognize the meaning of “The band? The BAND!”)

This one got voted down by my co-blogger. I thought it would have been a nice change of pace (And a funny title to tie in)…

At least I didn’t lead with this…

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Wait, it’s Friday again already? Holy Crap!” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. As you can see from the title, I’m trying to figure out where the week went to. Don’t get me worng, I love the fact that I’m staring down the weekend already. I’m just trying to figure out where my week went to. Anyways, let’s get things rolling, shall we?

  1. A while back, my co-blogger was pondering the hockey question… What’s wrong the with New Jersey Devils?  Here’s a microcosm of the problem right here…
  2. Changing gears… almost literally for this one. I’m a huge fan of advanced automotive technology. I like new things, even thought I’m a die-hard muscle car guy at heart. Still, there’s one change on vehicles that’s come along that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. The cap-less fuel fillers. That’s right, no gas cap. None. Nada. Zilch. You just put the nozzle of the gas hose into the filler. It just doesn’t seem right.

    It just don't seem right, does it?

  3. Once again, the Black Friday deals have “leaked” out in advance. Let me repeat that…. *Once Again*. Funny how these “leaks” occur just as people start making plans on where to go shopping on Black Friday, isn’t it? Almost like it happens on purpose. That couldn’t be what’s happening, could it? I mean, then they wouldn’t be “leaks”!
  4. An interesting piece on the decline and impending demise of residential phone books. You know, the white pages. I guess their time really has passed due to technology and all. Still, there are a couple of interesting things from the article. What I want to know though, from a line near the end of the article,  is how the hell you do a doctoral dissertation on phone books??
  5. Ok, this guy came straight out of the loony bin. Restraining orders against President Barack Obama, Jesus Christ, and.. Tim Teebow? Yeah, I think a lot of people get those three mixed up all the time. You have to read the article. And I have to get in touch with some of my friends in Florida and find out what exactly they’re putting in the water down there.

Ok folks, that’s five and it’s time to get the heck on out of here. Need to find something to listen to and relax. You know, unwind a bit. This should do it.

Have a great weekend folks!